Wedding 35 years

Anniversary Scenario 35 years old woman cool at home without a toastmaster

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Help. Girls, have a friend of DR. January 29! I need help, I want to give her a gift, spend the DR, so that it was fun! There will be parents and several married couples! Can anyone have ready-made scripts? I searched, found nothing (I would be grateful to everyone.

Wedding 35 years

Competition “Fashion Designer” Girls here is a raw sketch, I will be glad to advice, help and competitions! I will be glad to help. At the table in a circle of friends, Opening the anniversary, Speaking to you, I want to begin with the words Not from pretentious speeches, Not table, rather, And such that friends are talked about. May our evening tonight Be warm and be cheerful, Let them sound today, Congratulations a hundred in a row. There will be dancing, there will be songs, Jokes will be appropriate here. Anniversary we note together All you need to pour into glasses!

*** A Birthday holiday is an annual gift given to a person in order to enjoy, love, a favor that his family, colleagues, and friends have for him. Today we have gathered to mark a significant date in Olenka’s life. East wisdom reads as follows: Only that age will win, Who once a year, gathering friends, Pour glasses to fill up, And he will drink not in a year, That they flew away forever, And he will drink in each year, What will come to him in the future, And what fuller and more often to drink, That can live more years! For the dear birthday girl! (feast 10 min.)

Wedding 35 years

*** And now let’s greet each other … Table Fun The right hand was raised – the hero of the day waved! Well, the left hand goes down slightly on the knee … Not your own! And his neighbor! Right hand warmly, we hug the neighbor’s shoulder so decently …. Did you like it? Fine! Swing left, right. Well done! Fine! Bravo! Your belly was stroked – Smiled in her mouth full! Neighbor on the right push, a neighbor on the left a wink! In the hand we take a glass, to the brim we pour it! We continue the fun – we will choke with our neighbor to the right … A glass so as not to sweat we shall choke with our neighbor to the left … And with his neighbor, opposite – for a cheerful team … Together we get up from our places – let’s say a toast in our thoughts … Let’s say together “Congratulations!” And drink everything to the bottom! Do not forget to eat – and pour yourself again!

*** Dear friends, before we begin our tumultuous celebration of the anniversary, I want our hero of the day to read the female prayer. Women’s prayer before the anniversary: ​​“Lord, help me not to get drunk! wake up in the morning in YOUR bed. WITH HUSBAND! Help not to lose the image of a business woman! Do not fill the face guests! And do not get booty in a salad! Do not lose things (and yourself as well)! Help not to write to anyone drunk SMS at 2 am! Do not call! And most importantly, do not confess love to anyone! in any case, no more than 2 times! Help me to come home on two, not on 4! And if sho and I do, my God, I will erase my memory forevermore! Amen.

Wedding 35 years

A toast to parents Today at the anniversary there is the closest and dear people of the birthday man – this is mom and dad! Dear guests! Let’s greet mom and dad with friendly loud applause. After all, they are also birthday today! 30 years ago, on November 7, 1980, the angels came down from heaven and a great miracle happened, a charming baby was born, the firstborn in the family, the girl – Olga! Dear parents, do you remember the day when you brought Olenka from the hospital? What was she like? And how do you see it now? (Congratulations to mom and dad) Well, now, my friends, the moment has come To fill a glass for parents! Parents glory, praise and honor! I think the people will agree, What a toast to the parents should be raised, Wish us health and happiness!

So, now I will talk about the life of the hero of the day. And you, Olga, will help me. Your task is as simple as a synchrophasotron. It is necessary to say: “But shall we drink ryumashechku?”. This should be done after the words “And says …” • Once upon a time there was a birthday girl. Inquisitive was – passion! Sometimes, even at preschool age, she approaches her parents and says … (A hero of the day. But shouldn’t we have a drink on a bag?) • No, no! She says: “Where do children come from?” Or “Why the sun does not fall?” …. And parents will dig into books, but explain, explain. But as time went on, and in the 7th grade on the line-up, the school director comes out and says … (A hero of the day Wouldn’t we have a drink?) • What do you mean! He says that every student will participate in any Olympiad, and (Marina Dobrova) – at once in all! And participated, even won first place. Therefore, on the last call, she takes (Marina Dobrova) the response word from all graduates and says … (Hero of the Day. But shouldn’t we have a drink?) No, he says: “Thank you for participating, I received such hardening in the struggle of life”. … Then the technical school, sessions, coursework. She came to work to get settled and said … (Jubilee. And if we don’t have a drink ryumashechku?) • No, she asks: “Do you need specialists?” • No, he says: “Start from tomorrow.” She started, and every year, on her birthday, she says … (Hero of the day. And if we shouldn’t have a drink in ryumashechku?) • Now is correct! Notice, the hero of the day herself suggested! … Pour and drink for the birthday woman’s health!

*** Mother-in-law Mother-in-law – as a creation of paradise, you yourself see what! Do not the blind notice: It will pass – as if the sun will light, Look – give a ruble! Well, just a divine look! The nature of the mother-in-law and appearance Always the same, of course. Well prepared all your hands and greeted _____________, beautiful mother-in-law!

Host: Probably, each of you read an astrological forecast. At the request of the hero of the day and her husband, an astrological forecast was made for the evening of today. It is only necessary to enter the names of the guests present, and I will read it. (the birthday man names 12 guest names) ASTROLOGICAL PREDICTION Today

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