Wedding Cinema

Nerey (2019) (Nereus)

Least of all, when I went to visit, I wanted to think about horrors, but it was they who captured Sarah when she rested with friends. The girl feels an irresistible horror from the visions of a certain monster that dwells in the pool. The creature is, according to the visions of Sarah, of an unearthly nature. But there is nothing in the pool. So see friends. Sara is convinced that the water in the pool is contaminated and everyone in contact with her is somehow at risk. People have a chance for salvation, but only if they understand who their enemy is. And it turns out to be nothing more than a creature from ancient Greek myths, known as dancing in the abyss.

Fighting My Family (2019) (Fighting with My Family)

The action takes place in the family of well-known female athlete, engaged in wrestling. As a champion in his sport Saray-Jade Bevis, she became famous under her pseudonym, and all the wrestling fans knew her as Paige. Her father was in the past connected with the underworld, but then decided to retire and engage with his dark past. Now he earns money in the ring and draws his three children to his new occupation. Gradually, the sport becomes a salvation for their family, and the life of Bevis is getting better. But one day there is a difficult situation that will require serious decisions, putting even family relationships at risk.

Wedding Cinema

Velvet chainsaw (2019) (Velvet Buzzsaw)

Different people live in the world. There are art lovers, there are experts, critic, artists, thieves and even deceivers. Each of them in their own way loves real art. Once a group of rich artists falls into the hands of several amazing and unusual paintings. All their unusualness was that collectors simply could not understand to whom the paintings belonged. They are hardened connoisseurs of art did not know whose brush paintings were painted. Masters connect the collective mind to solve a sudden mystery. However, terrible events soon begin to occur. Supernatural forces decided to take revenge on those who decided to destroy the most valuable specimens with their greed.

Russian Bride (2019) (The Russian Bride)

A Russian woman named Nina, together with her 11-year-old daughter Dasha, goes to America in search of a better life, in order to tie the knot with the billionaire Karl Frederick. Arriving at his mansion in a bitter cold, the Russian guests were fascinated by the eccentric owner of the luxury estate. Over time, it becomes clear that not everything is so simple. Gradually open secrets from his past life. Karl is a real insane psychopath, capable of horrific acts. Mother and daughter are forced to make every effort to stay alive and escape from the “golden cage”, which is far from civilization.

Club lovers books and pies from potato peelings (2019) (The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society)

During the fascist occupation, the inhabitants of Guernsey decided to create a kind of book club. The joint venture supported the belief in good and light, helping along the way through the most difficult times. It was incredibly difficult, but thanks to the literature and warm relations it was possible at least to distract from the cruelty of the Germans. Young writer Juliet finds out about this. At the same time, she lights up the idea to tell the whole world about this feat. Julie begins an active correspondence with the inhabitants of the island. Interesting stories filled with love, in a flash capture the attention of the girl. At some point, she realizes that she doesn’t have enough correspondence and decides to go to the island, where she can learn all the details in person, and collect more materials for her book.

Little Miss Doolittle (2019) (Liliane Susewind – Ein tierisches Abenteuer)

A little girl with red hair named Lilian has a unique ability that she tries to keep secret from others. She has a gift by which Lillian can talk to animals and understand their language. Quite a part of this girl’s talent became the main cause of all sorts of misunderstandings in her family, and often her relatives faced problems with this. But once Lilian’s family decided to move to another city, and at the new place, the girl had real friends whom she could completely trust. Thanks to her incredible ability, it will be possible to save a little baby elephant stolen from a local zoo.

Dirt (2019) (The Dirt)

The past of famous American musicians in the rock and roll genre is reflected in the autobiographical book. The group Mötley Crüe twenty years ago was much more famous than it is now, but the filmmakers decided to make a film about the musicians, their achievements and that side of life, which often remains off-screen. Although the reputation of the musicians was loud. They indulged in drugs and sex, and could make a memorable scandal. All this wanted to smooth the producer from the company Paramount, but the musicians found such an attitude toward their persons to be unacceptable and the company that produced the film about them changed.

Wedding Cinema

Golem: The Beginning (2019) (The Golem)

In Eastern Europe in the second half of the XVII century, terrible events begin to occur. Often the world was covered with epidemics of diseases, but since science was not widespread, people saw the reason not in viruses and bacteria, but in witchcraft. The Orthodox Jewish community falls under suspicion of neighbors losing common sense. Accusations of involvement in the plague occurring against innocent people. Aggression of people is growing. The Jewish community needs protection. Hannah finds a way how to defend against the enemy. She resorts to magic and creates the monster Golem from the body of her dead son. It has been known since ancient times. But few knew how dangerous his attraction was. Hannah will understand a bit later what evil she has been given to penetrate the world.

Blurred Personality (2019) (Boy Erased)

Hard Way (2019) (The Hard Way)

The main character in the past was a soldier. One day he came to the sad news that his brother was no longer alive. It turns out that he died in Romania when he carried out one responsible mission. And then he remained all alone, the main character decides to join forces with two allies, with the help of which he hopes to get on the trail of a mysterious enemy responsible for the death of his brother. He wants only revenge, but the conceived plan turns out to be unsuccessful, and they can’t manage to get closer to their goal. Starting his crusade, he did not even suspect what difficulties he would have to go through and what events to take part in. But nothing scares him, and nothing will stop him.

Triple Threat (2019) (Triple Threat)

Strength and truth are everything. The underworld never gives a concession, as huge sums are always spinning here. Criminal elements hold the city and the country under a cap, their power is limitless. Killers of one of the powerful groups are sent to the cause: they must kidnap the daughter of one of the magnates. Such a loss will be for the businessman the present moment of truth, because much will change. Malefactors surely should incur fair punishment. However, the matter is complicated by the fact that it is this lady who seeks to end this gang. Here lies the reason for the abduction. But the main character is ready for any twists and turns of fate.

Will not grow old (2019) (Never Grow Old)

The undertaker from an American provincial town is rapidly earning a ton of money. This is due to the fact that the area is captured by dangerous criminals who kill civilians. They rape and deprive the lives of those they please. However, the increase in the number of corpses every day brings to death the family of the enriched undertaker, who is at a complete loss due to this terrible situation for everyone. He must understand for himself what is more important for him – the life and health of the household or big money? How soon will the chaos that sows a gang of inappropriate people end?

We Die Young (2019) (We Die Young)

The famous “kickboxer” Jean-Claude Van Damme played in this film a war veteran named Daniel. He can not recover in any way after the hostilities, where he actively participated. He will have to help the 14-year-old teenager Lukas to wrest from the tenacious paws of the drug mafia his 10-year-old brother Miguel. He was taken and trying to teach the work of the dealer. The elder brother has long been under the auspices of the criminal gang. He had to work to provide himself and Miguel a roof over his head and food. But Lucas does not want the same life of his beloved brother. Daniel, who lives next door, helps the boy cope with trouble.

Welcome to Acapulco (2019) (Welcome to Acapulco)

Matt Booth develops computer games, and once he gets a unique chance to loudly declare himself and make a breakthrough in his career. To do this, you need to present your best project at a ceremony to be held in the state of New Mexico. At the airport, he met his old friend, and they decided to celebrate the meeting a little. In the end, it happened that Matt flew at all there – he was in Mexico. And here he was not at all pleased. Representatives of the criminal world, assassins, and federal agents began to hunt him. The reason for this – a mysterious package, allegedly located in Matt. But he doesn’t even know what all they are talking about. And then he decides to uncover this conspiracy, but for this he will have to uncover the inner reserves of his personality, as if in a computer game.

Kursk (2019) (Kursk)

The whole world remembers the tragic events that unfolded in 2000, when the Russian submarine Kursk was wrecked. The action of the film reconstructs the very day when the irreparable happened, with detailed accuracy, telling not only about how the sailors themselves fought for their lives. In the frame – the family members of the crew of the submarine, trying to overcome all sorts of bureaucratic obstacles, as well as experts who developed the most complex rescue operation. Until the last moment, there was hope that there was at least a tiny, ghostly chance to save the officers and sailors who got into trouble.

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