8 years of wedding

8 years: not much and not enough, Tin nerves have become, Little quarrels you don’t notice, Therefore, you are celebrating your wedding today. Receive congratulations from the heart, Live as you want, Let your guiding star light up, Let your wishes always come true.

You celebrate the birth of a family, You promise to give each other in everything, Always be your support and hope, Your family is connected with a thick rope. Congratulations on your tin wedding, Congratulations on the tin wedding, Let your life flow like a full river, Let all problems solved without difficulty.

A celebration is planned in our house, It will bring joy and good fortune, After all, tin wedding happens in life once, With all our hearts we congratulate you. 8 years to your family, congratulations, We wish you life excellent, May your life bloom like a garden, May everything be perfect you.

Birds on the wings brought the wedding, In love and harmony you live for 8 years, You are the coolest couple on earth, Let you always get lucky, everywhere. Let you luck smiles, Let all your dreams come true, Will never count the good news do not be sad.

With all our strength, we cry bitterly, We wish you all the best, May your fate be the most successful, May life never disappoint you. Today’s 8 years of wedding, congratulations, Always wish you be with you whole-heartedly, Peace, love , heat, so that the tin was always soft.

Congratulations on the 8th anniversary of the wedding, We wish you comfort and family happiness. There is a hand for you and success in your life. Let not get into your soul slugs. Be pure and open, Joyful and businesslike. Meet each other only with a smile, And never consider marriage is a mistake.

Tin wedding now! Long, difficult eight years! Wise warm light could save you for them. And that wonderful light warmed your cozy, kind house, Friendly family, you live well in it. With an eight-year, solid date, we congratulate you! Be a big family, rich soul. From the soul we wish!

8 years of wedding

Your relationship – tin. Yes, there is such a wedding! There is a secret in it – Eight friendly marriages of years! I wish you to live with love: Ardent, sincere, big! I congratulate you today! I have a tin wedding!

Eight years already you are together, Not a bridegroom and not a bride, A husband and a wife you long ago. I wish you happiness on the anniversary of the sea, The ocean of love, warmth. And you will never be sad for your house!

Eight years for all the lawsYou are one family! Sweet life for two in love I wish this day: To eat a lot of chocolate And at the same time not to get fat, Money as much as you need, Be sure to have!

You have seen a lot in life, and have gone through a lot. Not just you started a family, you found an approach to each other! Your marriage today celebrates your eight-year anniversary! We wish you a lot of love in your wonderful family!

8 years of wedding

This day for spouses and us is not easy, We have gathered in your house we are a noisy crowd. We brought beer and cans, Because we have a tin holiday. We wish you health, in the house of wealth, What to do now is not difficult for you, friends, we brought order to your house. It’s a pity our refrigerator has become empty – that’s the trouble!

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