Where to see the northern lights in Iceland

The game of snowballs, the ability to lie in a snowdrift or make a snowman, hot chocolate, warm and cozy clothes, the festive season. There are a lot of reasons to love the cold weather. Winter is a wonderful time of the year. You can relax from the heat and the scorching sun, wear comfortable things and spend time with your family. Nevertheless, not everyone likes the winter. In some countries, this season is a real problem, people there will have to wait long for the sun. These are the coldest countries in the world, in them you can earn frostbite or catch a bad cold. What are the corners of the planet? Where is winter especially harsh? Here is a list of the ten coolest states.

Estonia is a small country that many people know nothing about. Nevertheless, she could have become famous for how cold it is there. The country is located near Finland and the Baltic Sea. It is not as cold here as in the other countries on the list; nevertheless, the temperature does not allow to spend time comfortably outside in the winter season. Even at other times of the year, it is rarely too high, so Estonia can really be called a cold land. However, this is a very beautiful country, so it’s worth a visit. If you are afraid of frost, just choose the summer months.

This beautiful and interesting country has the coldest and harshest winters on the planet. In winter, the temperature here may well fall to twenty degrees below zero. This winter lasts more than four months a year. It is not easy to live in Finland, because snowfall is almost always accompanied by strong wind, which greatly complicates existence. The temperature in summer is quite pleasant here, and you may well have a good time. However, if you want to experience vivid impressions, you can go to this country in the winter and get acquainted with the true cold weather on your own experience.

This Asian country has rather cool weather. The average temperature in Mongolia is zero degrees Celsius. The temperature rises only from April to October, and in the other months the frost can reach up to twenty degrees. The weather is the worst in January and February, when the temperature drops to the very minimum, greatly complicating the lives of Mongolians. Nevertheless, the unspoiled nature of this region has its own charm, so it deserves attention.

Many people associate the name of this country with cold, and not by chance. This is a Scandinavian country where the average temperature is below zero. Only a few summer months are warm, but even then it does not get hot or too sunny. The country is frozen almost all year round. Record temperature for Iceland is about forty degrees below zero. Despite this, tourists aspire to Iceland all year round – this is a state with a unique culture and incredible nature. Here you can see the geysers, the northern lights, the whales – all this is worth not being afraid of the cold.


This state belongs to Denmark, nevertheless it is an autonomous country, which is located on the largest island in the world. In addition, it is also a very cold country. The territory of Greenland is covered with ice, very little sun penetrates here, which makes it incredibly cold. Even in summer it can be no higher than seven degrees Celsius, so one can say that winter never ends here. If you like the cold season, you would also like Greenland, but most people live in such conditions quite hard.


Surprisingly, even the United States is on the list of the coldest countries. There are also very hot places, the hottest places on the planet, for example, Death Valley. Nevertheless, because of its enormous size, America is also the site of the lowest temperatures. Particularly cold is the state of Alaska, where in winter the temperature drops to thirty degrees below zero. Because of this cold, you can face various skin problems and colds.

Where to see the northern lights in Iceland

This country is one of the coldest in the world. Kazakhstan is located in Asia, next to Russia. In winter there are very cold temperatures. In summer, the weather is quite pleasant and the temperature does not rise excessively high, but in winter it is incredibly cold. In addition, it is a mountainous country – and in the mountains to live in winter is even more difficult. Due to the difficult economic situation, life becomes even more difficult. In addition, the snowfall here is often replaced by rain, making coping with such conditions especially difficult.

Neighboring countries is one of the coldest places on the planet. In Canada, the climate is similar to the American one, but the geographical location further north makes winter colder. The northern and eastern regions of Canada are different winters lasting for five months, the temperature can fall below forty degrees. Thanks to modern technology in the cities there is an infrastructure that helps people not to suffer too much due to frost. Outside the city, you can experience the harsh nature of Canadian nature. If you want to experience an unusual experience, you should definitely go here in the winter.

Where to see the northern lights in Iceland

Russia is one of the coldest countries in the world – in some regions even in summer there are subzero temperatures. There are areas where the sun is only two months a year. In winter there is colder than forty degrees below zero. In addition, there are heavy snowfalls. In such regions, surviving in winter is a real challenge. Nevertheless, many people even like this weather and do not seem to be a serious problem at all.


There is no doubt: Antarctica is a very cold region. It is located at the pole, there is practically no sun. Nobody lives here because the temperature is too severe. The cold record is almost ninety degrees below zero! It is impossible to even imagine life in such conditions. Antarctica is considered a real snow desert. There are only scientists who need to be careful not to suffer from the cold.

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