How to celebrate 10 years from the date of the wedding

This is the first significant wedding anniversary – 10 years. By tradition, on the day of the pink wedding, it is customary to give bouquets of roses. It is customary to serve fried poultry with pink sauce to the festive table, and young people should spend their first wedding night on a bed sprinkled with rose petals. For the wedding decade, the husband gives his wife a bouquet of roses that resembles a bridal bouquet. Invite to the celebration should be all who attended the wedding, especially witnesses, as well as their children. Guests can give the family any objects of red and pink flowers as symbols of love and passion. They also give roses as a sign that a couple’s love after ten years of marriage doesn’t scare thorns and obstacles. In addition, gifts and souvenirs from tin are welcome.

How to celebrate 10 years from the date of the wedding

They waited! Now your couple’s wedding is again – tin glitters! Fate brought you quite for good reason, So beautiful! Already in the shower he presses … Ten years is a solid time, no small, How many more are waiting for you ahead! Fight for your family and stubbornly Move along your own path! Try to respect each other, try not to get angry, even rashly! no shoulder!

Over 10 years of marriage. How much was, not to list. But in any situations, you never looked for a reason for provocations. How much in your love and tenderness couple, Care you used to, over the years, you managed to keep that loyalty to love a friend. You are worthy of not small praise, You can take an example from you: as if from a distance.

How to celebrate 10 years from the date of the wedding

From now on, tin binds your union, your marriage is reliable, strong, indestructible. Let this blues play in your honor, And your happiness is only for you two. Let your eyes shine, as it was then, When for the first time broke out: “I love”, trouble, Let the birds about love sing for you! Forever of happiness, sun, warmth, Happy days so that you do not exhaust, With your destiny we want to be on “you” And everything that you want to take from life!

Friends and all the relatives have gathered to congratulate you … What are you, dear ones? Ten tin years are quite a few, First anniversary – it’s time! How beautiful is the round ten! You are not two, but one! You are yourselves to another Without a doubt Give as sweet wine! So love passionately – just like before! Take care of your children, Know that the family does not tolerate falsehood.

Ten years is not a lot and not a little. They passed quickly, like an instant. It seems that yesterday we raisedTastes for the health of young people. You have become wiser during this time, Patiently, learned to give in. has the opposite direction, There are no roses without thorns, Let there be more pleasant around, Happiness let them not know the shores. Fresh wind is not in vain. Now the news has brought me, That today’s holiday is called “Rose Day”. And today we gathered Soul to wish you feared prune th have all blossomed and sang that every day was nov.A spikes. What a big deal! What kind of roses without thorns? So let’s have a drink or something, so that, to the joy of the whole earth, you didn’t pinch each other, But you bloomed, Bloomed, Bloomed.

Let the petals of beautiful roses decorate the holiday today, wish you happiness seriously, wish you love and joy! After all, exactly ten years ago, Your hearts were connected, Let your eyes radiate with happiness, So that you were eternally happy!

For 10 years you are not tired of each other? So share your secret as soon as possible, so that everyone around you can be happy all the time – both in winter and summer.

Here you have lived to tin, And this is the first round anniversary. I want to remember this day about the main thing, About your feelings that they are not more tender. I wish to continue this difficult path, And be together until the very end. And let life be long together Let two rings sparkle on your fingers!

Previously, in the old days, the spouses had many guests for the tin jubilee. For them, they laid the prince’s table, To demonstrate their riches. The tables were broken from countless dishes, And the guests gave gifts that were honored. Ten years of happy marriage. it is preserved, But it can be noted differently and cute: Together in a restaurant over a glass of wine, To remember that you are five years old husband and wife.

I congratulate with the tin wedding, I wish you joy in family life, May all good things happen in life, Your faces shine with joy, Your children grow up quickly, Parents will always help, And let the joy come to you, Infinite good luck is waiting for you!

You have been together for ten years. But, no matter how proudly you sound, all these numbers are only at the beginning. You have no doubts. There are so many beautiful jubilees ahead of you, What are the signs along the way, and they adorn your way. God forbid it. Let the happiness on the road always forever smile on you. Go ahead boldly, Let the flag of love fly over you. Tenth anniversary – Start your anniversaries!

Ten years is an impressive time, But this is only the beginning. You have created a rich economy for the future, We want it to expand. To expand the house so that the family grows, so that only happiness shines on you at home. We remember the original triumph. On that day you solemnly entered the registry office hall, put your rings on your fingers, And to this day you are in love with each other, So let love be boundless.

Pink wedding came, Ten years together with you, But, as before, you are each other, Madly, firmly in love, You have learned to argue less, Always respect each other, Your life has long been built, You can only dream about the best, Growing in a family your child, Cozy, cute and warm, Let there be fewer omissions, Forgive you all to each other!

Congratulating on a pink wedding, We sincerely want to wish More than half a century or even more To walk alongside life. Walking with a confident gait, There is still a big way ahead. Lossings will also be found, And you are always a family alone.

How to celebrate 10 years from the date of the wedding

Nearby a dozen good years, And in the eyes of all the same gentle light, And warmly filled with hearts, As if they did not touch their year. It was not like silly quarrels. There were, but not the fire from them. A sweet, native hearth — And the family is still strong. We give you a pink bouquet. In honor of the glorious years lived together. The freshness of your senses, like the freshness of roses, Let them worry to happy tears.

Today your friendly family celebrates its tenth anniversary! Accept congratulations from me, Let your love shine on you! You have approached the wedding of tin! Armed with beauty and happiness! May God preserve your wonderful union, Let envy and bad weather pass you.

You have lived together for ten years, Not knowing sorrow and worries! I wanted to wish today, only pleasant troubles. You were always walking arm in arm, You managed to endure all difficulties. For ten years there is no time limit for marriage – And only a short bright moment!

With your wedding’s decade, we congratulate you today! So let me wish you, To breathe your marriage with love! So life was a fairy tale, And to be in it, of course, And respect, and caress, Care, tenderness, passion, hope!

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