Five years wedding

You have been married for a quarter of a century, and all this time you have been saving, helping, respecting and, most importantly, loving each other. And today, on the day of your silver wedding, I want to wish you warmth, luck, well-being, happiness, smiles, tenderness. Enjoy life and each other!

Silver Wedding – 25, I sincerely congratulate you. I wish you live the rest of your life, I wish you happiness and happiness.

And let them go, run of the year, You do not pay attention, Be faithful and love, Celebrate your wedding every year!

Gently silver sparkles – Wedding Anniversary. Let wealth prevail, In your manor only.

Let love warm you into a blizzard, Happiness – life will be filled up, Gentle, quivering breath, – Joy will burst into the house.

Let good luck ringing song, Pouring, as if in a fairy tale Let the days become more interesting, And only in bright paint!

Silver Wedding. Oh God, what a date! Even after a quarter of a century, you are happily married!

May there be happy hundreds of days in your life! Let your union grow stronger A year by year stronger!

We are glad for you, dear ones! You have lived twenty-five years. And they have become more than loved ones, You give me care and light.

Five years wedding

And we all want to get together, After that, the same time. Even if the Lord protects you from evil misfortunes, the Lord will welcome your little world.

We congratulate you on silver, We wish you sincere love, May happiness fill the house, Luck be lucky to yourself.

We wish you many bright days, To be strong shoulder to each other, We wish you courageous ideas, And do not be sad about anything for you!

We wish you not to lose heart, Do not grieve the hair let it be gray. We dream together to walk. At your wedding is golden.

Once you guys have lived together for 25 years, You know what this date means for life! You are so clever that marriage was always appreciated, After all you loved and affectionately loved each other!

All you have to do is just to wish good luck, to nurture your own people and simply to adore. You own everything else from a long time ago and are capable of winning any family dispute!

Such a wonderful idyll you have. Let the light in our souls not go out neither tomorrow nor now. Over the years, it only gets stronger, it becomes stronger, And more sensual, and more tender, and only more tender!

We walk the wedding the twenty-fifth time. And nothing that without a veil bride, After all, the groom does not take his eyes, Bewitched, he does not leave the place.

And at twenty-five you are young in the shower, it is pleasant to hold you by the arms. Although gray hair already seemed, you still love to hug!

Silver wedding and ringing again, What does a quarter of a century mean for loving hearts? After all, it seems like a lot of days have been experienced, But the road is still bright now. You have become one in twenty-five years, Any storms, storms are not terrible for you now, After all, the sails Lyubov.Tak let the wind be passing, There will be no tears, sorrows, misfortunes, So that you are happy for half a century, Although yes there is a whole century!

Five years wedding

A quarter of a century, twenty-five! Congratulate your couple. There is a very important reason. Our congratulations are in your honor.

The rings are still shining, The glances are still burning. Is twenty-fiveCan the senses cool down?

This is definitely not about you. “Bitter!” Let’s scream a hundred times, A hundred times we wish happiness, Congratulations on the “silver”!

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