Before and after the wedding

“StarHit” learned about the love tragedies of the actress. In her youth, Elena Lyadova faced betrayal and betrayal.

In the new series “Betrayal” on TNT, Elena Lyadova tries on the image of a femme fatale, in the arsenal of which is a husband and three lovers. The spouse of the soul does not know it, while she spends all her free time in the beds of others. In the life of an actress, the opposite is true – she did not change, but she changed.


“Lena was not like other students of Sliver, as if she felt herself older than her peers,” classmate Irina Ivanova shares with StarHit. – Already in the first months of study, she met a third year student, Ilya Isaev. At first, they hid relationships — hid in the corners, kissing in the gazebo behind the hostel. But this state of affairs did not suit the suitor. One evening he came to Lena with a bouquet of flowers and stayed until morning. The next day, the whole floor was discussing a new couple. ” Elena and Ilya together rehearsed roles, prepared for exams, ran to the cinema and at performances, he literally registered in her room.

“Lyadova came to the chamber stage, where we had runs, waited for Ilya to be released,” Anastasia Smirnova, classmate of Isaeva, tells StarHit. – Lena did not communicate with us, she was generally peculiar – inhospitable, as if from another planet. And Ilya was crazy about her. Constantly consulted with friends Kolya Ivanov and Katya Yudina how to make Lena pleasant. Katka tried to understand what he found in her, because in the first year he met another girl from the group. Isaev argued: “Lyadov is special.” She had a difficult character – when she was a little inferior, she pulled a blanket over herself. After graduating from college, Ilya went to serve in RAMT. But Lena did not meet him for long after the performances – after a couple of months he found himself in the theater a new passion. Playing in love with two women, he made his choice not in favor of Elena. After the betrayal, Lyadov closed, completely devoted herself to learning. ”

Secret admirer

Before and after the wedding

Treason Isaeva disappointed girl in men. She stopped responding to courtship. However, the fans were not translated. “Our classmate from the Yakut studio, Mikhail Borisov, was deeply in love with her,” says actress Tatyana Leganteva. – But he could not achieve reciprocity, although he was beautifully courting! He made surprises – he put love notes under the door, filled it with bouquets. He ran after her like a little dog, did not miss a single performance. Lena received flattering attention, but because of Isayev’s deed, she was not ready for new relations. ” After graduation, Michael returned to Yakutia and settled in the Sakha Academic Theater.

At first, he kept in touch with his beloved on the phone, but later the connection was interrupted. They say that Borisov remembered his first feeling until his death. In February 2014, Mikhail committed suicide. Wife found him hanged in the bathroom. The actor was not stopped even by the fact that several months before the tragedy his wife gave him a long-awaited first-born.

Second shot

Only five years after the hard parting with Ilya Isaev, Elena allowed herself to have a serious relationship. With the future star of “Thaw” Alexander Yatsenko she met on the set of the film “Soldier’s Decameron.” The script was rotated by the actors and brought to reality for seven years. But Lyadov did not wait for the official proposal.

“It’s not true that they separated because of Vladimir Vdovichenkov,” Yatsenko’s friend Fyodor Lukyanov shares with StarHit. – On the set of one of the projects, Sanya met a pretty young make-up artist. They quickly found a common language, and working relationships developed into a hot affair. She was like a breath of fresh air to him. When it became impossible to hide the intrigue, Sasha confessed everything to Lena, collected things and left. ”

It took time for Lyadovoy to recover after another betrayal. Only a few years later, she still accepted the courtship of Vladimir Vdovichenkov, who was in love with her, who, unlike Yatsenko, didn’t pull with a proposal of a hand and heart.

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