Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law counseling

A person born in a large family automatically becomes a part of a system of special relationships between loved ones, whose name is family ties. The names of the closest relatives usually know everything. The real confusion occurs after the wedding, when the number of relatives increases significantly, and sometimes it can be difficult to tell whom to whom without verbal heaps of “she is the mother-in-law of my husband’s brother”.

Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law counseling

However, in Russian for any relative there is a simple, centuries-old name. The following is a peculiar dictionary of the names of kinship ties used in Russia from time immemorial. so

Family ties, names of close relatives

The grandmother or grandmother is the mother of the parents. The brother is the son of the parents in relation to the rest of their children. The brother godfather is the son of the godfather. The brother or brother is the same as the cousin.

A widow is a woman who did not remarry after her husband’s death. A widow is a man who did not remarry after his wife’s death. A great aunt or great-aunt is the sister of grandfather or grandmother. Great uncle (or great-uncle) is the brother of grandfather or grandmother. Grandson , granddaughter – a son or daughter of a sons or sons daughter. A grandniece / nephew – granddaughter / grandson of a sister or brother. A grandchild cousin / nephew – a granddaughter / grandson of a cousin or cousin.

A cousin / grandfather is a sister / brother of a grandmother or grandfather. A cousin is a nephew / niece – the son / daughter of a cousin or cousin. A cousin / brother is a daughter / son of an aunt or uncle. A cousin / uncle is a cousin / brother of a mother or father . The daughter is the brother of her husband. The grandfather is the father of one of the parents. The daughter / daughter is the nephew / niece of the aunt. The uncle is the brother of one of the parents, and also the husband of the aunt.

A single brother / sister is a brother / sister born from one father, but having a different mother. The same brother / sister is a brother / sister born from one mother but from another father.

The bridegroom or the bridegroom is the unwed, the fourth wife.

The sister-in-law is the sister of the husband and also the wife of the brother. The son is the husband of a daughter or sister.

The godmother / father is a participant / participant in a church baptismal rite as a spiritual mother / father. A godson / goddaughter is a god son / daughter. A blood relationship is born from one parent. A cousin / cousin is a cousin / sister. A godfather / godfather is a godfather / mother in relation to the physical parents of the godson and to the godmother / father.

Mother named – mother of the adopted child. Mother dairy – the wet nurse. Dairy sister / brother – the girl / boy who is brought up by another’s mother in relation to her children.

The bride is the wife of a son or brother. The father is the other husband of the mother in relation to her children born in previous marriages, the second father.

Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law counseling

A stepdaughter is an unrelated daughter of one of the spouses. A nephew is a son or daughter of a brother or sister. Side children are children born in an illegal marriage. A privenchenny is a child born from one parent to marriage, and then recognized in it. Reception daughter / son – adopted another girl / boy.

The matchmaker and the matchmakers are the parents of one of the spouses in relation to the parents of the other. The mother-in-law / father-in-law is the mother / father of the husband. The summary are sisters and brothers born of different parents. The bride-in-law is the sister-in-law. The daughter-in-law is the wife of the son in relation to to his father and mother. The intercourse is the wife of the brother of the husband, the wife of the brothers in relation to each other.

The father-in-law is the father’s wife. His mother-in-law is the mother. The aunt is the sister of one of the parents.

Shurin – wife’s brother. Shurich – son of brother-in-law.

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