Gift to the bridegroom

Hello, friends! Today I will talk about how to prepare congratulations to the newlyweds from their parents.

The height of the wedding season is not soon, but life goes on – everything goes on as usual. And not all brides (like I once) are willing to wait for the summer to celebrate the wedding in the warm season.

In this regard, I have an article for those who are preparing for the wedding of their children and are looking for congratulations to the newlyweds from their parents on the Internet. I have already done once a selection of “Video greetings from friends for the wedding.” And the examples given in this article, I hope, will help parents navigate and choose the appropriate format for addressing the newlyweds.

Congratulations to the newlyweds from their parents

Judging by my wedding and the experience of attending the celebrations of friends and relatives, I think that for almost every mother and father the wedding of a child is a very important and touching event.

Gift to the bridegroom

This is a new stage of life, a new milestone in the lives of parents. A son or daughter becomes part of another family, with new affairs and concerns. And parents, realizing this, begin to be sad beforehand. And then there’s the fuss, preparation for the holiday …

Therefore, when it comes time to celebrate during the celebration, some parents are so excited that they cannot say the simplest words.

What to do? Nothing special! Just to congratulate the children at the wedding ceremony should be properly prepared in advance. Careful preparation and study of all the details – the key to your success! Only in this case, the parents’ appeal to the newlyweds will be remembered not only by the main characters of the holiday, but also by their guests, as something important and valuable.

That is why I prepared a selection of congratulations, in my opinion, just left a mark in the soul of the newlyweds. Surely these videos have become an ornament to the family archive of a new family for many years.

Congratulations to the newlyweds from the parents of the bride

As an example, I would like to cite a video with a very touching order from my daughter’s mother to the bride. A slightly modified poem by the Dagestan poetess Phase Aliyeva, performed by her mother accompanied by beautiful music, I am sure, was a highlight of the wedding.

Gift to the bridegroom

This greeting congratulated me personally to the depths of the soul – it was impossible to hold back tears when I watched this video for the first time. I suggest you to see it.

And let the mummy’s congratulation turned out with a touch of sadness, it certainly left no one indifferent at this holiday. In this I am 100% sure. Both the guests and the newlyweds listened with bated breath.

But for those who prefer greetings, I will give a more optimistic version of congratulations from the mother of the bride. What is this? Of course the song!

The main thing here is to rehearse the room in advance in order to feel free and relaxed during the performance. Then the greeting will be spectacular. Namely, these soulful and unexpected gifts are remembered by young and all guests present at the wedding.

Congratulations to the newlyweds from the groom’s parents

Here, the main character was also the mother of the bridegroom, who prepared congratulations both to the bride and the bridegroom, which after the holiday was turned into a beautiful video clip – beautiful and soulful. And as it seems to me, this video will be reviewed by the newlyweds more than once!

Gift to the bridegroom

Please note that in each of these congratulations they recite poems and sing by heart. It is very important! If the greeting is read from a postcard or from another paper carrier, this effect will be very difficult to achieve!

And the second point: each of these clips has become an independent episode in the archives of the holiday thanks to the excellent video and professional installation. Therefore, I would like to note the following: when preparing congratulations, take care of high-quality video filming in order to preserve the memory of your congratulations in the hearts of the bride and groom.

Congratulations of the parents to the newlyweds at the wedding

And I also want to show an option for parents who find it very difficult to perform in public (it happens sometimes). In this case, I would recommend preparing a video greeting in advance. And on the occasion say “Dear children! Congratulations, see our congratulations in this video! ”And show the captured video on the big screen.

As an example, see the congratulations to the newlyweds from the groom’s parents. I liked the idea and its implementation – in my opinion, it turned out interesting and touching.

These are the congratulations to the newlyweds from their parents, I wanted to show you. In my opinion, they are quite unusual, so it is worth considering them as an example when preparing a surprise for newlyweds from their parents. What do you think?

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I am always glad to see you on the pages of the site “Gift-Super!”.

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