Women’s laptop backpack

The Russian loukoster Pobeda was in the middle of a scandal after a flight attendant was given a sit-down to a couple with a child and even called the police to land at the airport. But this is far from the first situation when passengers of the “Victory” have difficulties. Medialeaks decided to come to the aid of passengers and created instructions on how to fly with a Russian low-cost airline without any problems.

Paid help

A rather logical solution to avoid problems at the airport and on board the aircraft is to call the airline’s hotline and ask everything that interests you. But here one must be careful: “Victory,” like most low-cost airlines, aims to make a profit in all possible ways, including through a paid telephone inquiry.

The cost of a call is from 55 to 60.17 rubles per minute. (without VAT), depending on the region and the operator, including the waiting and talking time with the operator.

That is, in a few minutes Mozart on the phone will also have to pay. At the same rate, you pay if you order additional services by phone, such as a place with increased legroom or extra baggage space.

Therefore, to save money, we advise you to go to the Victory site and carefully read the “Carriage rules” section (and this article), and order all the services on board when booking tickets online.

How to choose the right places

Women's laptop backpack

A scandal broke out just the other day, when a couple with a three-month-old child didn’t pay for the seat selection service, but sat on the plane together, despite the ban of the Victory flight attendants. To avoid such a problem, you need to use the service of selecting places at the stage of booking and buying tickets.

After you have entered your personal data and chose the number of luggage places, the site will offer to choose places for boarding. Their cost varies from 149 rubles for ordinary places to 999 rubles for places with increased legroom.

Thus, for only 149 rubles, you can secure a flight near your companion. If this is not necessary, then click on the “continue without selecting places” button and you will be assigned a random place at the registration desk.

Replacing a place ordered in advance is free of charge, however, such a replacement must be made at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure. If you want to change your seat to a more expensive one, for example, to a place with extra legroom, you will need to pay the difference between the two rates.

You cannot pay for the airport pick-up service, but if it happened that you didn’t select a seat when booking your tickets, ask the front desk officer to give you a seat nearby.

But remember that this is a question of the human factor: the employee of the “Victory” is not obliged to go forward. There is an assumption that at the check-in desks, passengers are not specifically given a seat nearby to encourage the purchase of seats.

Changing in an airplane to another place is strictly prohibited. According to the rules of “Victory”, all passengers are obliged to sit in the places indicated in the tickets. But in practice, you can always ask a neighbor to change places with you at the stage of seating. Flight attendants will hardly notice this substitution. However, the empty seats just so no one will give you.

A backpack is not a briefcase, or how to carry a carry-on baggage.

Most of the problems of passengers “Victory” arises from the baggage and hand luggage. According to the rules of the airline, you can take with you free hand luggage. only one item from this list: a handbag, briefcase, baby food and a cradle, outerwear or suit in a carry-bag, a laptop, an umbrella, a bouquet of flowers, a camera, a video camera.

But the question arises: what is meant by a briefcase and a handbag? After all, the latter can be both an imperceptible clutch and a huge “trunk”.

By “handbag” is meant a small bag of rectangular, oblong or soft shape, designed for carrying small handy objects or cosmetics, the dimensions of which do not exceed 75 centimeters in the sum of three dimensions. Ladies handbag can be equipped with a shoulder strap or chain, have handles made of leather, textiles, metal, plastic or bamboo.

At the same time, a beach bag or a sports bag cannot be carried free of charge in your carry-on baggage, the employees of the airline will independently determine the style of your bag, therefore it is better to choose the most neutral one, without colors and other bright decor.

With a portfolio is still more interesting, it is a briefcase or bag for a laptop, which is carried in the hand or on the shoulder strap. In the sense of “Victory” backpack is not a portfolio.

A “briefcase” is a narrow rectangular bag, the dimensions of which do not exceed 75 cm in the sum of three dimensions, designed for carrying documents (papers), books, portable computers, as well as small items and having appropriate compartments in the internal space.

A backpack, a bag, a box, a beach bag or a sports bag cannot be taken free of charge, even if they are not larger than the dimensions stated for briefcases and handbags. That is, if you fly with a backpack and inside it has a laptop that you do not want to take in the luggage, take the laptop on board in your hands, the rules do not prohibit it.

For every item that does not fit the criteria for free, or for every second item that you take on board, you need to pay extra. Tariffs for transportation of hand luggage differ when booking online and when paying at the airport, as in many airlines.

But Pobeda has a catch when it’s paid at the airport: different rates apply for transporting hand luggage at the check-in desk or at the check-in counter. On the company’s website, they are listed through the dash.

That is absolutely all the items that you take on board, you need to present at the reception. You must stick a tag on each bag or thing that you carry separately. At the front desk when planting things are checked again, and if you have something without a tag, you will have to pay for it, but more.

At the gate you will have to pay for packages with goods purchased at duty-free shops (Duty Free) at the airport at the same tariffs. Carry out purchases at no additional charge will be obtained only if you can invest them in your free or paid carry-on bag.

Beware of the odds

For free, the passenger of Pobeda can check-in one item not more than 158 centimeters in three dimensions and not heavier than 10 kilograms. For every kilogram of overweight, you need to pay 500 rubles for domestic flights and 10 euros for international flights.

In the case of Victory, even 100 grams or less is considered a “override”, so be sure to weigh your bags before you go to the airport and try to make them easier than the limits stated by the airline.

For additional bags that you hand in the luggage, there are separate rates.

How to transport food and water

Airline “Victory” provides passengers with drinking water on board for free. It can carry the flight attendants, or passengers themselves must pass to the kitchen.

Unlike other low-cost airlines, you cannot buy food and drinks on Victory aircraft, so you need to take care of your meals on your own. Products you can take on board, provided that they lie in free or paid carry-on bags, which we wrote about in detail above. For individual packages of food will have to pay extra.

Liquids can be carried in bottles of no more than 100 milliliters, with a total volume of no more than a liter. Here everything is just like on flights of any other airlines. Hot drinks are not allowed on board.

Alcohol can be taken only purchased in Duty Free on the day of the trip, the bottle should be sealed in a bag and you can not open it and drink alcohol during the flight.

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