Where is the island of Anna Maria

Good day, friends and guests. The fourth month of winter is coming to an end, and unfortunately, we don’t even smell warm in the morning – cold, snow and wild white icy sun. Comfort can only hot coffee and. read more »

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Spring, do not be hard on me! I’m not stupid, I just want to take a break from thoughts. They are like worms constantly moving in my head and pushing for action. And I want to stop, close my eyes and listen. read more »

Where is the island of Anna Maria

She is the teacher of the daughter of the sheikh … or the ghost of the daughter of the sheikh, especially regular and almost imperceptible. Except for one little secret. Two tiny secrets. He is an outcast in his own. read more »

Hello everyone, in the near future, I will publish a new, exciting novel. You can plunge into the world of elves and learn about the fate of two girls. Simple nurse Kate, and the elf princess. What they cook. read more »

I don’t need him anymore. My husband has disappeared. He left me, the child, and just left, leaving the papers about the divorce, all the property and the ringing emptiness in the soul, along with the hellish pain. But he vainly believes that I am. read more »

With each could this happen. It could happen to everybody, but there are still exceptions. Here they are – go along the corridor, talking about the party at which they were. About the new match of rugby players. read more »

Ida ran from fate, but landed in a mirror, fleeing. Aramista dreamed of regaining her youth, to forget about the past. Harvin, under the pressure of a mysterious order, wanted to marry, but the bride was mysterious. read more »

Attention! This novel is in preorder! What it is? The author offers you to pay for the book in advance, before the start of sales. In this case, at the time of payment you receive a part of the book from. read more »

Where is the island of Anna Maria

"Our dead will not leave us in trouble." Two moons of the Mesozoic Era. Nina Zapolskaya. The loading of the text of the new science fiction novel by Nina Zapolskaya continues in the blogs. The novel promises to be interesting. read more »

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Update from 03/29/19 – Chapter 8 From the AUTHOR: 1. You can call this the 3 part of the dilogy I repent, but I do not consider it a continuation, rather, an alternative reality, which also has a place to be. Therefore, it is not necessary to read, if you consider the dilogy logically complete. 2. This novel is written. read more »

Dedicated to my wonderful beta: Rita, Ira and Yulia. :) Chapter 1. – Miss Sutton? – the door creaked loudly, and Mildred Watkins stuck her curly head through the gap. – Letters to you. “Thank you, Miss Watkins,” I impatiently stood up, seeing the envelope with the stamp of the Worthfin Royal University. read more »

Unstable Abstract Ettalia for many centuries lives by established laws. And first of all, they are unshakable for the royal family. All rights, duties and even magical abilities of its members have long been painted. Men have theirs, women have theirs. But what about the king, if the gift of fire went to his daughter. read more »

Abstract They will meet again to say the unsaid and catch up. Sensually and hot. From insults and from the heart, as if for the last time … Prologue Looking back, grinning So many years as if a childish prank flew by without a trace, and in the heart An incomprehensible thing – fatigue. The nose did not hang. read more »

ANNOTATION. Reya-on-Rup is an adventure seeker and treasure hunter. Noble pirate, as she called herself. Freedom, sea and travel – that’s all she had dreamed of since the moment she moved to Lenar. No men, no “and they lived happily ever after.” Family hearth is for. read more »

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