20 years what a wedding

A married couple is moving forward with the same perseverance, and today they have another holiday, not just an anniversary, but the thirty-fifth anniversary of living together. How much love is necessary, and for some patience it is necessary to pass such a significant segment of life with each other. What did not exist during these years, and passion, and hatred, and tears, and laughter. All the difficulties that occurred on the way of the spouses, helped to make their union more durable and harmonious. They must have raised and raised a child, and perhaps not just one, transferring to him all their warmth and love, which has been synthesized for a long time and invested in the consciousness of the offspring. Today’s triumph gives a wonderful occasion and opportunity to look back and refresh in memory how the whole story began.

Coral, this wedding began to be called in the nineteenth century. It is very noteworthy that in this title there are quite colorful metaphors, comparable to the 35th anniversary of living together.

Coral called polyp material, little sea creatures. They release calcareous substances, which form corals resembling the skeleton of a tree.. A high concentration of corals forms coral reefs (their growth is usually no more than 1 centimeter per year, so the average reef has been growing for centuries) and islands (they have been formed for thousands of years). Usually they have a red tint, but their color range has more than 300 colors.

20 years what a wedding

People using these stones as a mascot, coral gives protection from the evil eye, attracts good luck, helps to avoid danger in traveling and return home safe and sound. Thanks to this stone, a person becomes more sensual and romantic, his intellectual abilities improve, and with them wisdom and intuition. In folk medicine, corals have innumerable healing properties. Here are the most significant of them – a positive effect on the skin, in particular on the metabolism, heals wounds and burns, stabilizes the nervous system, psychological state and heart function, helps in the fight against insomnia, fatigue and depression. In addition, coral is a symbol of longevity.

Exactly also in a married couple relationship: the relationship slowly and painstakingly cultivated and overgrown with layers every year, gaining unbreakable strength and uniformity. Coral reefs seem gentle and soft through the waters that distort the image, but this mirage is fraught with danger – you can easily get hurt about it, which hints to the spouses that the relationship should be preserved after 35 years from the date of the wedding. However, it is not so easy to split or divide a married couple that has passed together for decades. Like talismans and wards, the husband serves for the wife, and the wife for the husband is reliable protection and support. Family happiness, which they painstakingly erected cost them a large part of life, and part with it because of the stupidities inherent in young marriages, they naturally will not. After all, love has passed the test of time, which not everyone can do. Now it’s time to live exclusively for yourself.

What is given on the 35th anniversary of the wedding

Traditionally, the first thing you can look at gifts from coral. It can be presented as a decoration, as well as an amulet or a talisman. If such gifts are not suitable for one reason or another, you can split the properties of corals and look for a gift, focusing on one of its characteristics (it may be color, hardness, stone, belonging to the sea and

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