Women’s lightweight backpack

An elongated vest, at first glance, is not the most necessary thing in a wardrobe. However, you only need to buy or sew one such, and it will become clear – this is exactly the thing that will make it clear that its owner has a taste and a sense of style. Such vests, made of any kind of fabrics, having a different length and a diverse palette, are worn today in the office with a skirt, and in free time with jeans and even with shorts and sneakers.

How to choose women’s vests from fabric

Elongated vests as a fashion trend have reached a new round of popularity (after the previous one, started in the 70s fashion house "Yves Saint Laurent") a couple of years ago, and today this piece of clothing feels confident in designer collections and mass-market stores. However, to choose exactly your vest, you will have to try.

For a start it is worth noting that such a vest will go to any shape, height and age. Moreover, the vest creates two elongated verticals on the sides, which visually draws the figure and adds slenderness and statues, therefore full ladies simply need women’s vests made of fabric elongated. For large sizes, choose a length that covers the hips, which are often a problem area.

Low women better to choose not too elongated models, to the middle of the thigh, so as not to seem even lower. It is better to supplement the vest with narrow trousers and skirts in order to extend the silhouette more.

The owners of the figures by type "pear" it is better to choose a vest that expands downwards, and "sand watch" It is necessary to emphasize the waist with a belt or a strap, so choose women’s vests made of fabric elongated from softer fabrics.

An elongated vest gives any casual look a fresh breath and a touch of chic, but sometimes the question arises about what to wear with this thing. The easiest option is to equip a vest with pants or jeans. Skinny jeans or boyfriends plus a laconic jersey or a light shirt combined with a vest no longer look trite. For the casual look, add loafers or slip-on sneakers to the set, and high-heeled shoes add chic. If you combine red pumps, a vest, skinny jeans and a black or white long vest, you get a modern classic – an ideal image that can only be missing red lipstick. However, the vest is suitable for a vest in other combinations – it can reduce the official look of a strict thing.

With pants you can combine any model of women’s elongated vests made of fabric. So, a loose long vest made of soft fabric goes well with snickers. For a full image, take a voluminous backpack.

For the office option, wear a sleeveless blouse and tight pants under your vest. The vest will need to be fastened and added to the image of the boat – it will turn out fresh and fashionable, but businesslike strictly.

A very long vest with pockets and a voluminous collar goes well with flares or trousers that are wide from the thigh. Such a bohemian free image is perfect for cool spring or autumn days. However, this kit is suitable only for tall ones; it will not decorate girls of miniature growth.

A bold and trendy ensemble is obtained if you wear culottes or pajama-style trousers with an elongated vest.

Women’s vests of fabric extended in combination with a skirt

The hem of a skirt or dress should at least look out from under the vest a little, otherwise the image may turn out to be vulgar – it would seem that, besides the vest, there is nothing on the girl.

However, much is allowed to young long-legged girls, and in the summer season in an informal setting it would be appropriate to look like an ultra-mini, balanced by a longer vest.

If you sew a vest elongated female made of fabric to match the fabric of the dress and with a long hem to hem – such an outfit will look expensive and elegant.

Women's lightweight backpack

The straight midi skirt and the mid-calf A-silhouette skirt look great with an extended vest. A narrow pencil skirt will be a companion to the vest. With lengths up to the middle of the knee, an office version will turn out, and a longer pencil skirt will create an amazing evening look.

Fabrics from which women’s vests are sewn

Photos from fashion shows prove that you can sew an elongated vest from any fabric. More classic models sew from those that keep their shape well. This is mainly costume fabrics – flax, tweed, gabardine.

Models of free cut can be made of any dress fabrics, dense knitwear. They create a more informal, free image. Vests with a length below the knee look good from such fabrics.

Also the vest can be knitted. Comfortable models for cool weather are made from thick woolen threads, and thin, lace knit vests are ideal for boho, chic or ethnic style.

The vest can also be made of leather or suede (natural or artificial) or denim. Denim vests, as a rule, are fitted, but they are worn unbuttoned. If you add such a vest with a checkered shirt, you get a hint of a country image.

Leather models can be complemented by rivets or zippers in the grunge style. At the same time, an elongated straight-cut leather vest goes well with pants and sleek shirts – this is a great way to add a little freedom to a classic or monochrome bow.

The fringe decorating the hem or waistcoat of the vest will create new accents in the image.

And finally, silk – truly gorgeous evening vests for women are made of fabric from it. Elongated silk vests can be added to total bow kits (this is a kit made up of items of the same color) to a dress or trouser suit.

The most versatile colors are white and black. It is in them mostly women’s vests are made from fabric. Long black waistcoats are suitable for casual looks, for business style, and for evening exits. White will refresh summer looks, perfectly complement jeans and black pants. Also white is a great companion to any bright colors. Complement the white vest and jeans with a yellow top, or red pumps, or even a neon-pink handbag. The combination with white will make these bright shades even more juicy.

However, for the versatility of black and white, one should not forget about other colors, for example, beige, which can be safely considered as new black in terms of universality. Or the color of camel is elegant and noble.

Women's lightweight backpack

If you want bright spots, you can sew a vest from any fabric and any color, or look for what you need in stores, as Zara boutiques offer bright and juicy orange vests for women made of fabric extended.

With what to wear an elongated vest in cool weather

An elongated vest will help out on cool days, when you don’t want to wear outerwear, but layering is already appropriate.

Under the vest, you can wear a turtleneck or long-sleeved knitwear or even a large knit sweater, but in this case it is worth adding a massive top with a narrow skirt or skinny pants and heel.

An excellent retro look is made from a straight suede waistcoat, turtleneck, knee-length flared skirt, heeled ankle boots and wide-brimmed hats.

Long vest for summer

In the summer, an elongated vest can be worn with almost anything. This vest is useful to make a little more serious mini-dress. Also, the vest will perfectly complement the cropped top and the skirt of the sun or skinny jeans.

Surprisingly, even with shorts and a vest will look appropriate. Choose white or, on the contrary, bright, but then it should be the main focus in dress.

Fashionable vest do it yourself

It’s pretty easy to create an elongated vest with your own hands. The simplest idea is not to throw away the annoying jacket, but to unpick his sleeves and give things a new life.

Women's lightweight backpack

However, you can create from scratch women’s vests of fabric elongated. Patterns today is easy to find and buy, but you can build them yourself.

To build such a pattern you need to take a few measurements:

  1. The length of the vest – measure and set aside two values ​​- from the neck to the waist and from the waist below, so it will be clear where to do darts.
  2. Girth of the chest and waist – on the pattern set aside half of these values ​​+3 centimeters to fit.
  3. The depth of the armhole.
  4. Girth of the neck – on the pattern set aside half.
  5. Shoulder length.

Lay the finished parts of the pattern on the fabric. To do this, fold the canvas in half, put the back part (on the right of the pattern) to the fold of the fabric, so the back will be single cut. Place the part of the shelf (on the left) on the free edge – there will be two of these parts.

Main points to remember:

  • Choose the right fabric. If you want a more classic vest, take costume fabrics, if free cut, you can consider knitwear. Do not save on the fabric; the type of the final product and its service life depend on its quality.
  • Vests of suit type must have a lining, do not forget to buy fabric and for it – silk, viscose or polyester. The lining can be made either in the color of the main fabric or in a companion shade or in contrast. However, remember that often the elongated vest is worn unbuttoned, therefore, the lining will become part of the entire image.
  • Carefully remove all measurements, especially if you build the pattern yourself – the correct fit of the vest depends on it.
  • Beginners better to choose simple models of vests – straight, non-fitted, without complicated lapels and pockets. The main details of the pattern will then be a shelf, backrest, armholes and neck openings (plus details of the shelf and backrest for the lining).

Ready-made vest will make any, even the simplest image truly fresh and stylish.

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