Wedding prince harry photo

The English royal court is clearly not thrilled, because a commoner is “knocking” at the door of a luxurious palace, famous for its stiffness and literally fanatical following century-old traditions and customs.

Wedding prince harry photo

Venera Yerofeyev · December 19, 2017

It was she who became the choice of Prince Harry, who finally lost her head from insane love. At least, Queen Elizabeth II thinks so in her heart, and frowns at the realization that Megan will become a full member of the royal family. But Markl is difficult to call Cinderella. The actress does not suffer modesty and, contrary to the royal rules, can kiss Prince Harry in front of passersby, behave too relaxedly. One gets the impression that the girl is not yet fully aware of what an incredibly difficult way she will have to go through, to withstand the tests in order to gain the respect of the royal court and become her own in this difficult family.

On the shoulders of the bride, to put it mildly, the “ninth wave” of special rules of behavior will collapse, the slightest deviation from which brings humiliation and shame. And the daughters of African-American and American-Dutch-Irish descent on the eve of the proposed wedding next year will have to prove their right to be the wife of Prince Harry. So what awaits the girl in the near future and what science should she pass before the slender leg of the bride crosses the threshold of the royal house?

1. No frivolous clothes

First, you need to forget about the neckline. A dress with a deep neckline can cause shock in the royal family. And although Elizabeth II does not seem to be going to attend the wedding, rumors about this disgrace will be immediately delivered to her majesty by faithful courtiers. Open shoulders, by the way, are also not welcomed by royal traditions. An exception is, perhaps, a secular party, where long gloves, which hide for the most part hands, must be an obligatory attribute. Therefore, Megan Markl is better to wear a sheath to avoid any trouble. Because they still remember the embarrassment that happened to the Duchess of Cambridge, when the wind-villain with one gust exposed a part of her noble royal body.

Wedding prince harry photo

2. No bare legs

A lady of high society, if she goes to the public even on ordinary days, should wear bodily and light gray pantyhose without any intricate patterns. Special importance is attached to shoes. In the royal family, women do not wear high and narrow heels by the old custom. Shoes must be classic and discreet. Great importance is attached to the handbag, which must be strict in form and must be on a chain. In this case, one hand always remains free, so that, for example, one can greet one’s acquaintances with it.

3. Forget about furs and black.

To present a royal person in a fur coat is possible only in a bad dream. According to the existing protocol there should be less luxury and more modest elegance in the clothes of the ladies. Therefore, all outfits are sewn from natural materials, excluding fur. And yet the fur collar on the coat is considered acceptable and is not forbidden by the high society. But the most important thing that poor Megan must remember (perhaps studying now all the features of royal etiquette) is a ban on black in clothes. During the war, Elizabeth II, in order to cheer up among the British, walked around the streets of London in colored outfits. Since then, black has been tabooed. Now the ladies of the royal family usually go to the public in clothes of dark blue or dark gray. The slightest deviation from tradition entails terrible scandals. One day, Diana, after her engagement to Prince Charles, came to a gala dinner in a black dress with bare shoulders. The old queen was simply enraged and unwittingly initiated a campaign of harsh criticism of the future princess’s toilet.

4. Low-key make-up and modest hairstyle

Hair falling on the shoulders of a wave is more likely for a fairy-tale princess. For a real lady of the British court this is unacceptable. Therefore, a relatively short haircut fits into the existing rules that determine the appearance of the woman of the royal circle. Red lipstick, dark or very bright eyeshadow are considered to be a bad taste and, of course, are not used for makeup.

Wedding prince harry photo

5. Behavior at the table

Megan Markle, joining the royal family, should clarify for himself: the former free life of an American girl will end once and for all. And her every step, even in small things, will be strictly evaluated by the mistress of the British palace. For example, if the queen finishes her lunch meal, everyone should certainly put off the cutlery and get up from the table. And further. In no case can not eat crustaceans and mollusks. Unless on the quiet, away from the curious eyes of the court queen. Megan should also unquestioningly follow the centuries-old tradition of the royal family: to accept all the gifts, no matter how strange they are.

6. Skillful curtsy

The euphoria associated with the status of Prince Harry’s bride may turn Megan’s head and set her up for some levity. However, we hope that a girl in her thirties will be able to soberly assess her own prospects for the future and will learn, perhaps, the most important maneuver in her life – a beautiful curtsey to the queen. The basics of this art Elizabeth II comprehended in the last century, when she went to the girl in the London school of etiquette known for those times, Lucy Clayton. And to shame before the queen, ineptly performing a curtsy, means complete disregard for common customs, which will turn into a bitter humiliation for a lady who first appeared in high society.

7. Proper appeal to the queen

Familiarity in the royal family has long been considered almost a crime. Therefore, every word in the conversation should be verified, appropriate to the situation, always prim and sensitive, even the slightest sign of swagger. “Your Highness” is Megan’s first introductory and obligatory phrase when she finally meets the queen. And only then you can utter the word “ma’am.” And it is important now by heart to learn the text of the national anthem of Britain. At a solemn ceremony, Elizabeth II is usually jealously watching that everyone sings inspirational and expressively without looking at the cheat sheet.

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