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Only new! Most "hot" hits, TOP-40 2018

It is incredibly interesting to predict which toys will be the most popular in the New Year season! Let’s take a look at this and compose a rating of the best toys for the New 2018, the real blockbusters of the toy world, which will set the tone for the winter holidays and the whole 2018 year as a whole. What gifts for children will be most welcome. What do our children dream of?

TOP of the best toys is always a rather fantastic and very interesting mix, this year especially, because manufacturers are introducing new and more technological gifts.

The most popular and interesting toys include, of course, the new dolls and LEGO (this is already "timeless classics"), as well as the latest technology – controlled toys. The novelties of the world of interactive toys usually dominate in children’s wish lists for big holidays. And such innovations appeared in 2017: children will be waiting for them as a gift for the New 2018 year.

This article is not no last year "junk": only news! Most "hot" hits!

The best toys in 2018. Gifts for the New Year and not only

A complete list of the best new products is as follows:

1. Luvabella. The most modern doll for playing daughters and mothers

Spin Master’s Luvabella is an incredibly realistic doll created using the latest animation technology that allows the doll to drink milk from a bottle and fall asleep: just like a real little baby! She knows how to wave her hands, move her mouth and clap her eyes! Undoubtedly, this doll tops the list of New Year wishes for girls of all ages! If she has time to appear in Russia by the New Year, you definitely should pay your full attention to her!

2. LEGO Friends catamaran

LEGO Friends Sunshine Catamaran: solar catamaran, LEGO designer.

Take a cruise on a sunny catamaran with an open terrace, swimming pool, bridge, slide, living quarters, ride a personal water scooter or "banana". Included are 2 figures of dolphins and 3 mini Lego Girlfriends dolls. More details.

3. The collection of figures “Heroes of MARVEL 3D. Official collection »

This is the official Marvel edition, which will be published in Russia in 2018-2019. In total, the collection announced 100 Superheroes figures plus 16 special issues with toys of increased size. As befits a licensed product, the figures are of impeccable quality, careful study of details and very neat hand coloring, besides, each has an exclusive number, which confirms its uniqueness. Also included is a 16-page magazine about each of the characters, where his story, a description of friends, enemies, superpowers and equipment are collected. You can learn more about the “Heroes” series from our review.

4. Drone Airhogs DR1 Official Race

Meet the Airhogs DR1 Official Race Drone! No big holiday today can do without a good drone in the TOP ratings. This time it is this particular model!

You are in the cockpit, and you see everything happening in the first person. You can download the free app, place the smartphone in the headset, and then start piloting the drone as an unmanned racing quadrocopter, creating a professional stream from the camera. Cool!

5. Barbie Fashionistas

The line of fashionable Barbie dolls continues to grow and diversify. The company Mattel all year produces new Barbie dolls with new body types, in stylish and fashionable clothes, with different hairstyles. The doll develops before our eyes! They are so diverse that you definitely something "hooked"! Read more about the updates in this line.

From $ 10. Age 3-10 years +.

6. Racing with Mickey Mouse

Toy Mickey and the Roadster Racers: Roadster Racing.

Tune in to magical fun with Mickey, arrange a roadster race! The toy is created on the basis of the popular Disney show, the plush figure of Mickey Mouse comes to life, moving his head, waving his flag, moving his hands, saying, singing. Plus different racing sounds. Roadster performs fantastic eights, drifts, rotates 360 degrees! Arrange the race for the flag! Toddlers and preschoolers will be amazed at the victory dance of Mickey after capturing the flag!

7. Disney Cars 3 Lightning McQueen

Disney Cars 3 Lightning McQueen: amazing realistic animated car model based on the Cars-3 (read more).

This radio-controlled Lightning McQueen is created based on the Cars 3. The special suspension allows the car to move with lightning speed like a real champion. Drift in the style of Lightning, with authentic movement. Big races – drive your car to victory. Compete and hone your skills!

8. Enchants dolls

Welcome to the magical world of Enchantimals.

These dolls, the novelty are so beautiful, and they all come complete with their best friend from the animal world. These creatures are half animals, half people, they possess certain abilities and attributes of their animal friends. From rabbit and peacock to skunk and sheep, koalas and foxes!

9. Transformers: Radio-controlled Sqweeks

Transformers: The Last Knight RC Sqweeks: a toy based on Transformers: The Last Knight.

As if damaged in battle, a radio-controlled robot comes to us directly from the last Transformers movie. With sounds from the film, movements, lighting effects and phrases of the cine hero.

10. Hatchimals: Interactive and Mini

Hatchimals & new ColleGGtibles: Hachimals and new collectible line toys.

The appearance of the Hatchimals ColleGGtills minifigures is good news for anyone who loves mini-toys: this is the charming Hatchimals collection line that come in small speckled eggs. Take the egg, rub the heart on it and see who is inside. Collect wonderful figures! More details.

From $ 3 apiece. 5+.

11. Littlest Pet Shop Cruise Ship

So, you have already collected a bunch of cute little pet shop figures. You need some place to play with all these figures, right? Cruise ship LPS Cruise Ship is an excellent set to inspire creative games. Where will your dream cruise take you?

The playground opens and closes for maximum playing space, 8 cool accessories included, the set also includes several Parshop figurines (1 classic, 1 mini and 1 Teensie), as well as a list of stickers and assembly instructions. Read more about this set + TOP-9 sets LPS autumn / winter 2017.

12. Disney Descendants 2

Dolls Disney Heirs 2 are inspired by the new television film of the same name.

Fans will again see all their favorite characters, as well as new heroes, even the daughter of Ursula from the Little Mermaid! They all gather together to be among the best fashion dolls this year. More details.

13. Ultimate Voltron

Voltron Ultimate is an amazing 14-inch figure that comes with lights and sounds that create a rich, fascinating experience. Click on the Voltron button to activate the lights and sounds. He also has incredible wings and a sword for battle. A fantastic exhibit for fans of the Netflix show!

20+ phrases and sounds! Backlight, green "laser" projectile, sword! 26 points of articulation, including fully mobile wings.

14. Robot for kids, Teach n Tag Movi

Fisher Price ‘Teach n Tag Movi’: gifts for the little ones.

3 ways to play! 360 degrees of mobility! Light buttons on Movi’s head will help improve the game. See how Movi’s mood, his facial expressions, change during the game – he has 60+ different faces! This toy teaches preschoolers, develops critical thinking, encourages kids to move!

$ 55. At the age of 3-6 years.

15. DC Super Hero Girls X-Ray Vision Supergirl

The X-ray supergirl allows fans to play with the doll and its accessories, including a special locker that emphasizes its superhero origin. It all works, is activated, revealed.

A x-ray supergirl can see what’s inside! The kit includes interesting accessories to enhance the experience of the game.

16. LEGO BOOST: build, program

LEGO BOOST: programmable constructor: for those who are older. The set includes five models for assembly, including the Vernie robot, each of which can be realized by coding with the help of a free application. Robot Vernier — 27 cm tall. The set includes more than 840 Lego cubes, as well as an interactive motor, a color sensor, a distance sensor, two coded engines, an activation button for the built-in tilt and light sensor, and other add-ons that help to revitalize your models.

17. Paw Patrol Marine Patrol

Paw Patrol Sea Patroller: a new car transporter (sea patrol) based on the Paw Patrol cartoon.

With flashing lights, sounds and a removable anchor, this rescue vehicle comes with everything you need to sail on the high seas. Going on a new adventure! See the price of Paw Patrol toys: choose the best prices in different stores. Read more about this set.

18. Rubik’s Cube Transformers (Optimus Prime)

Rubik’s Crew Game: Transformers Optimus Prime. What happens when you mix a Rubik’s cube with a transformer? You get an unusual, very original puzzle. The figure with a big head, it looks like a Chinese dummy, but it gives you much more possibilities.

The head of Optimus here is actually a 2×2 Rubik’s Cube. Collectible Puzzlehead.

19. Nerf Blaster: Judge

Nerf Doomlands The Judge. Heading for a post-apocalyptic adventure. In the distant future – the year 2169 – you will need a powerful blaster to protect yourself and humanity from disaster. Doomlands Judge – the best option to save life in the world! This amazing and powerful blaster is a dream come true. This is one of the biggest blasters Nerf. Nothing will prevent you from doing justice!

20. FurReal Makers Proto Max

Proto Max is the newest toy in Hasbro’s FurReal line that can move. Proto Max is an electronic pet that children can build and then use the app to control it. Children will also be able to encode various actions of Proto.

Realistic behavior, like a real animal, sounds, interesting features. Welcome to the world of Furreal, where the dreams of your own pet come true! These charming animals need your love and care, will react to your touch or movement.

21. Disney D-Lectables, collectible series

D-Lectables – fresh, new line, collectibles, inspired by the sweet Disney characters – ice cream, milkshakes and cupcakes. Each of them is created from four interchangeable components, and it’s great that you can mix and match them with literally hundreds of different configurations! They are ideal for combining, collecting, sharing. Comes in surprise eggs. A wonderful collectible gift for sweet teeth and Disney lovers!

22. Musical bracelets SoundMoovz

SoundMoovz – wearable gadgets associated with the application, work through the connected application. These music bracelets are activated by movement. Wrist and ankle movement create beats, rhythms, music!

Move to the music, creating it yourself! More details.

23. Ravensburger Disney Castle

Ravensburger and Disney joined forces to create this magical enchanted three-dimensional Disney castle. This puzzle of more than two hundred parts is easy to assemble without glue. The assembled Disney castle looks just great, it is filled with more than 100 Disney characters (they are depicted on the castle). Of course, a stunning masterpiece!

216 parts. 3D puzzle, click connection. 216 pieces of durable material, the pieces are perfect for each other, no glue is required.

24. Beauty and the Beast, Belle Ball Gown Doll

Disney Beauty and the Beast: Belle, a charming ball gown.

A doll with a beautiful haircut, a necklace and matching shoes, accessories. Fans will love to recreate the magical moments of the film, to create their own fascinating stories with this beautiful doll.

25. Phydety: spinners and not only

The most popular novelty of 2017! So many different models that you can easily choose a souvenir gift, an excellent anti-stress toy for everyone.

This is the best anti-stress, escape from boredom, a toy for relaxation, a manual pinwheel toy that will help relieve anxiety. Suitable for adults and children over 7 years old. Section articles about fidzhetah.

26. DC Comics Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is ready for battle! Inspired by the box office hit, the film Wonder Woman, the doll looks bold and strong. Officially licensed products DC Comics. She is dressed in her unique superhero costume, which includes her truth lasso and headband. The perfect gift for Wonder Woman fans!

When the toy story opens

Various dolls are presented in the series: they are highly collectible, detailed, scale-created, 12-inch fashion dolls.

From $ 20. Age 6-10.

27. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Micro Mutants

Ninja turtles micro-mutants are a 2-in-1 car that can transform. It is compatible with 4.5-inch turtles.

The amazing thing is that this vehicle opens up to become a full-fledged command center for turtles! Inside there are many rooms and levels of the game! It’s time to clear the streets of New York!

It comes with three voiced figures of micro-mutants: this is Leonardo, Raphael, Schroeder.

28. LEGO BrickHeadz

New line of collectibles in the world of Lego – BrickHeadz. As you may have guessed, these are collectible figurines for collecting. The new line introduces Disney’s favorite franchisees, DC comics, and more! These are detailed figures that perfectly display your favorite characters, about two inches in height. The coolest thing: you can combine parts with other sets of BrickHeadz to create your own creations!

29. Barbie Dream, a doll with a horse

Barbie has always dreamed of her horse, and now she has such a horse! And you, too! The horse jumps, knows three songs, the toy has realistic sounds, it even reacts to your touch and voice with more than 30 different reactions.

Children will be fascinated by the mane and tail: hair is fluffy, they can be combed. What do you call the horse of your dreams? Let’s start this party! Today it is the most interesting Barbie horse, because it is the most interactive, the most functional of all. More about this horse.

$ 100 Age 3-7 years.

When the toy story opens

30. Board game Pie Face Sky High

Step up! Face Pie was an extremely successful Hasbro game. This novelty is the successor of the game, which received the award for the 2016 Game, Pie Face. In this latest version, we get something like a popular carnival game where players have to hit the lever with a beater that shoots up to try to decorate your face with whipped cream.

Almost a meter in height. Test your strength. Includes a base, 4 track details, a sliding disk, a pie thrower, a hand, a chin, a map, masks, 2 splash screen cards, a plastic hammer, a counter and the rules of the game.

31. Littlest Pet Shop Nests & Nooks

A charming collection in nests and secret places: look for animals! Collect all 24 animals from a small pet store: find all the nests and back streets. Figures come with rings that can be worn, putting the LPS figure on the peg of the ring. The kit also includes a base for displaying your little pet. The figures are very small, cute and charming! Gather your favorites to create your world!

32. Transformers: Knight Armor Turbo Changer Optimus

Inspired by the movie Transformers: The Last Knight, Optimus Prime Turbo Changer is an amazing figure for Transformers fans.

Incredible detail, just like in the movie. Optimus can transform from robot mode to truck mode, and it happens very quickly. Recreate your favorite epic moments from the movie! The perfect gift for Transformers fans.

33. Play-Doh Kitchen

Line Play-Doh is now sent to the kitchen. Let’s cook! The surface of the plate – with lights and hissing sounds for immersion in creative games.

Cooking fun! Place a griddle or saucepan on the stove to begin to sizzle. Throw a piece of plasticine, "food", in the pan, bring to "boil". There is a lot of plasticine in different colors, which can be supplemented with other Play-Doh jars. Includes a plate, dishes, tongs, spatula, knife, fork, 5 jars of clay. Requires 3 AA batteries (not included).

34. Laser X

The perfect high-tech game – Laser Tag! Choose a team and fight. Supports an unlimited number of players, you can play one-on-one or take over the whole area. Gain the experience of a point-like laser battle with an accuracy of hitting more than a hundred meters with Laser X! The color effects vest counts hits, and here is the blaster power indicator, which shows you when it’s time to recharge. An interactive voice trainer keeps you focused on the game. Play inside or outside, day or night – the laser arena right in your own yard! Plug in your headphones and listen to the soundtrack and sound effects.

$ 50. Age 6-15 years.

35. Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage

Super perfect garage, just unimaginable – more than ever! The garage has an elevator with a formidable gorilla that tries to knock down cars, a car wash, parking, even for a jet plane (and the plane itself!). This garage is about 30 cm larger than the previous model, it is more than a meter in height. A fantastic set for endless creative games.

Parking for more than 140 cars!

Motorized elevator can carry up to 23 cars at a time! A jet can carry two cars.

36. Crayola Fashion Superstar Designer

Set Crayola fashion superstar, perfect for fashionistas. It combines the sketches of a digital designer from the app and allows children to design their own clothes. The set includes 18 markers, 24 colored pencils, an amazing design book. The set allows you to create your own fashion, bring them to life in the application. The application allows future designers to invent outfits, place them in a magazine. Be fashionable! Choose any other products of this brand: always only positive emotions from creativity!

37. House of Santa Claus by Playmobil

The house of Santa Claus is a grandiose play set from the Playmobil trademark, allowing to be transferred to the fabulous atmosphere of the New Year. The kit includes parts for building a house and a garage, as well as a variety of gaming accessories, including home furnishings, a Christmas tree, a snowman, characters, and pets.

All accessories are removed. The head, hands of little men move.

38. Monster High Dolls

Monster High fans themselves always know what kind of doll they want. But all such look at the most interesting! Abbie Bominable Monster High’s collectible adult doll is a real masterpiece that you can take in your hands from the fall of 2017. The official release will take place on November 15, 2017, just in time for the New Year holidays. The cost of the doll is $

39. Designer kits LEGO Ninjago Movie

The release of the new film, LEGO Ninjago Movie, will accompany the appearance of new sets of the designer. Meet the novelties of the second half of 2017!

The company LEGO presented a set of new sets of designers, who are preparing to release with the film Lego Ninjago (in September 2017). Definitely, New Year’s hit with the boys!

40. LEGO City Jungle

It is impossible not to mention one more "hot" new Lego! If you are looking for exactly new items that will suit both boys and girls, this series will be the best choice by 2018.

The second half of 2017 has already arrived, and this can only mean one thing – new LEGO sets! One of the most awaited new products this year is the LEGO City Jungle series! The collection includes both inexpensive mini-sets and a huge set, so all price categories are covered.

Dolls of the Holiday Barbie 2017 line, by the New 2018

These dolls are out of our list, because they were created specifically for the New Year 2018, this is a must-have for every amateur doll.

If you like dolls, then Christmas and New Year are most pleasant to meet with Barbie. Those who like to buy New Year’s gifts in advance can purchase Holiday Barbie 2017 holiday dolls with which to celebrate 2018 in the fall. Three new dolls are ready for the holiday, each wearing a glamorous red dress with sparkling gold stars.

Brunette, brown-haired, blonde (African American, Latina and European: Nikki, Teresa and Barbie).

Choose your holiday doll! More details.

The most beautiful and interesting books

A few recommendations for those who prefer to donate books. Look at the best new products of 2017, beautiful and useful (for more information about each of the books, follow the links):

Treasures of the Earth, TOP-20: find out everything! Excellent encyclopedia, it is – the most interesting ready-made essays for the school.

Star Castle 1869, volume 1. We begin the conquest of space. The most beautiful comics of 2017, watercolor illustrations.

Alice in the land of science: a fairy tale with the Polytech. Fairy tale + physics + biology + math! Scientifically interesting!

This is how we live: we will get acquainted with 7 very different countries, we will spend one day with a child from each country!

The traps of history. This is a very unusual book that tells about the history of inventions, and you will understand: there is a time for everything!

This is more than a book. It is a story, a dream, a heritage. Roman Jules Verne Twenty thousand leagues under the sea – a recognized classic, here – with beautiful illustrations.

What toys will be popular in 2018?

Many parents and grandparents begin planning holiday gifts already in half a year, choosing the most interesting novelties in the summer and autumn. And it is quite reasonable: long before the holidays, the assortment is maximum, prices are minimal. And there is no reason to expect that something completely new will be released in the fall, because all the innovations planned by manufacturers are already shown at exhibitions in the beginning and in the middle of the year.

The most popular choice among parents this year are toys based on blockbusters, super-popular cartoons and movies. There were quite a lot of them in 2017, many of them are truly iconic, and toys based on the novelties will be in demand not only throughout 2018, but also beyond.

Want to learn about other recommendations for the New Year, the best toys? Then read:

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