What to give her husband a paper wedding

There is an opinion that finding the optimal gift for a child becomes more and more difficult with his age – it is supposedly easier for young children to choose and explain, after all, to convince.

However, choosing a present for a 11-year-old girl from the whole variety of gifts is not as easy as making a surprise to a five-year-old child.

When choosing a gift, first of all, you need to consider age. At 11 years old – this is the beginning of the transition of girls from childhood to adolescence. Habits begin to change, a new social circle, new interests are forming. This all has to be taken into account when you start choosing a gift.

And 12 years is adolescence, when a girl begins to experience how she looks and what others think. Therefore, it is important not only that the child should like the gift, but then also be able to impress her friends.

And do not forget that for this age is still very relevant romance. If your gift meets all these criteria, it will not be equal.

What to give her husband a paper wedding

How to give a girl in 11 years?

At this age, a girl can often contradict herself: on the one hand, she is still a child who rejoices at street games – catching up with friends, and on the other hand, she already has features of femininity and a desire to imitate her mother or older sister.

First of all, it’s best to decide what your child likes most – what hobbies, hobbies and wishes she has. For this, you can even completely trust to talk to the girl to really please her.

It is not very appropriate for the New Year to give money, even if you can not decide on a gift. Still, on New Year’s Eve all are eager for a miracle, but only 11 – year old girls.

The list of good gifts will get a lot of things, for example:

  • bright diary;
  • fashion handbag;
  • accessories, jewelry or even jewelry;
  • board games (starting from puzzles and puzzles to Munchkin and Djenga);
  • original soft toy (for example, a bird from Angry Birds).

And this is not the whole list. And if you want to surprise a child, then you can donate, for example, attributes for a new hobby – for example, cross stitch kit or bead (girls are happy to learn new hobbies at this age). To enhance education, you can beautifully decorate and hand a new paper book.

If you know for sure that the girl is a fan of Harry Potter and his magical world, then why not give her letter from hogwarts? At the age of 11, everyone dreams about it (and it doesn’t matter that it was not a birthday present – emotions will overwhelm you).

What is the best gift for 12 years?

At the age of 12 years, the girl begins to gradually turn into a girl, the poet needs to select gifts, taking into account the fact that the child is settling down and tries to actively imitate his mother or older sister.

Therefore, again, it is worthwhile to discuss at least hints with the girl. If this is not possible, then our list of the most popular gifts for girls at that age will come to your aid. It hit:

  • T-shirt with the image of your favorite actor or group;
  • silver jewelry;
  • certificate in a beauty salon;
  • beautiful purse, bag or fashion belt (make no mistake when choosing, girls at that age already have their own taste);
  • Wrist Watch.

Again, you should also rely on the girl’s hobbies and hobbies, or carefully offer her a new one – for example, donate Polymer clay kit (Now for sale there are boxes for beginners with several varieties of clay and examples of handicrafts).

If you communicate well with the girl, then give her for the New Year makeup kit, “Like mother’s” (it’s better to discuss such a gift with parents first).

What to teach from parents?

The most important gift on New Year’s Eve – will be a gift from parents. And they are expected to at least a miracle and magic. Therefore, you need to think great about the gift in advance to meet all the expectations of her child and make her a truly beautiful holiday.

Often on the New Year, parents give large gifts that are necessary for the girl and which are stipulated in advance. It can be:

  • new phone;
  • a laptop;
  • the tablet;
  • bicycle;
  • camera.

What to give her husband a paper wedding

These are usually very expensive and high-quality gifts that should last a long time for your child. Therefore, their choice should be approached as carefully and carefully as possible.

But not all parents have the opportunity to give something very expensive. Therefore, you can give emotions – for example, go together to Veliky Ustyug to visit Santa Claus, or donate skates along with a subscription to the rink.

Always the best gift will be book set (for example, a cycle of Harry Potter books that children love so much) or eBook.

You can even make not one big gift, but many small ones that will cause a girl to have a similar storm of emotions. To combine in the gift and practicality, and magic – arrange a small gift quest at home, handing the child a treasure map.

Children of any age, along with their parents, will take great pleasure in participating in the search for gifts. The main thing is to make not just a gift, but a fairy tale that will be pleasant to remember.

What gifts are classified as “inexpensive”?

Not always and not everyone has the opportunity to make expensive gifts, but this is no reason to be upset.

For a child, it’s not the price of the present that is important, but the attention that you give him. Therefore, you can always find a relatively inexpensive gift that will cause the girl to delight, but will not affect your financial condition.

The list of such gifts includes:

What to give her husband a paper wedding

  • soft toy;
  • book;
  • jewelry box;
  • comfortable sports bag;
  • creator’s Kit;
  • funny slippers;
  • photo album or photo frame;
  • pillow or mug with photos.

As you can see, the choice is very, very large. If you spend a little of your time and fantasy, you can make a very nice and exclusive gift for a girl of any age, relying on a few facts about her.

Great gifts will be considered some handicrafts – for example, a nice knitted scarf or a collage of photos.

Also especially appreciated at this age. handmade decorations (but not a rubber bracelet, but really something impressive) and items for decorating a room (original vases with decoupage, handmade soap or candles in original candlesticks).

Since the New Year is a time of miracles and fulfillment of dreams, you can give a few impressions by arranging a great fireworks show.

And give a child fruit basket (always with tangerines, if there is no allergy) or make a sweet gift – this will be a great way out! Now on the Internet you can find many master classes for making sweet gifts (from sleds to flower pots and pineapples) – make a little effort and spend some time – a great gift is ready!

But most importantly – beautifully pack any gift. To give a gift the atmosphere of a New Year’s holiday, Use wrapping paper with deer or snowmen, add tinsel, sparkles and Christmas tree twigs.

If you have the ability to needlework and fantasy – your gift will be a pity to unpack! For the sincere smile of the girl – it is worth trying.

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