World of toys disney world

Hasbro – one of the largest and most popular companies on our planet, which is engaged in the production of toys. The company is located in the US in the city of Pawtucket, Rhode Island and produces a huge number of all kinds of toys: board games, plastic toys, Play-Doh plasticine, educational toys for children, Kre-o designers, Nerf toy guns and much more.

The company Hasbro was founded in 1923 by the brothers Henry and Helal Hasenfeld and was initially engaged in textiles and stationery. Only after almost 20 years, the company released its first toy – a soldier

In 1983, toys from the Hazbro series of My Little Pony, which immediately gained immense popularity, were born. In 1983, the company buys the Milton Bradley Company and receives patents on the manufacture of new toys. The following Hasbro game sets appear: Yahtzee dice, The Game of Life and Chutes and Ladders board games, and one of the most popular games for large companies, Twister. Tkazhe this year, the company began to produce toys Hasbro, which immediately became sales hits and continue to enjoy wide popularity to this day. This, of course, is about Transformers! The idea of ​​toys that can transform them from one form into another was simply phenomenal and won the hearts of children around the world. Even now, after almost 30 years, Hasbro Transformers are one of the most sought-after children’s toys. You can buy Hasbro toys by visiting our Hasbro online toy store.

World of toys disney world

In 1985, Hasbro acquired several more toy companies, further expanding its range. These were the companies Playskool, engaged in the production of educational toys for children, and Parker Brothers – a company that became famous for the most famous board game – the Monopoly. In general, the number of toys produced increased by several thousand items. Most of these toys are still very popular. For example, the board game Monopoly not only did not lose its popularity, but, on the contrary, is being released in increasing numbers. In addition, almost every year there are new collectible and thematic sets of the game Monopoly, such as Deluxe, Russia, Deal, Millionaire, Cars, Sponge Bob and many others.

Today, Hasbro games are not only the favorite toys of most children, but also an integral part of popular culture. Hasbro figures became the basis for the production of a huge number of cartoons, comics and even full-length films. We are mainly talking about super-popular Transformers, who were not only the heroes of a very popular cartoon series, but appeared three times on the big screen in Michael Bay’s blockbusters. The success of the films further fueled interest in these toys, and also forced Hazbro to completely change the design of his robots so that they looked like in the film. It should be noted that the toys now look very impressive, and their playability not only did not fall, but even increased at times.

World of toys disney world

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