Weddings in Dagestan

The fighter of mixed martial arts, UFC lightweight champion Habib Nurmagomedov demanded that the authorities of Dagestan be responsible for showing the play “Hunting for Men” in Makhachkala, which he described as “porn”. The fighter said that “there is a limit to everything,” and threatened street protests.

“Hunting for Men” is an entrepreneurial play, actively touring in Russia. It is based on the play of the Italian playwright Aldo Nicholas

On the evening of February 25, Habib Nurmagomedov wrote about the performance, on which over 13 million people have subscribed to Instagram. He called the production “mud.” “Dagestan is our land, and no one should organize events of this kind here. By Allah, until the men of our Dagestan wake up and begin to restore order, our situation will only get worse, ”the fighter said. In the comments, he also remembered Shamil, the leader of the Caucasian highlanders, who fought against the accession to the Russian Empire in the middle of the 19th century.

Weddings in Dagestan

The first post of Nurmagomedov, which was later removed, wrote a comment from the account of the Ministry of Culture of Dagestan (the “Medusa” has a screenshot of this comment). The ministry stated that it was not responsible for the performance, since the “House of Friendship” was not its responsibility, but a private person organized the event, from which “it’s necessary to ask.” The Ministry of Culture assured the fighter that, for its part, took into account the “experience of previous mistakes” and paid “great attention” to the activities that take place in the institutions under its control.

“Why is everyone silent and agreeing to this porn in the center of the city?” Or do you want people to go out? Do not provoke and humiliate us. There is a limit to everything, ”the fighter resented. He also called on the authorities to be “men” and respond to direct insult.

Ivan Zhidkov, actor and producer of the performance, which was held in Makhachkala on February 24, apologized to Nurmagomedov.

I am Ivan Zhidkov, an actor and producer of the play, the frame from which was published in his post by Habib Nurmagomedov. On behalf of the creative team of the project, I apologize for inadvertently insulting the Dagestan audience.

The performance is in no way intended to show “dill”. This is a classic Italian play that has been played around the world for many years. Our main goal is to make good performances that give joy to the viewer. Bed scene is part of the work. We did not suspect that it could cause such a resonance.

Direct littered with threats. I understand: this is the answer to our unintentional insult, but still. Every nation has its own traditions and foundations – and we respect them, but we did not take into account that everything is so strict. We were invited, we gladly arrived. I think that what happened will make many people who want to organize a concert or a performance in Dagestan think about censorship.

Once again, we apologize! All the world, “wrote Zhidkov

Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov commented on the words of Habib Nurmagomedov about the play “Hunting for Men” in Dagestan.

“The strength of our state is precisely in its multi-ethnic and multi-religious nature. And, naturally, different subjects have their own national traditions, which, of course, cannot be ignored. It is difficult to say that all this needs to be codified, legally formalized, ”said Peskov. (Instead of reminding that Russia is a secular state)

The previous post with a fragment of the statement of Nurmagomedov deleted. Then the athlete criticized the obscene content of the play and said that such events should not take place in the territory of Dagestan. The ministry of culture of the republic, in turn, declared non-participation in the performance

Weddings in Dagestan


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