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Beautiful congratulations on the birth of a son to parents in verse

Like a tiny flower Your child, your son. He sniffles himself softly, Handle moves slightly,

Only you are not sleeping above him And you sit quietly, praying to God in love … Let him hear you.

As if the whole world began to sparkle In glorious, tender rays, Your son was born that day – He sleeps quietly in his arms! Let it grow strong, playful, And healthy, and happy!

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This day was for you the best – your son was born. We wish him to be healthy And live happily for many years.

Such a wonderful holiday – the birth of a son! Of course, there are days and nights ahead without sleep, But these changes should not scare you, After all, for such a reason, life is not terrible to change. I wish you, parents, care and patience. Let the children’s laughter and babble inspire!

Congratulations on the birth of a son! Let twenty years later with a tail This clever, handsome man Will conquer the light with his wisdom.

Congratulations on the birth of a son And we wish your family happiness. So that she was strong from year to year And did not know adversity and bad weather.

What you expected happened, a miracle in the family happened: you became a boy’s parents! Let him be the most successful in the world!

Hello, congratulations on the birth of a son! Huge happiness to you and the child, Let the crumb pleases every moment, And the world smiles at the miracle in the diaper!

Take my congratulations With such a miracle – the son of birth! Let it grow healthy and strong And let it bloom from your love, And let it sweetly sleep at night To the delight of your neighbors and you!

I congratulate you on the birth of your son, In it all your pride, love, tenderness, strength, Let your dear son grow clever, And may God always protect him!

*** Congratulations on the birth of a son We are all in a hurry today, He will be able to glorify your family, Big successes will be achieved, He will grow up clever and honest, He will be able to achieve everything, We wish – the angel of heaven Keeps him in this life!

Your son – happiness and delight, From the heart we want to congratulate you, This moment is forever necessary to remember, – Very quickly, time flies: Now – sliders, then – pants, Well, and there – not far to the trousers, We believe firmly: the son will grow – It will become real man!

*** Congratulations on the birth of a son! After all, now you have an heir! Let the baby, but still a man! To you, parents, glory and honor!

You now have a child – The long-awaited crumb-son. Hello, the bright world of diapers, Rattles and cars! We wish you patience, New joyful troubles, And let everyone be surprised at your strength!

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The birth of a baby is a gift of life! Accept congratulations from the heart! We wish you son to be smart, strong, Healthy and talented to grow! Let mom and dad rejoice in their son, And help in the way of life, And most importantly, we wish to become a Man! May happiness be surely ahead!

It is not easy to raise a boy – First son and first grandson. You will not once cram a lump yourself, you wish to master the science: How to feed, how to walk, how to play, In general, how to understand it. The toast did not happen by itself: A man was born! For him, we will raise a toast, That he should live lightly!

Let your son is not the kind of important Will become famous among the people, And the fact that all the mean fellow citizens Eclipse it with his generosity. Let him be labor agile, But also invited to the wedding. In appetizers, wines, in conversation Let him be tempted too. And in the dance to be exemplary to him, But most importantly – bear in mind – So that he had time to be there first, Where a person got into trouble. Let it be fast like a bird. With a look of a mountain eagle, With a mustache – magnificent wheat, In order for them to get lost once a Goat or a goat could. Let him give his friends and mind, And his inspiration, Let friendship protects, like a vase, And let him not break it!

Will your baby son, Cute, with a fashionable haircut! Let it be cheerful, brave, Clever, kind and skillful! Let the grief pass away, Will be in the joy of passion! Let him be sports! Attend stadium!

Boy, heir! Pape – a reward! Grandmother and grandfather – just a joy! Mom tender – son – a gift! Let every moment the family be bright! Together, cooing at the cradle, You have managed to think over the life of the baby! May the family, where everyone is happy for him, There will be love, understanding and harmony!

Blue balls and ribbons in the house, After all, you had a little boy. We wish him and you happiness of the sea And joy of a raging fountain. So that he would grow up as a beautiful, kind little boy, he would make his friends and mom and dad happy, and entertain them with his every word, and he would only behave as it should.

Congratulations on your baby, Karapuz, sturdy, The stork brought you happiness, Mommy – a bouquet of roses, Let her grow healthy, plump, cheerful, She eats and sleeps a lot And just a little shouts, Your little son is happy birthday – And congratulations from us!

Your flag is embroidered on the diaper, Pampers is in your best friends, The voice in your cradle is ringing, The rattles are ringing there! May him in life be Happiness, health, success, Let him be surrounded by good people, He will be the happiest of all!

Here came the long-awaited day for all who were anxiously and impatiently awaiting the appearance of a charming baby. Relatives of all ranks, co-workers, friends and good acquaintances in a hurry to congratulate a happy mom and dad on the birth of an heir.

Not every person is able to come up with a beautiful and well-coordinated greeting, moreover in a poetic form, but I want it to sound effective and original for others. It is here that you will surely pick up a poetic greeting suitable for such an event, folded in a joking or solemn form.

Video congratulations on the birth of a boy.

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