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The best options for a holiday during the honeymoon or on your wedding anniversary are, of course, a trip to the Maldives and the Seychelles. Nothing more romantic to think impossible! But we were already in the Maldives and have not yet gained a 5-star hotel in the Seychelles. And now the question arose, where do we go on the anniversary of the wedding, so that it is beautiful and romantic and that we are not in this country yet. I looked through a lot of useful information on the Internet and read dozens of reviews about where they still advised to go on a honeymoon trip. I will briefly talk about the most top destinations for a romantic holiday and how each of them is unique, and also recommend where to go and what time of year to go for a rest after the wedding to the newlyweds or on the anniversary of your family celebration.

Where to go for a honeymoon

As you know, any romantic event – a place for a wedding and a honeymoon – should be chosen by a woman. For sure everything turned out well and everyone was happy. You understand: a woman is happy, everyone is calm around! Therefore, it is I who choose the place for our family holiday, which we have in August, as, incidentally, our birthdays. So August is just a holiday.

But there is one problem. The fact is that the month of August falls at the peak of the holiday season and school holidays almost all over the world, therefore there are a lot of tourists at beach resorts at this time. And we do not like this kind of rest when hotels are full, and there are no vacant places on the beach. So it remains for us to either postpone the trip and endure our holiday, or look for not the most popular, but rather interesting romantic place where you can hide and retire. It was in this search that my article was born.

The perfect picture for a romantic getaway

I was looking for the perfect place to go on holiday for a wedding anniversary on the following criteria:

  • that there was a sea (as a last resort – mountains!);
  • to make the place famous for a romantic getaway – quiet, clean beaches with beautiful sunsets and the opportunity to be alone with your beloved;
  • so that it would be interesting not only to relax on the beach, but also where to go and what to see from the sights;
  • so that in the month of our holiday there was not a large influx of tourists, and the weather was good.

10 places for a romantic holiday and wedding anniversary

As a result, I made a fairly large list of the best places to go on a honeymoon trip or a wedding anniversary. Here is my Top 10 resorts that are well suited for a romantic getaway or honeymoon trip:

1. I must say that the first thing I thought again about Maldives tour. There you can hold a wedding ceremony of exchange of oaths. But we, as I have already said, were there, and we drove independently. Although the temptation to go there again arose not from scratch, because it was in August in the Maldives that the mini-season of good weather during the whole six months of the rain. And that means a lot of people – from Europe, Australia and Russia. Romantic, but not lonely, the way out is to book a water bungalow or beach villa. But I advise everyone, since the Maldives is still the leader of a romantic getaway with a warm equatorial sun, snow-white sand, turquoise water and endless paradise bliss.

Watch a short video about how wonderful singer Sati Kazanova and her husband, photographer Stefano Tiozzo, went on a honeymoon trip to the Maldives to the hotel Amilla Fushi 5 *, where they seemed to like it very much.

Our articles for those who are going to rest the Maldives:

The Maldives embody everything that we imagine when we talk about the best romantic getaway

2 Seychelles – This is the closest competitor to the Maldives, which also long attracted me. I especially liked the fact that the above described miracles added the opportunity to actively spend time and not just relax on the beaches. But for now we have postponed the Seychelles for future anniversaries. We have a lot of them ahead!

There are white beaches in Thailand too.

3. Verified Thailand and beautiful Phi Phi Islands also seemed a tempting direction. Recently, travelers have scolded Phi Phi due to the fact that there are too many people there. But I will tell you in secret, the problem with crowds of tourists only on the main beach (next to the pier), but on the far northern beaches (by the way, the best) is just deserted. The only embarrassment was that on our dates at the end of August there was a rainy season, unfortunately. And so, of course, it was tempting to return to our favorite islands in Thailand, and we will definitely go there in the winter.

Our articles about Phi Phi:

And the sunsets in Thailand are beautiful!

Hawaii combines excellent leisure facilities and beautiful beaches.

4. I also thought about rest. Hawaii, where everything is just fine with the weather in August, but not so cloudless from the point of view of the crowds. I was already in Hawaii in early June, and it was a great time to visit. Warm, the ocean is beautiful, not so many people. Romantics are higher than the roof, there is something to do: at least to rest in a good hotel, at least ride the beaches by car, even climb a volcano. It’s time to return, but apparently not on our wedding anniversary, but just at a more convenient time – again at the beginning of summer.

Hawaii Articles:

And in Hawaii, gorgeous nature!

five. Miami would also be the way, but we only recently returned from Florida with the best impressions and did not want to spoil them either with the crowded beaches and restaurants, or the weather deteriorating in August before the hurricane season. But a trip to Miami for a romantic getaway or a honeymoon in the USA from New York to Miami should also be kept in mind all year round, except for the fall. Especially a young couple who not only wants to enjoy each other, but also have fun hanging out in America.

Where to go to Oregon

Articles about Miami:

Miami and the Atlantic Ocean, too, provide an opportunity to relax, without particularly denying themselves the usual luxury of civilization.

6. In my opinion, the most romantic city in Europe is Rome. Compared with Paris, Rome will be interesting to fans of ancient history (like me) and fans of Italian food (that’s me too). But again, it is necessary to go not in August, but better in May or in September. And not only because of the large number of tourists, but also because of the heat that prevails in Italy in the summer of which year.

The antiquity of Rome casts a romantic mood

Big Sur is one of the iconic places on Pacific Highway No. 1 in California

7. To someone who does not like to sit in one place, but still wants romance, I sincerely advise you to drive along the number 1 highway in California, from Los Angeles to San Francisco or better vice versa. Rent a convertible and race along the ocean. This is very cool, but we already went on such a trip. There are beautiful roads all over the world, you can only choose! And to go on a honeymoon trip by car with your beloved for a whole week or longer is a special romance and a real test of feelings that will never be forgotten!

Malibu is a luxury resort and is perfect for a honeymoon, especially if you like not only lying on the beach, but also like surfing.

8. And then I thought that since I couldn’t find a romantic place to rest either in the US or in Europe because of the popularity of these areas in the summer, and in Asia because of the rainy season, then you should turn to look at your beloved South America, where is the end of winter and the season, but there is no rain yet. Moreover, we love to actively and with interest to spend our travels. And for romance, I chose the country Peru and the city of Cusco. Yes, we were already there, but we constantly dream of returning.

Choose a hotel overlooking the mountains and live there for a month, gradually visiting the many attractions of the Inca Valley. In my opinion, the original romantic holiday will turn out. And there will definitely be something to remember!

In Peru – a special romance, recreation for adventure seekers, lovers of mountains and unique landscapes.

9. The biggest originals can combine in one trip a unique Easter Island and magical Tahiti. It’s better to start with Rapa Nui and his mysterious idols, having arrived there for a week. There, on Isla de Pascua, there is a great beach for a romantic getaway – Anakena. And then go to Tahiti, where once a week a regular flight of the airline LAN flies. We, too, someday will return to the idols of Easter Island, and fly to Tahiti across the Pacific Ocean.

Amazing sandy beach right by the platform with the idols on Easter Island

ten. The bahamas. Another fashionable and expensive destination for a romantic getaway with the world’s best beaches. Pay special attention to the pink beach of Pink Sands Beach. Isn’t the most romantic solution for two lovers?

Bali Wedding Anniversary

But in the end we chose to go on our wedding anniversary. Bali. The weather in August should not interfere with our romantic holiday, since this island is located below the equator, and the climate there is slightly different than in other countries of Southeast Asia. Large crowds of tourists mainly come to Balinese beaches, and we are happy to rest in the quiet town of Ubud, which is located in the center of the island of Bali among the greenery, rice terraces and views of volcanoes.

And then you can go to the islands of Gili and Lombok, located near Bali, where you can find solitude, the sea and the clean sand – all you need to celebrate the main day in family life!

Romance is not always the only sea

Visa-free countries for family holidays

And now I will recommend several countries to those tourists who want to take a closer look with their other half, and so that they do not need to make a visa:

  • Cyprus is an inexpensive, but pretty holiday on the Mediterranean.
  • Israel – there are three seas, you can visit this week for all!
  • Marmaris in Turkey – not the most popular, but a great resort for couples.
  • Sunny Beach in Bulgaria is another great place for a trip together.
  • Curonian Spit in the Kaliningrad region – a national park on the Baltic Sea.
  • Kotor in Montenegro with its cliffs, blue-blue sea and medieval buildings.

Recommendation: It is best to go on trips on your own, but be well prepared: by choosing air tickets on the website of Aviasales and by booking hotels online in Bucking. It is necessary to take into account that in recent times many travel agencies have gone bankrupt (even leading ones), who could not only send their clients to a long-awaited vacation, but did not return the money either. Agree, there is something to think about. And if you have never traveled without a travel agency, then read about how my friend Sveta first traveled to Montenegro on her own.

Where to go on a romantic trip for months

And now I’ll tell you about where to go for a holiday on your wedding anniversary or honeymoon, depending on what time of year your family holiday falls.

  • AT January – do not believe it, but this cold month in front of you is open all of Southeast Asia – Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines. And, of course, the Maldives. The main thing is to choose the right hotel in advance so that you can guess the prices and find a cozy place for a romantic getaway where there are no crowds.
  • AT February It is best to go where the Chinese do not go, because they are noisy celebrating their Chinese New Year around the world. If you are thinking about in the Maldives, then before booking the best hotels, read carefully on Bucking reviews. Or you can fly to the Caribbean, for example, in the Dominican Republic, Cuba, the Bahamas or Mexico.
  • March best suited for two countries – Sri Lanka and the Maldives. Another good fit the UAE.
  • April You can spend a romantic in New York, when there in Sakura blooms in Central Park. In Israel at this time is also quite good: it is not hot at sea and in the desert, and it is not cold in the mountains. And residents of the Asian part of Russia can also try to go to the all-Chinese resort on Hainan Island.
  • May Ideal for traveling to European cities such as Paris, Rome, Milan or traveling in Ireland. And on the sea you can go to the Seychelles, where the cool season begins, and to Bali. For the sake of the exotic you can go to Morocco, to Agadir.
  • As I said, a month June Perfect for visiting Hawaii and Miami. It is best to go to Europe at this time to the Greek islands and to Croatia.
  • July everywhere will be crowded, but why not take a chance and go to Spain, to the beaches of Italy and Greece? For lovers of the north, I recommend Norway and Iceland! And for those who want to avoid the crowds, I recommend the Azores in Portugal with their amazing landscapes.
  • AT august You can continue to relax in the European resorts, despite the crowded, as well as recall the Maldives and the eastern coast of Sri Lanka. And also do not forget about Bulgaria.
  • Very romantic to hold September in trips to US national parks in the west of the country, among unusual geological formations or among the mountains of Apalacha buried in gold. Back in September, Turkey and Portugal are attractive.
  • October Israel returns to the cage again, you can continue to relax in Turkey or go across the ocean to the Dominican Republic and the beaches of Cuba.
  • November – this is again the Maldives, Thailand and amazing Jamaica!
  • December – continuation of the South-Eastern and Maldivian fairy tales, as well as in the winter it is good to rest near the Red Sea in Eilat (Israel). And you can try Brazil! But because of the New Year holidays, it is better to take care of booking the hotel and buying air tickets in advance.

To celebrate your wedding anniversary, you can choose any place on Earth.

Where to go to Oregon

Karelia has its own severe northern beauty

Places for a romantic trip to Russia

Not necessarily in the summer to go on a romantic holiday abroad. You can go on a wedding anniversary on a trip to Russia:

  • The undoubted leader of the direction is, of course, St. Petersburg
  • AT Sochi In recent years, the tourism infrastructure has been updated, and there is a lot of beautiful nature.
  • On a trip by car Golden Ring of Russia worth going lovers of outdoor activities.
  • AT Karelia amazing nature that can not leave a person indifferent.
  • Svetlogorsk on the shore of the Baltic Sea is best suited for a relaxing holiday.
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