15 years of marriage is a wedding

Traditionally, it happened that almost all nations of the world men married young girls.

15 years of marriage is a wedding

So it was for many centuries. This is natural.

The man was a hunter, earner. To support a family, he must be an adult.

A young spouse took care of him, giving rest from everyday work, gave birth to his children.

Moreover, the offspring had to be a lot. It was. Naturally, marriages were not perfect. There were pros and cons in that the man was older.

But times have changed. Now everyone meets marriages where a woman is older than a man. Meet more often. No one is particularly surprised. And they live quite happily. But, unfortunately, there are no perfect pairs.

Features of such a union

Of course, the age difference may be different. For example, a year or two. Although, it should be noted that girls grow up always earlier.

Even in couples where spouses are the same age, women will always be older. Such is their psychological peculiarity.

A slight difference in the age of the weather does not. But if a woman is older than a man by 4 years, then this is already felt. And a partner, and herself.

  • You can catch yourself thinking that a couple of different interests have nothing to talk about.
  • Or, for example, the young spouse stretches into the company of friends, and his wife wants him to spend all the time at home, only with her alone.

The older the woman, the greater her desire to be at home, and not in the company of her friends and friends.

15 years of marriage is a wedding

There are, of course, exceptions, but the main tendency is that ladies become homebody over the years. Therefore, conflicts arise.

This happens even when the age difference is very small. What to say about if a woman is older than a man by 7 years?

Positive sides

Here the conversation is still talking about the advantages of such a marriage. So what is the advantage of having a wife older than your husband?

The most important advantage of an adult spouse is that she is wiser.

She can find a way out of those conflicts that would lead to the disintegration of the family with the same age or with a young girl.

And this advantage in the most favorable way is reflected in a joint life.

Here, the maternal feelings of an adult wife play a positive role. She forgives her young lover a lot.

As a rule, adult women have already taken place in life.

If a woman is older than a man by 6 years, she already has her own income. She has already made a career.

This fact eliminates the lack of money, which often happens in cases where spouses are the same age, both are just on their feet.

The young husband, in this case, can easily concentrate on work, having a reliable rear behind his back.

What are the advantages of such a union for the ladies?

We have listed all the benefits relating to either living together, or men. But there are those that relate directly to women.

For example, when a woman is older than a man by 7 years, she, willy-nilly, has to pay attention to her appearance. She begins to attend gyms to put her body in order.

This can not affect its health in a very positive way. She visits beauty salons and, perhaps, even resorts to the services of plastic surgery.

After all, she needs to look great next to his young beloved.

Well, now a little bit about sad

But the fact that a woman is 6 years older than a man, or 7 years old, or 10, has its drawbacks.

The greatest difficulty lies in the fact that childbearing functions over the years, alas, are dying out.

Although there are cases when women give birth at a very old age, but for the majority, too late pregnancy and childbirth pose a threat to health.

As a rule, an adult lady already has children. And she does not have a strong desire to give birth to a child.

And the young spouse is the opposite. He wants children. Everything would be fine, but he does not want them today. He wants children in a few years.

The way out is to discuss this situation in advance. Even before marriage.

It happens that an adult partner begins to be jealous of a young husband to his peers.

If jealousy is not too strong, it, on the contrary, makes a woman take better care of herself. Worse, if jealousy turns into a pathology.

In this case, the woman should understand that this man has already chosen. And chose her. This means that it is she who is the most beautiful and desirable, and he does not need others.


As you can see, there are still more advantages in such a marriage than minuses. To summarize, it can be argued that a wife who is older than her husband gives a man the following benefits:

  • You do not need to listen to the children’s tantrums of the young wife and fulfill her whims.
  • You can focus on building a career, having a reliable rear behind you.

The lady, in turn, receives a wonderful incentive to take care of herself.

And more important advice. The husband should always feel like the chief, the head of the family, no matter how much younger he is.

And it’s better not to direct your maternal instinct on a young man. This can annoy him greatly. Give him the opportunity to be “not a boy, but a husband” and your union will be cloudless and happy.

Author: Andrey Sadovsky

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