Prince Harry’s Wedding Watch Online

Two loud royal engagements of the two relatives of the Queen’s grandchildren, one wedding venue. Whose wedding — Prince Harry and Megan Markle or Princess Eugenia and Jack Brooksbank — was the greatest event of the year? Understanding the details:

Bride rings:

Eugene’s engagement ring with oval pink sapphire padparadzhey is fine, but very much like the ruby ​​ring of her mother. And that, in turn, was a frank quote from Princess Diana’s sapphire ring – Prince Andrew did not even hide that he bought something similar from the same jeweler, because his beloved Sarah looked at the little ring of her friend Diana with envy (read: Windsor Engagement Rings: damn ruby, karmic sapphire and vicious emerald)

The Megan Ring is unique in that it combines modernity and the memory of the past, and it is filled with symbolism. It is decorated with two diamonds from the collection of Princess Diana. But the most massive 3.5-carat diamond was chosen personally by Harry and brought from Botswana, the country where love and Megan originated and strengthened them.

Lead: Megan

Prince Harry's Wedding Watch Online

Physical form:

Whatever may be said about bodipositive, but each bride for the wedding tries to bring herself into the best shape (and lose weight, if necessary). This was done by Kate Middleton and her sister Pippa in front of her “big days”. Obviously, she took up her physical training before the wedding and Megan Markle, who, if we compare the photos from the wedding with photos from the engagement, lost much weight in just a few months. However, this was hardly necessary, because the figure of Megan was always almost perfect. The girl has long led a healthy lifestyle, regularly arranges morning jogs in the garden of Kensington Palace and practices yoga.

Princess Eugene figure in the mother, which means “all life ─ struggle with excess weight.” Over the past year she lost one size. Before the wedding, Eugene adhered to a very strict regimen of healthy eating. Her Highness’s diet was watched by nutritionist Gatriel Peacock, who advised the girl to abandon cheese, alcohol and sugar. The princess is also actively involved in boxing and trained twice a week. Result? October 12, Eugene looked amazing, and her success in achieving the ideal physical form, certainly worthy of praise. But still, objectively speaking, the achievements of Eugenia can hardly be compared with the slim figure of the Duchess of Sussex.

Lead: Megan

Wedding Dresses:

The bride’s attire is one of the biggest fashion intrigues. Megan and Eugene decided to bet on the classics and elegance. As it is known, the Duchess of Sussex was surprised by the unexpected choice of the designer of his dress (Givenchy), as well as by the style: few expected that the former Hollywood star would rely on the most simple and concise dress. On that day, few chose the girl’s taste – some said that the outfit was simply not fit well. However, perhaps it was a momentary effect: in the end, after several months, the outfit was deservedly recognized, if not the best royal wedding dress, then certainly worthy of a history.

It is known that the former fashionable editor of Tatler Charlie Anderson helped with the choice of dress for Eugene’s wedding. The bride also did not make any secret that her dress would sew a British brand. And yet, even here, the princess managed to surprise: Her Highness went to the crown in a magnificent and, apparently, very heavy dress from Peter Pilotto, which, frankly speaking, almost no one put on. It should be noted, and the stunning style of the dress, which was very fit figure bride. Which, unfortunately, can not be said about the dress Megan.

In short, the choice of Eugene pleasantly surprised many. Her outfit responds to the tastes of the princess, sits on the figure favorably, is also very symbolic, and also makes an advertisement for a little-known (domestic!) Brand. The championship is obvious.

Lead: Evgenia

Tiara brides:

Here, we confess, we were equally surprised by both girls – first of all, by the surprise of their choice. Wedding tiara Megan Markle was one of the most exciting intrigues of the day, because many believed that the former actress would want to stand out against other Windsor brides. She did it: on May 19, we saw in her hairstyle an old diamond tiara-bando from the collection of Maria Texa, about which everyone managed to forget safely in the middle of the last century.

Prince Harry's Wedding Watch Online

As for Eugenia, there was no intrigue in her case, because in the family of the Dukes of York there is a magnificent diamond tiara from Garrard, presented in honor of the wedding of the bride’s mother, Sarah Ferguson, in 1986. Most princess fans expected the bride to maintain continuity. But no: quite unexpectedly, Eugenia appeared in a tiara from Her Majesty’s collection — in a kokoshnik once donated by Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon Margaret Greville. Moreover, Eugenia also violated the unwritten rule of the Windsor brides to marry only diamond tiaras, because in her diadem dark emeralds were nobly shimmering.

The result was a very funny situation: everyone expected Megan Markle to become an innovator in this matter, and Princess Eugene surprised everyone. That is why, in spite of the fact that both tiaras are delicious, we personally give Yevgenia the lead.

Lead: Evgenia

Moms brides:

Restrained and practical, Doria Ragland is not at all eager to increase her popularity rating at the expense of her daughter Megan Markle. Before the wedding, she may have been the only relative of the bride who did not give any interviews and did not comment on the news about her daughter. At the same time, she was personally acquainted with the chosen one of Megan: Prince Harry not only met with her during visits to Megan in Canada, but also invited her to the events of the Games of the unconquered. It is no coincidence that after the scandal with her father, Megan Doria was the only representative of the bride’s family invited to the celebration. After the royal wedding, the lady chose to simply return to the tranquil life of a yoga coach in Los Angeles.

Eugene’s mother, Sarah Ferguson, takes every opportunity to demonstrate her royal status. The Duchess of York immediately stirred up the press, describing her daughter’s fiancé in social networks as “son, brother and best friend”, publishing home photos of Eugenia and Jack and giving a couple of media interviews. As the columnists sneered, few would be surprised if, just before the wedding, the duchess appeared at Oprah Winfrey’s party. Because of Sarah, the participation in the wedding of the granddaughter of the Duke of Edinburgh (read: Get away from Windsor and stay happy: the story of Sarah Ferguson, the former wife of Prince Andrew), was in question. Caused questions and behavior of the duchess at the wedding itself. As soon as Fergie came out of the car, she rushed to meet the fans at full speed, waved defiantly around and in general did not hide her somewhat unhealthy delight from what was happening. And although we completely share the joy of the Duchess of York, we note that Doria looked much more worthy at her daughter’s wedding.

Lead: Megan

Bride sisters:

The elder sister of Eugene, Princess Beatrice of York, is not just her own blood, but also her closest friend. The girls have long grown up, but they can often be seen together, and not only at official events and family holidays, but also at the exit from expensive nightclubs, on vacation, and just during shopping. Beatrice is known for her love of eccentric hats (one of them made her world famous after the wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William). But, of course, at the wedding of her own sister, she did not begin to make fashionable experiments. Moreover, it was she who was chosen as the main bridesmaid, and the girl deserved this position. Beatrice took an active part in organizing the wedding of the younger sister, and at the very celebration Her Highness, at the request of the bride, even read a passage from the novel "The Great Gatsby".

Megan Markle, as you know, also has an older sister, Samantha, from her father’s first marriage. And this, alas, is the case when they say that “you don’t need enemies with such friends.” For a year since, as it turned out the name of the girl Prince Harry, Samantha Grant tirelessly gave an interview and ugly commented on every news about Megan through her Twitter account. She even promised to write a book about an upstart sister. After the announcement of the engagement, the lady suddenly changed her rhetoric and expressed the hope that Megan would invite her to the wedding. True, she again could not resist and slipped to the usual comments about Megan and even Harry. Not surprisingly, in the end, Megan wanted her holiday to pass without the presence of Sam.

Lead: Evgenia

Pretty little bridesmaids:

27-year-old Eugenia is perhaps the first of her inner circle who marries, so her friends simply do not have children. However, this did not mean at all that the bride would break the tradition. Eugene, in her happiness, is included in the circle of aristocrats, and in the circle of celebrities. So her team of kids consisted entirely of some “stars”. Prince George and Princess Charlotte, grandchildren of Princess Anne, and even daughter Robbie Williams accompanied the bride to the altar, and the children of the Count and Countess of Wessex, Viscount Severn and Lady Louise, followed the company of little angels. Not bad, right? More information about the children at the wedding of Eugene: “Royal kids at the wedding of Princess Eugene and Jack Brooksbank.”

At the Megan Markle wedding, the company of pages and flower girls was also very worthy. However, only George and Charlotte followed the bride out of the truly famous children. In addition to them, Megan and Harry entrusted an important role to the children of Jessica Mulroney, Zoe Warren and Benita Litt.

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