Elton john wedding

Crocodile is a popular game in which with the help of gestures, movements and facial expressions you need to show the hidden word, and other players will be able to guess the words for the game Crocodile.

For whom the game Crocodile is intended: firstly, this is an intellectual game that allows you to develop associative thinking and logic, to expand vocabulary.

stripper, plumber, sign language interpreter, stickman, fireman, trucker, psychiatrist, lifter, prosecutor, midwife, sculptor, director, dog handler, cosmonaut, collector, diplomat, crane operator, chemist, stewardess, merchandiser, miner, gynecologist, beehives animal trainer, promoter, archaeologist, veterinarian, woodcutter

Elton john wedding

Living beings

chameleon, rottweiler, crab, dodger, desman, starfish, boa, skunk, locust, ostrich, sloth, chihuahua, flea, raccoon, shrimp, ladybug, ant-eater, platypus, hummingbird, beaver, pelican, ladybug, ant-eater, platypus, hummingbird, beaver caterpillar, spider, dinosaur, jellyfish, snail, turkey, porcupine, chinchilla

Elton john wedding

put a pig, like water off a duck, a cat under the tail, a disservice, freeze a worm when the cancer on the mountain whistles, chickens to laugh, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, step on the same rake, a cat in a bag, not at ease, a tablecloth , God dandelion, beauty requires sacrifice, do not spill water, take out the dirty linen from the hut, the bear has come to the ear

Difficult words

a priori, paradigm, mentality, conjuncture, civilization, perspective, resonance, empire, eclecticism, allegory, concept, constancy, resource, entourage, latency, industrialization, creed, pluralism, fate, context, configuration, infrastructure, assimilation, protege, communism, deja vu, conservatism, voluntarism

TV shows

While everyone is at home, Guess the melody, Fort Boyard, In the animal world, Last hero, Field of miracles, House-2, Man and law, Himself a director, Fashionable sentence, Comedy Club, Stars on ice, Let’s get married, A minute of glory, You are not believe, Let them say, Malakhov +, Anshlag, Our Russia, A big difference, Clever and clever, What? Where? When?

Famous personalities

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Marilyn Manson, Nikita Mikhalkov, Stas Mikhailov, Napoleon Bonaparte, Lady Gaga, Elton John, Yuri Kuklachev, Michael Jackson, Yuri Gagarin, Isaac Newton, Ksenia Sobchak, Jackie Chan, Andrei Malakhov, Albert Einstein, Alina Kabaeva, Ivan Ivanov, Ivan Ivanov , Pavel Volya, Maxim Galkin, Verka Serduchka

Global brands

McDonald’s, Apple, Google, Pampers, Barbie, Windows, LEGO, Ferrari, Durex, Bounty, Twitter, Gallina Blanca, M&M’s, Whiskas, Playboy, Chanel № 5, VKontakte, Oriflame, Ikea, Duracell, Jack Daniel’s, Burn, Sprite, Pedigree, Nokia, Raffaello, Love Is, Harley-Davidson, Chupa Chups, YouTube, WordPress

Ichthyander, Chukchi, Chuck Norris, Centaur, Geisha, Terminator, Starik Hottabych, Gopnik, Transvestite, Fly-Zokotuha, Kotopes, Batman, Homeless, Baba Yaga, Shrek, Alien, Superman, Homer Simpson, Macho, Hobbit socialite, Jack Sparrow, mermaid, call girl, Winnie the Pooh, Freddy Krueger, gnome, Gingerbread man, brownie

twister, diving, bookcrossing, body painting, parkour, shopping, paintball, surfing, table hockey, zorbing, hike, break dance, origami, crossword, poker, belly dance, tour, graffiti, floriculture, boomerang, treasure hunt, roojamping, excursion, graffiti, floriculture, boomerang, treasure hunt, roup jamping, excursion, graffiti, floriculture, boomerang, treasure theater, hitchhiking, climbing, Mafia, billiards, opera, Photoshop

Russian songs

Million scarlet roses, Love me in French, We will not catch up, A Christmas tree was born in the forest, The wind blew from the sea, Mama Lyuba, Oh, this wedding, Land in the porthole, Katyusha, I drunk, 18 I already, Let there always be sun , Watchmen, White dragonfly of love, Howl to the moon, Naked, Nobody writes to the Colonel, Dolphin and mermaid

Films and cartoons

Avatar, Spiderman, American Pie, What Men Talk About, Interns, Home Alone, Simpsons, Caucasian Captive, Hipsters, Sex and the City, Madagascar, Kin-dza-dza, Hachiko, My Fair Nanny, Scary Movie, Masha and the bear, Mr and Mrs Smith, The Matrix, Friendship Sex, Well, wait!

If you have your own words and associations, add in the comments.

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