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Sneakers New Balance 574 – the benchmark of practicality and bold design ideas

Sneakers of the world-famous American brand New Balance are the dream of many modern women and men. And this is not surprising, because in such shoes it is convenient and comfortable not only to train, but also to walk.

Today, your dream comes true, because in our branded online store you can purchase the original New Balance shoes at the most affordable and affordable price.

We offer you a model New Balance 574 to buy and you will never regret your choice. This is an ideal shoe choice for girls or young men, as well as for women and older men. In branded sneakers you will look not only comfortable, but also stylish, confident and stand out from the crowd. Buy New Balance 574 and you can choose other interesting models of shoes on our website, and your purchase will bring you only joy and benefit.

Key features of sneakers New Balance 574

What are the features and differences of the line New Balance 574 from other product options of this brand.

Immediately it should be noted that the 574 series is very diverse, and it is based on the classic shoe. The combination of bright colors and textures allows you to experiment and create spectacular and fashionable sneakers, which will be appreciated by the representatives of the male and female sex, choosing for your taste your favorite shoe choice for everyday wear or for training.

Sneakers New Balance 574 appeared in the late 80s of the last century, when two different models were combined into one concept. Such a bold design move, although it is called a “classic mix”, but still recognize its originality and popularity of the finished product. Today, this line is sold all over the world by connoisseurs of high-quality and functional shoes, and our catalog contains the following options:

The main characteristics of men’s and women’s sneakers New Balance 574

If characterize fully New Balance 574 sneakers, You can tell a lot about impressions and practical properties. But we will highlight the key features:

· The manufacturer uses for the manufacture of shoes natural and high-quality materials in the form of suede, durable textiles, jeans, nylon, jersey, fleece;

· The presence of a special layer of ENCAP in the back of the sole allows you to achieve maximum endurance and support for the foot, both during walks and during jogging or training;

· Strong depreciation effect due to the use of EVA-technology. Provides full and reliable protection of the foot, as well as reducing the load from the knee joint while running, walking, jumping. The foam layer accumulates energy and gives it away when active physical movement occurs;

· The outer layer of the sole is made on the basis of durable rubber, which has a small tread depth that will last for many years and will not wear out;

· The presence of a hard heel system that does not deform or break, always retains its original shape and fixes the ankle in a comfortable and correct position;

· A unique feature of the model is the rolling of the sole on the toe. This is important to preserve the unity of the product design and to protect the fingers, if suddenly something hard is touched with a foot, for example, a stone, a step, a threshold and

Women sneakers

· Ergonomic design of the tongue, which fits snugly and at the same time gently fits on the foot, and lacing can be tightened with one movement.

Buy sneakers New Balance 574 quickly and conveniently online

Is it possible to resist the temptation to buy high-quality and brand New Balance sneakers of the popular 574 series? You no longer have to worry that you do not have enough money for such an expensive purchase and do not need to place an order directly from the USA. Our online store offers you the most affordable prices for a wide range of original New Balance shoes – you don’t overpay for anything, don’t wait for weeks for an order, you don’t risk anything.

Buy New Balance 574 for men and women New Balance 574 profitable and convenient on our website, and each client can take advantage of the cooperation with our company:

· We make direct deliveries of products from the United States, bypassing intermediaries;

· Real and adequate price for the entire range of shoes. The client does not overpay, because we cooperate directly with the manufacturer and we can set the lowest consumer price for the goods;

· The widest range of New Balance sneakers for women and men, as well as children, to find your favorite pair and create a unique style;

· Quality assurance and certificate from the manufacturer that you purchase the original product;

· Availability of all colors and sizes;

· The possibility of order delivery throughout Ukraine – from Kiev to the Dnieper and Zaporizhia, from Lviv to Kharkov;

· You can pick up the parcel at the post office in your city or order a courier delivery service to your home;

Women sneakers

payment in cash or non-cash on full prepayment or cash on delivery upon receipt of the goods.

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