Wedding day 8 years


The eighth of March is a cheerful day, A cheerful, bright, shiburshnaya. Men congratulate women, Cheerful noisy crowd,

And they drink everything in moderation, One is all sober, the other is drunk. An hour passes, another and a third, And a flaw is visible to the whole crowd.

Men face in a salad, All women, until, vigorous, Today they are all soldiers, Eighth of March, contrary.

They are to see off their heroes, And to thank from the bottom of my heart, And to wait that the silushka doubled for a year, They will be able to repeat their feat.

It’s warm again, flowers again In a beautiful spring day for women! Let everything be perfect for you: Health, happiness, a decent house, Love, luck and warmth, In short, to be lucky in everything! To make your dreams come true And you find yourself on Mars! But if not So it is not destined!

Wedding day 8 years


You will not get anything from my March payday, and the flowers in the kitchen in the vase will not fade again. No perfume from Nina Ricci, no expensive lipstick, No thermal bobbins, you can no longer see! You see, dear, I just recently realized that all these knickknacks – the real garbage, That you are worthy of another, perfectly plague, And therefore for the holiday I will give you myself!

Spring greetings, This one is for you, Let it not fade, Your beauty!

I wish you, That you bloom, Since March 8, happiness, I wish!

On the occasion of March 8, I congratulate you today, the title “woman” with delight, I wish to wear pride.

Let the light of the soul of your beautiful All around let him light, the Angel is your kind keeper. Let him help in life.

Today is a joyful day, The blue sky has spread like a river, The sun is golden pollen Generously showered us with you.

Happy March 8! Do not be sad! Accept congratulations today! Good luck on the path of your desires are waiting for you!

Happy March 8 I send you greetings, Wonderful spring I wish you mood.

I wish you to meet the Sun smile, For love and happiness Hearts open.

Confessions of love I wish to receive, I wish all women to become happy I become.

March 8, the day of spring, I wish you inspiration, So that the colored dreams would dream, In my heart it would not go out in order to have fun.

And let, like a flock of ringing birds, Joyful news stick, Happiness will come without limits, Love will come with luck together!

On March 8, congratulations to the woman magical, Affectionate, kind, Sweet and gentle.

Let this holiday come to you With cool gifts: Joy and compliment, Praise hot.

It remains to wish you only my fiery love, That she inspired you, Helped you along the way.

Congratulations on March 8, the Holiday of Spring and the ladies, Beauty, goodness and happiness. I wish you my soul.

I wish women’s joys: jewelry and outfits, Well, so that the beloved most you were with you all the time.

Let the words of recognition sound. Let them give compliments, Life as a kaleidoscope will be Bright, joyful moments.

Great day, March 8, All women are blooming like lilies, I wish you many gifts And trails that will lead to success.

Wedding day 8 years

Do not change, be always beautiful, So that happiness beats with a joyful key, Be kind, sensitive, gentle and happy, And do not be sad in life about anything!

Lovely girls and women With the eighth of March, we congratulate, On this day, our beautiful womenWithout attention we will not leave, We say compliments to them, We wish them good luck, Our ladies are dearVery value for us!

I wish the mood of spring, Love yourself, and let you love you, And let the most beautiful decoration Your smile be joyful!

Let the hands of the dear ones, which are very necessary. Today, you will tenderly embrace, And the tears, like small pearls, Will flow from happiness and excitement!

And everything that you have been dreaming about for a long time, March 8, will certainly come true, Let only good people meet, And all the bad things will be forgotten in a moment.

You wake up, and next to the bed are flowers, A bright sunny bunny rushes along the wall, And feeling the holiday, you will shine With a glow of spring and happiness, and the sun With a female holiday, with March, with a magical spring! I wish you an ocean of impressions! I wish you love, very much bright, big, Million unusual, beautiful moments!

Brooks run, ring, Women are in a hurry to congratulate, Happiness, joy they bear, All the flowers are waiting today!

I will send my congratulations, I will raise my mood, I wish happiness to everyone, Congratulations to all of me, not too lazy!

Wedding day 8 years

I wish everyone beauty, So that all dreams come true, So that they always love you, I wish it!

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