How to make a haircut for a wedding

On the night of January 13-14, the Orthodox celebrate Vasiliev evening. They named it in honor of Archbishop Basil, the saint and theologian. Our ancestors celebrated this holiday on January 1 according to the Julian calendar. We celebrate with a lag of 13 days. Signs on the Old New Year are considered the most truthful.

Signs of Vasiliev’s Day

  • Wearing underside of clothing – to global changes in life for the better.
  • If you say 13, wait for trouble, bring trouble.
  • The southern wind – to the hot and long summer, the northern – to the harvest of nuts, the eastern – to fruit, and the western – to fish and milk.
  • First washed – you will be healthy. And if in river water, then health will be for the whole year.
  • Shake garden trees – pests will not be in the new year.
  • New broom – amulet at home and promises wealth in the coming year.
  • Clean and ironed clothes are a wonderful happy future. But you need to keep accuracy for the whole day and evening.
  • A great day to start your own business or a declaration of love. He will help in business and bring success.

Old New Year omens

With the Old New Year the Slavs are connected with many signs. They were handed down from generation to generation, and have survived to this day.

How to make a haircut for a wedding

  • It has long been in the morning for women to cook wheat porridge, to which honey, butter or meat was added. And the tastier it was, the better the new year was considered. But if it was salty or burnt, it meant that the family fails. Pancakes and dumplings with surprises have always been the main dish.
  • Carols, as one of the attributes of the holiday, attracted the attention of not only neighbors, but also wealth and success in business. And so that the whole new year reigned peace and harmony, in the evening they went to congratulate friends and relatives.
  • On the morning of January 14, young people made fires to scare away evil forces and jumped over them, thus showing their greatness and domination.
  • If in the New Year’s Eve there are a lot of stars in the sky, then the year will be generous in harvest. And they shook snow from the apples at midnight, which promised good offspring.
  • The birth of a child on this day was considered and is considered to be a special national sign that will give him well-being and wealth for life. The baby will be happy and healthy.
  • A lot of frost on the branches of trees and frost means that in the new year the harvest of honey will be good. But the fallen snow, on the contrary, foreshadows late spring and snowy winter.
  • It is impossible to take out the garbage on the eve and during the holiday, it is possible to kick out happiness and health from the house.
  • Baked gingerbread in the shape of animals will protect livestock from harm. A quiet and clear night weather foreshadows a good quiet year for people and animals.

New Year omens for wealth

  • If you lend money before the Old New Year, you should try to return it at least three days before the celebration. Do not leave debts on the last day, then you will spend the year of the Rat with debts.
  • It is better not to give anyone money in the first days of the new year and before Epiphany, but if you had to give a certain amount to someone, your financial flows will soon decrease.
  • You should not skimp on the purchase of gifts for your loved ones, and sellers often make a discount and sell at a low price before the New Year holidays. In 2020, such people will pursue luck and great profits.
  • On Vasilyev’s day, you need to dress in New Year’s clothes and take care of new Christmas tree decorations. New clothes will attract additional financial flows. And if you place large banknotes and coins on the tree, the richer and more stable life will be for you in the new year.
  • It is better to discard battered and chopped dishes and replace them with new sets. This will attract luck and wealth.
  • If there is a cat at home, then you should watch her on New Year’s Eve. To whom it will cling more and more often, the whole year will be accompanied by luck.
  • The table on an old New Year’s night is worth setting richly, with excesses and all sorts of goodies, do not skimp on the decorations. What it will be on this holiday, so will be the next year.
  • You can watch the weather, if on January 13 the sun shines brightly and there are not a single cloud in the sky, then the whole year will be successful and prosperous. And thick clouds from one side will show the direction of happiness.
  • Old Believers say that if in the Old New Year a man enters the house first, then the year will be rich and successful for the whole family, but if she is a woman, then it will be in trouble.

Marks for marriage

  • Lonely girls to pull into their fate a rich and loving man need to tidy up the house, clean up the closets and shelves, throw away old and unnecessary things.
  • It is necessary to prepare a festive New Year’s table itself, without any help, and it is better to have several different dishes so that the table is filled with delicacies and delicacies.
  • Burnt food in a skillet promises to meet in the near future husband brunet.
  • The outfit is worth choosing yourself carefully and better to buy a new one, and also to put on your most beautiful jewelry, this will show the love amur and destiny that you are waiting for your soulmate and are ready for marriage.
  • Spilled champagne on a young lonely girl foreshadows her a quick wedding in the new year, and married life will be sweet and carefree.
  • If last year love was unsuccessful and brought many disappointments, do not despair, burn the calendar in the Old New Year, sadness and sorrows will go along with it and the road for a new love will be open.

Signs about how to celebrate Old New Year

As in all holidays, Old New Year is worth celebrating in a big way, with lots of treats and inviting all of your loved ones. Vasiliev day nicknamed still generous, it is necessary to show generosity and open the whole breadth of the soul.

Last night is January 13 – 14, which is considered to be New Year’s Eve, when the Christmas tree is still standing and the apartment is decorated with garlands. The next day, remove the Christmas tree, and put the toys stored for a year. If you do not, the house can visit the evil spirit.

On this holiday, you need to sing songs and dance to incendiary loud music to scare away evil spirits and attract only the good.

How to make a haircut for a wedding

In the Old New Year you should not count small money and coins and skimp on trifles, otherwise the whole year will be spent in poverty.

How to celebrate a holiday? A noisy company of friends will help to create a Christmas mood, but not a woman’s one, otherwise it will only bring loneliness and unhappiness. Be sure to make sure that the opposite sex is in sufficient quantities and do not forget to please everyone with Christmas gifts. This will not only cheer everyone up, but will also bring joy and happiness in the new year.

New Year’s signs of health

Signs on the Old New Year have accumulated over several centuries in large numbers, and whether or not to believe in them is a personal decision of each person. But it has long been considered a bad omen if someone gets sick that day. He can be sick all year and fight with his illness for a long time. Plots on this day are considered the strongest and can help cure the unfortunate.

Clothes and jewelry that we wear on ourselves absorb our energy, both bad and good. On the night of January 13-14, it is necessary to burn some old things without regret. As a rule, if the heart ached, then you can burn a T-shirt or shirt, if the legs or the back, then pants, and you can get rid of headaches with a hat. All these things have no place in the wardrobe and all diseases and illnesses will go away with them.

Divination on the night of the Old New Year

Old New Year is the best time to use magic and various divinations. On this New Year’s Eve, otherworldly forces enable people to get answers to their questions of interest.

  1. The corridor of mirrors. This fortune telling is best done in a dark and empty room. Two mirrors are placed opposite each other, between which they place candles so that a corridor appears. You need to peer into the very depths, the betrothed will appear in it.
  2. Guessing on matches. For the ritual, you need only two matches, one will personify the girl, and the other – the guy. They are put on different sides of the box and set on fire. If they lean towards each other, the joint cloudless future awaits lovers. And if they look in different directions, then the pair will soon disintegrate.
  3. Guessing on dumplings. The main dish of this New Year’s holiday are dumplings. When modeling them, some of them need to put small objects. So the coin will bring wealth, the button to the new clothes, the thread promises a long road, and the bitter pepper marks the adventures.
  4. Candlestick prediction. For this fortune telling you need to light a white candle and think about your innermost desire. If during a quarter of an hour the flame is calm and even, then our plans will surely come true. Otherwise, you will fail.
  5. And here is a complete list of divinations.

Many people who believe in superstition and omens for Old New Year honor and honor them. It helps them a lot, but only if they truly believe.

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