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Eighteen is a difficult age when a person says goodbye to his childhood, and an adult life full of discoveries and achievements awaits him. A gift for 18 years should be a serious guy, because the birthday boy is no longer a teenager, but an adult with his formed views and attitude. There are a lot of options for a birthday present, you just need to choose the right one. A gift for 18 years should be special and remembered for many years.

Various gadgets and gifts for hobbies

In our time, an unmistakable gift to a young man is a computer technique. A wide selection of devices allows you to choose exactly what will please the birthday man. As a rule, computer accessories are quite affordable. You can give a flash drive with a large amount of memory, a gaming or flexible keyboard and a wireless mouse, a good resolution webcam.

Original wedding gift forum

Depending on the material possibilities, a gift can be expensive – a netbook, tablet, laptop. Costly gifts for 18 years, the guy is appropriate to receive only from relatives.

Technique may not only be associated with the computer. You can give a camera. For daily snapshots – the usual “soap box”, and if a young man enjoys photography, the device should be more professional. You can also donate photo accessories – the viewfinder, aqua box, filters for the lens, bag for photographic equipment. But if you are not strong in photography, it is better to coordinate the choice of the gift with the donee.

Universal gifts that will be appreciated by an eighteen-year-old man are an e-book and a mobile phone.

The music lover will love the mp3 player or the iPod, which is not expensive at all. Headphones or original speakers will complement such a gift or will suit themselves as a gift. If you know the musical tastes of the birthday boy, then the gift or rare edition of his favorite music on discs or records is a good birthday present for the guy.

The athlete can choose a gift depending on the type of sport: a boxer can give boxing gloves, a football player, a basketball player or a volleyball player – a ball, etc. A subscription to the gym or pool will be a good gift for a healthy lifestyle.

Clothing and personal jewelry

Young people usually do not take clothes as a gift. But here’s an expensive leather belt, tie, cufflinks, tie clip – these are status accessories that will tell you that the birthday boy has moved to a new level, including in terms of appearance.

If you know the preferences of the guy in clothes, you can give what he likes – from a T-shirt with a funny inscription to jewelry with a personalized engraving.

A traditional and status gift to a young man is a watch. It can be expensive, stylish and elegant watches or sports chronometer. Watches are part of the image, and their choice should be taken seriously.

Underwear is appropriate to receive as a gift only from his girlfriend. The time of such gifts from my mother has passed. But expensive or, on the contrary, funny underwear is an intimate gift to your favorite guy.

Useful skills as a gift!

A gift for the eighteenth birthday can be not only pleasant, but also useful. A set of tools for home or automotive repair suggests that a young person can be trusted, that he is the master of the house.

You have a unique chance to give a young man a decent start in life!

Paid computer or any other training courses and trainings are a very useful birthday gift for a guy who is looking for his place in life or has already decided what he would like to do in the future. Training in a driving school does not hurt anyone. Or maybe it is a culinary school, a certificate for training in which you present the birthday man, will open the world a new brilliant chef.

Impression Gifts

Recently, a service like adventure as a gift is gaining popularity. A certificate for any event that will give unforgettable impressions and will be remembered for a lifetime.

The choice of surprises is unlimited – it can be a parachute jump, horseback riding, flying in a wind tunnel, rock climbing, snowboarding, racing cards or buggies, zorbing, or even paragliding or fighter flight. Bright impressions – the most original gift for a guy.

Impressions can be not only extreme. Perhaps your hero of the occasion will appreciate pottery, a golf lesson or a sushi master class. The main goal pursued by such a gift is new non-standard impressions.

Original wedding gift forum

It is likely that just such a gift will help the young man discover in himself some new character traits and truly masculine qualities.

A birthday party can also be a gift. After all, the holiday date can be celebrated and standard in a cafe or restaurant, or in a country club or on a nature hike with tents, you can ride a rented yacht or a limousine.

By applying fantasy, you can have a retro party, celebrate your birthday in an aqua park or on a paintball ground. Summer birthday is not a sin to celebrate on the beach, and winter – at the recreation center with slides and ice-skating and skiing.

The main thing is to make a birthday unforgettable, because eighteen years is the age of majority, which never repeats. Therefore, you can begin to do something new, take life to the maximum!

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