Where the southwest flies

You can get to Sheremetyevo Airport by public transport by car or by car, depending on your time and budget. When planning a route from Moscow to Sheremetyevo Airport, many factors should be taken into account: from which district of Moscow it is necessary to get to Sheremetyevo, whether it is worth using public transport, time of departure and its financial possibilities.

Where the southwest flies

How to get to Aeroexpress

Aeroexpress is one of the fastest ways to get to the airport. The main advantage of this type of transport is punctuality. It departs from Belorussky railway station (Belorusskaya metro station) strictly according to the schedule. You can get to Sheremetyevo by Aeroexpress in 35 minutes.

Upon arrival, Aeroexpress stops in the immediate vicinity of Terminal D, so you can get to the terminal by bus to the terminal (without queues) in 10 minutes.

Aeroexpress is sent every 30 minutes. Begin walking trains in

Ticket price will cost 450 rubles. However, by installing the official Aeroexpress mobile app, you can reduce the cost to 400 rubles. You can buy tickets both at the station and online by ordering them on the official website.

How to get there by train

Aeroexpress is not the only way to get to Sheremetyevo by public transport, there are other, albeit more time-consuming, but more economical in terms of money. From Savelovsky railway station to the railway station Lobnya can be reached by train in 35 minutes, spending only 76 rubles on it.

Next, you need to transfer to bus number 21. The fare is 28 rubles., The journey time is 30 minutes. Thus, the total travel time will be about an hour, and for the money such a trip will cost a little more than 100 rubles.

How to get to Sheremetyevo by car

The airport with the capital is connected by the M-10 Leningradskoye Highway. In normal traffic, the journey takes about 40 minutes. However, you must take into account the congestion of the route, for this reason, the trip can take 2 hours. Therefore, it is better to leave in advance.

Recently opened a new road. On it to Sheremetyevo can be reached faster than usual – the highway M-11 Moscow – St. Petersburg. You can get on the expressway from the Korovinsky highway via the overpass from Taldomskaya and Festivalnaya streets, or by leaving the Moscow Ring Road at 76-77 or 78-79 kilometers. You can drive around the traditional traffic jam on the Leningradskoye Highway through the M-11, which reduces the trip time to Sheremetyevo by two to three times.

Since November 2015, this route was paid. For travel to the airport will have to pay about 100 rubles. at night (from 10 pm to 6 am), at 250 rubles. the morning and evening trips will cost (from 6 am to 10 am and from 4 pm to 10 pm) and 200 rubles. trips in the daytime (from 10 am to 4 pm). On Saturday, the fare is reduced to 100 rubles. in the morning at night and 200 rubles. Sunday fare will be the same – 100 rubles. regardless of the time of day. For those who travel often promise big discounts – up to 70%.

Where the southwest flies

Around the airport in the vicinity of the terminals there are 14 parking lots, of very different prices and comfort. Citizens with disabilities are served free of charge.

Thus, a trip by car can be quite a comfortable way to get to the airport, given that on arrival back you can also comfortably get home by car.

How to get to Sheremetyevo by public bus

You can get to Sheremetyevo by bus from the metro station River Station, Glider, and Leninsky Prospekt. Travel time is on average 50 minutes, cost about 30 rubles. Route №851 departs from the river station, from Planernaya – №817

Where the southwest flies

The main disadvantage of travel by public transport is traffic jams, and the lack of a clear timetable for the movement. As a result, the chances of being late for the flight are significantly increased, and, accordingly, by what type of transport, it is necessary to leave the house taking into account possible delays on the way. The first bus goes to

How to get by shuttle bus

Minibuses, as well as buses, depart from the station Glider (route No. 948) and River Station (route No. 949). The fare is 70 rubles.

Bus stops are located directly at the exit of the metro stations. Very often, the numbers on the shuttles are not indicated, but simply set the sign “Sheremetyevo Airport.” The ticket can be purchased directly from the driver. Without traffic, travel time is 30-50 minutes. Minibuses begin to move an hour later buses, with

To get to the airport by shuttle bus and the busiest way and also the longest.

How to get to Sheremetyevo by subway

You can’t get to Sheremetyevo airport directly by subway. You can only get to the end stations metro Planernaya or River Station, and then transfer to the bus number 817 or number 851. Getting to the airport, when using the metro and public transport, it is quite advantageous to purchase a travel ticket for 90 minutes, which allows you to use one trip on the subway and not limited to travel by public transport for 90 minutes. It will be much cheaper to travel on such a travel card, than to buy separate metro tickets for public transport. For the holders of the card “three” travel for 90 minutes will cost only 46 rubles.

It is also necessary to take into account that recently there are traffic jams not only on the roads, but also on the subway, therefore, it is not worth expecting that during rush hour you can freely run on the subway escalator so as not to be late. Traffic jams also exist in crossings between metro stations.

To Sheremetyevo by night bus

When aeroexpresses, electric trains and regular buses stop going, a night bus to Sheremetyevo, route N1, leaves for the road. It starts at one in the morning from Ozernaya Street (south-west of Moscow), travels along Leninsky Prospect to the center and then goes to Leningradka. On the way, stops at every metro station. And it costs only 29 rubles. for Troika card holders, 40 rubles. if you buy a ticket in advance and 100 rubles. if you take a ticket directly from the driver. And while coming straight to the airport. The bus leaves strictly on schedule every 30 minutes. Travel time to the final station is about 2 hours. The longest route in Moscow (56.4 km) crosses the entire city.

Important. The last bus from Ozernaya Street leaves at 5:30

In general, choose a route to your liking and wallet, but most importantly, do not be late for registration, because the next plane is more difficult to wait than the next bus.

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