When the opening of star wars

Any fan of the Star Wars universe is interested in the identity of the strongest Jedi in the universe. This article presents a dozen powerful fighters on the bright side. The distribution is made according to the character’s powers, which were mentioned in films and other materials on this Universe.

When the opening of star wars

List opening

The ranking begins with a contender for the title of the strongest Jedi named Zayn Carrick. This is not a canonical hero and is mentioned only in various legends. The guy did not have a strong connection with the Force, but he could always get in touch with any other living thing. This is proof that he has a great intimacy with Living Energy. It is because of this in the Mandalorian Wars that he was the only one who did not succumb to the strength of the dark side. The hero was not distinguished by high skill in fencing, but was able to look to the future. He used his skills only as a boon, and was therefore seen in the First Jedi Purge, and later helped to overthrow Darth Nihilus. For these merits and his abilities, he gets the tenth place.

Famous master in the franchise

A worthy contender for the title of the most powerful Jedi is Qui-Gon Jinn. These are teachers Obi-Wan, and also young Anakin. The combat abilities of the hero did not differ from other masters, but he had his own strengths. These include wisdom and discretion, which always made it possible to correctly evaluate any situation. A huge connection with the Living Force pushed the hero to travel to the most diverse places of the Galaxy. He tried to help various forms of life, although no one saw the point in such actions. The character was constantly in conflict with the Council of the community and enjoyed support among the Jedi brothers. They accepted his point of view with regard to the wisdom of the master Jinn. The man believed that power surrounds living beings everywhere and is present in almost any subject. It was the Genie who first discovered the secret of immortality, which told Yoda. Most of the service to the Order fought with the Invisible Front, was killed by Darth Mol on Naboo, as shown in the first film.

Legendary character

In eighth place is Mitra Surik, who is a worthy contender for the title of the strongest Jedi. She submitted to Revan himself and was his student in her time. When the council decided not to intervene in the Mandalorian wars, Mitra disobeyed, and later joined the revenge-seekers. During the battles, she decided to activate General Revan’s secret weapon, which was the cause of death for millions of soldiers. As a result, there was a resonance of the Force. In order to survive, the heroine broke off her connection with this energy, and then went to the Council to atone for guilt. She was expelled from the Jedi Order and she set off on a journey. Among the strengths of a woman, first of all, the possibility of copying techniques of even great masters is worth mentioning. In addition, reading the thoughts and controlling the breath of the enemy also helped in the battle. In fencing, most of the fighters could not compare with it. An important part of her abilities is the nutrition of the forces of the slain enemy, as well as the control of animals. These impressive abilities sent her to eighth place.

The heiress of the ancient race

The seventh in the TOP of the strongest Jedi has become a heroine named Satel Shan. She came from the human race, in which there were incredibly strong masters, but the girl herself became a worthy successor. With its forces during the Great Galactic War, no one could match, the imperial authorities gave a hundred million currency for her death. The character easily coped with energy absorption and telekinesis. She could stop the lightsaber with her bare hands, destroy the terrain around her with one thought, which is proof of a strong bond with the Force. Legends about her wisdom, for even the Council listened to the advice of a woman. After the conclusion of a fragile peace, Satel Shan managed to avoid war for hundreds of years. This period was called the Cold War. She was even feared by the Sith, because under the soft, good-natured character there was a great deal of determination and power. She did not fight once against the Dark Side, but no one managed to crush her. For her skills and personal qualities, she ranks seventh.

Sixth place

In the TOP of the strongest Jedi and Sith, if we talk about a later period simply can not include Anakin Skywalker. This character is known to the whole world not only to fans of the franchise, but also very far from it. He was found on Tatooine by master Jinn and Obi-Wan, who traveled the world. These events are shown in the first film in this universe. They did not want to train Anakin because of too much age, but the decision was made in favor of the boy. He was growing up and he was predicted a great fate to restore balance in the Force. For a long time there was no Jedi with such a close connection with the surrounding energy. Among his strengths was the ability to predict the future, telekinesis, control of the human mind, and so on. The guy knew how to fence well, which he proved in future fights. He fought a lot on the side of the Jedi, but the influence of the Dark Side did its job. Anakin killed his teacher Obi-Wan, than he proved to all his skill. After that, he took the title of Darth Vader, but because of the assessment of abilities as a Jedi he only gets sixth place.

First leader

The top five of the rankings opens a worthy contender for the title of the strongest Jedi in “Star Wars” Mace Windu. Viewers could meet this hero in some episodes of the first three films of the franchise, but his story is much deeper. The man held the second position in the Jedi High Council after Master Yoda. His word was considered law, and therefore there was high respect among the other members of the Order. A man deserves this with his wisdom along with combat skills. Mace Windu is considered one of the best fencers in the galaxy. He taught the martial art of many warriors, the famous bounty hunter Django Fett perished from his hand. Mace’s hand belongs to the basis of the style of fencing called vaapad, which was considered the most effective, rather difficult to master. For him, the influence of the Dark Side did not matter, he applied the methods given by her, but he himself faithfully served the Order. The hero could not lift large objects with telekinesis, but compensated for this with his lightning in melee combat, which puts him in fifth place in the rating.

Famous teacher

In the top 10 most powerful Jedi in the Star Wars universe, Obi-Wan Kenobi was not only because of his popularity. He really had in store a huge amount of a wide variety of skills. The fact of the victory over Darth Mol, who killed the master Jinna, says a lot. This is the first time in a thousand years of a Sith Jedi murder. There is no reason to doubt his swordsman’s ability, because he became a master of Soresu, the third form of lightsaber combat. The hero has always acted competently on defense, which allowed him to record the victories over Anakin Skywalker and General Grievous as assets. The hero managed to survive the Order 66 on the total cleaning of the Order. From his master, he learned the secret of immortality, which allowed Luke Skywalker to train to fight with his father. Obi-Wan has always been an excellent tactician, he was able to predict the actions of the enemy, which allowed him to receive legendary victories. His only drawback was not too strong connection with the Force, and therefore it is impossible to put him above the fourth place.

The most famous Grand Master

Many people believe that Yoda is the strongest Jedi in history, and such thoughts are not unreasonable. This is the case when it is impossible to judge skills by size. This character is a long-lived person, because he entered the council at the age of one hundred years, and received the title of Grand Master only half a thousand more. He is considered the wisest Jedi of the entire Order at different times. Yoda had a unique ability to find a connection with any living thing. With his speeches he instilled hope in the heart, which helped many young fighters. Known to all fans, the character became the first to survive Order 66. She also took into account the genie’s technique, mastered it and gained immortality. It is because of this that he appears in front of many heroes with instructions in films, games and other materials on the franchise. Yoda is the only master of all seven techniques of battles on light swords. His speed and agility developed to the maximum level, and therefore at one time he had no equal opponents.

When the opening of star wars

Luke Skywalker

Almost all the fans of the Light Side are considered the strongest Jedi of Luke Skywalker and for good reason. The guy was brought up by his uncle on Tatooine after his mother died. His father, Darth Vader, at that time had already become a thunderstorm of the Galaxy, and his bright ability to feel power was transferred to the hero. This was felt by the Jedi, who managed to escape Order 66. Yoda and Obi-Wan taught the young fighter all their knowledge. The chances of success were small due to age, but Luke was able to succeed in learning. His story is known to every Star Wars franchise fan. The true forces of this hero were at an incredible level. He also managed to master all seven techniques of the lightsaber fight, as did Yoda. Among other skills worth noting the use of lightning and powerful telekinesis. A man could easily use the deception of reason, as well as predict the future. Legends say that he brought the world to different parts of the Galaxy with his appearance and taught many young Jedi.

When the opening of star wars

First place

Luke Skywalker is not the strongest Jedi of all time just because of the existence of Revan. This hero, like Anakin, in his time went to the Dark Side, but before that he had become famous for his power. He is considered a legend, and the greatest glory he received as Supreme Commander in the Mandalore wars. He was taught from childhood, and all the masters of the Old Republic were amazed at his relationship with the Force. In addition to the standard set of skills, he skillfully planned military operations, had the knowledge of technology, could easily fly assault ships. At one time he switched to the Dark Side and managed not to lose the good qualities. This allowed him to use a wide variety of skills from two areas of the Force. Once in captivity at the Sith, he managed to subdue the will of them all, so that the Galaxy could continue to live in peace.

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