When star wars will be opened

ALPHERAC. Freedom and movement. The star now belongs to the constellation Andromeda, and earlier was part of the Pegasus constellation and retained its symbolism. The star is associated with the joy of movement. Love for speed. May be related to the struggle for freedom. This struggle may take place on a physical, intellectual or social level, depending on which planet in your map is associated with this star. You love active and unrestricted movements. You love to act in the area that the planet points to. This may be a love of physical activity when associated with Mars, or a free flight of thought when associated with Mercury, a desire for free activity in love or art when associated with Venus or a struggle to lift social restrictions with Jupiter or Saturn, or against family restrictions with the moon. In some cases, such activity can turn into stubbornness and self-will.

Alferac as a helicactic rising star. You are distinguished by the love of independence. You know how to take the necessary actions. You can make a breakthrough in your field of work, turning into what seemed like science fiction into real and practical. Try not to abuse your love for speed, especially on highways and other potentially dangerous activities.

WORLDS. Susceptibility and fertility. A star from the constellation Andromeda, symbolizing a young woman capable of giving birth to offspring. Distinctive qualities – receptivity, softness, understanding of aesthetics, beauty, art. This star worked in the horoscopes of many talented people in the field of various arts. May give views some dreaminess and idealism. The topic of finding a harmonious path in your personal or social life is relevant for you. You are open to new ideas, ready to accept innovations, but quite gently, not in a revolutionary way. You are able to listen and think how to use the received ideas and knowledge in the most creative way. You can intelligently use what you get.

Worlds as a helicactic rising star. You are very receptive and open to ideas. Perhaps some of those around you seem naive. But at the same time you are able to highlight all the best in other people. You have a certain creative talent in one or more arts.

ALTAIR. Courage and determination. The star from the constellation of the Eagle, is associated with bold and decisive action. But this does not negate humanity and concern. Perhaps you will show determination in a noble cause, you will help people. You can be ready to explore, think about new areas, discover new horizons. Physically, if the star is associated with Mars, intellectually, or, for example, you are an area of ​​feelings, relationships, and beauty, in connection with the Moon or Venus. You can have passion and beliefs, with social significance, and fight for their implementation with the courage and audacity of the Eagle. The presence of this star in your natal chart adds courage and determination. You must courageously use your power without abusing selfishness, that is, with obligatory benefit for others.

Altair as a helicactic rising star. Quickness and courage in actions is one of the important traits of your character. You are swift, you have the determination of the discoverer. You will try to conquer those peaks that were inaccessible to others. It may be physically, like a traveler or an athlete, or, for example, in mathematics or in another field, depending on the actions of other stars and planets.

Canopus. Explorer, navigator. The second brightest star in the sky is from the constellation of the ancient ship, on which, according to legend, the Argonauts swam. The star is very important. She is mentioned in many legends. But, unfortunately, it is not visible from the territory of Russia and therefore cannot be used in the horoscopes of people born in our country and other northern countries. The star symbolizes our need to learn, to open as much as possible, while there is an opportunity to do it. You can have your own particular style in art, science or other business, including ideology, government. Although, of course, the presence of a star in the map will not automatically make you a major leader. But at your level do not abuse your potential, do not turn into a dictator. There is a danger of destroying what was created before you, and in many cases it is not worth doing. The star is associated with success, but also with retribution for possible abuses on the way to this success. So you need a lot of self-control.

Canopus as a helicactic rising star. You have a lot of potential to lead and pave the way. You do not get away from the internal struggle associated with the desire for domination and the need for control. This struggle or the abuse of domination alone or only control can destroy the work that you are trying to accomplish.

Kapella. Necessity in independence. The chapel is a bright and well visible star in Russia. Symbolically, it is associated with a goat sitting on the shoulder of the Auriga. According to another legend, this is the Celtic goddess of horses, Mach. A chapel gives a caring, but freedom-loving character. You love movement and activity, speed and travel.

Your love of freedom and vigorous activity, speed will not spoil your femininity.

You will express freedom and independence in a calm, non-aggressive way. The greatest need in freedom will be expressed in the sphere, which is indicated by the planet associated with this star. If it is a Mercury, then it is in the sphere of thinking, if Vena is in relationships, if Maps has physical freedom, trips and flights, and if the Moon is in the family area.

Chapel as heliaktic rising star. In one way or another, you will struggle for freedom in opposition to a purely domestic life. You want to have a partner, have a family, but at the same time remain free to move in space and external activities. Your task is to find the optimal combination of these two topics.

ARKTUR. Dredger. The archetype symbolizes the time guard guarding the northern territory. This is a transitional figure between the hunter-gatherer and the farmer. The action symbolizes protection, learning and leadership at the same time. Leadership and protection of people in that period of life, when they choose a new life style. You can lead the way, you have the foresight and strength of mind to take the first step. A strong action in your map will indicate that you are a land prospector, a person who is destined to create a new, better life style or a new way of solving the tasks facing people. You have a new idea combined with a strong sense of human leadership. You should choose an idea that is noble, for which you are not ashamed to lead people. You are responsible for their fate on this path, you must protect the one you lead and take care of them.

The action is like a helicactic rising star. Gives you the quality of the leader. You are able to move forward, explore new areas. You can get fame as a person endowed with such abilities, either at the global level or at least in your neighborhood. What exactly this will happen depends on other indicators of your map.

SIRIUS. The flame of immortality. Cyrius is the brightest star in the sky, and accordingly its value is very large. Cirius associated with the natal chart notes a person who is meant to play a significant role. Earth can become sacred. The small action of an individual can have a big impact on the team. An individual can be brought to this group or acclaimed. This is a powerful energy that can burn you, if you do not use it, fulfilling your cosmic purpose, or vice versa, will help you to reach those levels that seem unattainable. With your own efforts, you can achieve a lot more than expected. Your action becomes a symbol, a ritual, a pointer to the path for many people. In this case, you can become a teacher, mentor, leader in any sphere, in science, religion, morality, politics, art, depending on what planet Sirius is associated with. Cirius in ancient Egypt was the basis of the calendar, so your role could be to understand, keep and maintain the highest cosmic laws in opposition to earthly current situations.

Cirius as a helical rising star. In Egypt, such a birth meant a sacred sign, you would have been destined to become a priest. Probably, and now your life role can be connected with the highest cosmic laws. The star gives you clear and honest intentions, but its energy is so strong that it is difficult to manage it. Your actions can have a very deep effect, exceeding the one you were expecting, so choose them with caution. And if the situation worsens, do not try to stop it, but try to direct it to a positive result.

Murzim.Carry a message. You often have the need to speak, carry some message. It can be both empty noise, and the announcement of an extremely important, fundamental idea. By itself, this star is not very strong, but its value can be revealed through other stars and planets. You feel that you have something to say, declare the world. You can identify yourself with information, work in the sphere of communication, communications, information media.

Mouzim as a helical rising star. Means that you can identify yourself with information, messaging, working in the information sphere.

Procyon. Short welcome opportunities. Indicates quick, but short-term opportunities to succeed. You can early experience growth in the area indicated by the planet associated with this star. Possible short-term popularity. You can develop this success, based on other stars and planets that are in your map. And the Star of Proposal warns you that you do not need to waste time, use any good opportunities for growth, achievement of goals, so that your deeds leave good memory about you.

Proportion as a helical rising star. When you are born at such a time, you should not build life plans with the expectation of success after many years, but act right away, use every good opportunity. Trying to benefit from everything right away, quickly, because then there may not be such opportunities. Did something fast, and move on to the next. Do not linger on one place and one case.

SHEDAR. Women’s power. A star from the constellation of Cassionei, a variable star. Potential to inspire respect. The archetypal pattern of the czar. Wisdom, a truly feminine style of leadership, based on mutual respect, wisdom and intuition. This applies to you to the fullest, even if you are a man. Emotional conviction, faith, mysticism are peculiar to you, try to show these qualities in a positive style. The star characterizes you as a strong person, showing dignity and inspiring respect. You can be confident in your desire to act appropriately, treat others as you would like them to treat you. Your dignity is the source of your strength.

Shedar as a helical rising star. This star can perform this role only in the tropical zone of the Earth. You have tremendous power in upholding grace and decency. You will show these qualities in a tense situation. Your sense of self-worth is associated with morality and ethics.

TOLIMAN. The desire to develop others. Star Alpha Centauri. This star is not visible from the temperature of Russia and Europe. But if you were born in the mouths or in the southern hemisphere of the Earth, then in your natal chart the presence of this star can characterize you as a healer, mentor, like the mythological centaur Khiron. You can participate in the healing of both the individual and the community, for which you can be loved. But in life you will come across in connection with this work and with difficult situations.

Toliman as a helical rising star. Only for babies born in chimneys. You can play the role of healer and mentor.

HADAR. Flour growth. The star is not visible either in Russia or in Europe, but only in tropics and in the southern hemisphere. It symbolizes the injured healer of the centaur Chiron. You are able to heal people, as well as to solve difficult issues, but on this path you will face difficulties and even rather painful problems that you should be able to resist.

Hadap as a helical rising star. Only for babies born in chimneys. It symbolizes the healer. That is, you will have to go through personal difficulties in the way of mentoring or healing, the social process.

Alderamine. Male power. Your task may be to revise the role model of male power, avoiding an aggression in its manifestation. The aggression is not consistent with the nature of planet Earth and the laws of nature, while your task is to create a balanced male energy that is in harmony with the female energy of planet Earth. So you must play an active, but not aggressive role. You need to be able to focus your energy. Benefits and success can come to you as a result of a soft decisiveness, rather than dramatic action.

MENKAR. The influence of the collective unconscious. This star indicates a strong influence of instincts and unconscious occurrences in your life. These are monsters sitting inside of us that pop up all of a sudden, seem tremendous, inescapable and destroying. You can become an explorer of the depths of the psyche, the human subconscious, you need to learn how to work with instincts, find a safe way to express them for yourself and other people. You are open to the collective in accordance with the point or planet in the natal chart, with which this star is associated. The positive use of this difficult star can be expressed in the ability to achieve something for the team. At the same time, you should take precautions to avoid becoming a victim of the collective. You can work with your dreams or other images to establish and comprehend the connection between consciousness and the unconscious.

Menkap as a helical rising star. This position means that you have a very deep connection with the team and the society as a whole, its roots, past instincts. You have a gift to do something useful for the team. There is also some danger of becoming a victim of collective action or stereotyped consciousness in some life situations.

DIADEM. The Sacrifice of a Woman The star is from the constellation Hair of Veronika. According to legend, the faithful loving wife, Veronika, brought her beautiful hair to the gods in a sacrifice to protect her husband, who led a long and dangerous military campaign. The star is associated with the feminine power, but not the power of power, but the power of love. This star does not indicate striving for fame and glory. She refers to the inconspicuous workmen, people who work hard to help others, working for the good of society, not looking for a reprimand. This star can characterize you as a self-sacrificing person who is driven by the love of others. In this self-sacrifice, man draws strength and dignity. Do not take the fatality of fatality, it is rather a quiet and long-term imperceptible victim in labor and love. In addition, the hair of Veronica can be released again.

The tiara is like a helicactic rising star. If you were born in such a period, then the story of the legend of the hair of Veronika, quiet, imperceptible, calm self-sacrifice, self-denied love can become part of your life. (This star may not be used as a helicactic one due to its low brightness).

ALFECA. Presentation of crowns. The star is associated with the symbolism of the female corona – quiet achievements, and the planet associated with the star will indicate their area. It is possible to move along a social scale, but for a certain price. So you have a choice between calm accomplishments at your social level and a jerk at the top, but then you are threatened with danger and suffering. For the crown there is a great price. In this case, you need to beware of disaster. In a certain life situation, you may be asked to change your social status or position in society. This movement is most likely due to luck or love, and not by hard work. You need to think about this proposal, because if you receive it, you may have to face difficulties or fights, the darkness of the year.

Alfeka as a helicactic rising star. You can get to a gift of ability or opportunity, the acquisition of which is associated with sorrow and difficulties as a payment for social takeoff. So decide whether to take it and look at other stars associated with the natal chart to evaluate other possible paths.

Alces. Carrying something valuable. This star has a soft and calm expression. You can be attributed to spiritual, mystical and prophetic natures. You carry something symbolically valuable to others. Often meets in the cards of ministers of religion. You can feel a strong grouping, look for deep connections with the group. For your team, you can play the role of a receiver or vessel, for example, share experiences, provide psychological support, have religious or very spiritual views.

Alkes as heliaktic rising star. If you were born in such a period, the spiritual side of life will be important to you. You can carry something valuable for others. Your ideas, creativity and other aspects of life are integrated into your group, are valuable to it. (Due to the low brightness, this star may not be used as a helicactic).

Acrux. Doing things. This star in almost all countries of the northern hemisphere, including in Russia, is not visible. But if you were born near the equator or in the southern hemisphere, this star may be associated with your natal chart. Then it is connected with the concrete physical world, the need to earn a living, with the actualization of the human potential. You will try to express yourself practically. You are a creator, a man who brings his case to the end, to the material result.

Acrax as a helical rising star. Only near the equator. If Acrax occupied such a position when you were born, then you belong to the creators, know how to implement ideas, get a concrete material result.

DENEB ADIJ. Readiness for awareness. The brightest star in the constellation Cygnus. Its symbolism is associated with this bird, which strongly and even fiercely protects its space. Swan is associated with ancient legends about the creation of life through the World Egg. For you may be close to the theme of the protection of family and motherhood. It is necessary to explore the mystical in everyday subjects. You can be ready to make a heroic journey, both in the external world and in the depths of self-discovery. The negative side of your experiences may be increased aggressiveness in protecting yourself, your family and your values. But at the same time, this protection can be the emergence of the divine. So you have great power, and you can apply it both in hard and in spiritual form.

Deneb Adige as a helical rising star. Such a position signifies a willingness to take part in the life journey, to save and reach higher levels of self-awareness and the surrounding world. And also the readiness for the assured and unambiguous protection of their values ​​and their space, their families. What you decide to do with this available strength and willingness is up to you.

SUALOKIN. Mastery in your sphere. The star will add skill and talent in the area of ​​the planet with which it is associated. In your character, there may also be such features as playfulness, a desire to help. There may be distressing false hopes that you seduce others. This star is not strong, so more significant indicators of your life may be associated with other stars, and Sualokin only enhances their appearance.

Sualokin as helicactic rising star. If you were born in a period when this star has risen with the Sun, then you can feel confident and impartial in your surroundings. (However, this star is too weak, and it is usually not used as a helicactic).

TUBAN. Guard the treasure. The star is associated with active protection and protection. A person can gravely secure that which he considers his treasure, be it material things or his ideas, values, or something else. He is afraid of parting with it, even if things have turned into unnecessary trash, and ideas hinder creative and spiritual development. This can lead to dogmatism and loneliness. So try to control your desire to protect everything, keep it within reasonable limits. So, if a star is connected with your natal chart, remember that another person cannot be your property, and any views and concepts need to be developed and corrected. You can create and create treasures yourself, which will be preserved for a long time. You need to develop the ability to give and share. You can have a wonderful gift, and do not be afraid to use it, considering that it will be exhausted. You need to realize that the real treasure is harmless. Resist the instinct of hoarding.

Tuban as a helicactic rising star. This is only possible near the equator. In this case, your sense of individuality is associated with the search, accumulation or creation of treasures, spiritual or material.

AHERNAR. Crises. The star is not visible from the temperature of northern countries, including Russia, and therefore can be associated with your natal chart only if you were born in tropics or the southern hemisphere. The star is most often associated with common crises of nature, natural disasters. So, if it relates to your map, you need to be more careful not to fall into the zone of such disasters. The part of your life that is associated with a planet that hits the corner of the map with Achernar will be associated with a crisis, will show how you respond to critical situations. You must be able to deal effectively with acute external situations.

Achern as a helical rising star. Only in tropiki. In this case, some directions in your life will be associated with the need to deal with the crisis or its cessation. You can often deal with surprises, you can get a good crisis manager.

RAS ALGETI. Searches order. Star from the constellation Hercules, variable in luster. This constellation personifies the ancient hero Gerkla. There may be motives of worship for higher forces, gods, as well as the theme of heroism, the struggle against evil and aggression. In addition to the image of the Head, the star can be considered the personification of the natural order of things, the natural and right position of people in relation to the divine. In our modern life, it is respect for nature, care for our planet, striving for everything to be in its place. Therefore, environmental and public issues should be close to you if you have the connection of this star with your natal chart. Desire for balance and fairness in the world around us. The star indicates through the planet with which it is associated, the sense of order and accuracy and the search for this order. It is a natural need to obey the highest cosmic law or to pay respect to something higher. This can contribute to the life of a person. This may be an attachment to a specific person, a teacher. In a negative way – the worship of a personality cult or fanaticism, you need to learn to avoid these occurrences.

Ras Algeti as a helicactic rising star. Contributes to your life commitment, can mean leadership in the spiritual life. (You can not use this star in the role of helicactic).

Alfard. Subconscious emotions. The star is quite difficult. If it is connected to the planets in your natal chart, especially with Mars, then you should beware of all types of violence and other offenses. If you consciously do not control it, you can become a criminal or a victim of crime. So, instincts and emotions try to realize and find safe forms of expression for them. This may be sports, art, mysticism, other aspects of life on the edge of consciousness and subconsciousness. Instincts and mischief can beget not only dark and demonic, they can serve as a catalyst for creativity. You are dealing with very strong feelings and you need to resist the urge to strike back in anger. The best use of this energy is to focus it on some business that you can give your strength and resolve to.

Alfardd as a helical rising star. If you were born in such a period, you need to realize that your life is connected with the great Serpent, Hydra. Intense, transforming and really only now becoming conscious in the human mind, this star can sometimes show itself as evil. However, it also gives great wisdom to those who restrain their desire to strike.

VEGA. Charisma. A bright star from the constellation Lyra. The constellation is associated with the mythological musician Orpheus, who pacified even wild animals with his talent. The star represents everything artistic, talented, sublime and beautiful, full of charm. But how, for good or unseemly goals – you use your attractiveness, it depends on you. The expression of Vega strongly depends on which other stars work in your natal chart, as well as on which planets it is associated with. Vega gives you a creative, mysterious mastery, which can be used in different ways. This is a magical star, it gives to everything with which it associates, a charismatic quality.

Vega as heliaktic rising star. If you were born in the period of sunrise before the Sun of this bright star, then your personal mythology will be associated with it. It can give you fame and attractiveness or a great political gift, and your role will be to realize this gift without cheating, bringing the shade of heaven to earth.

RAS ALKHAG. Healer. The star is from the constellation Ophiuchus, which personifies the healer Esculapius, who in the sky is adjacent to the snake, which became the emblem of medicine. Questions of healing, treatment, and sometimes learning are relevant to you. If you have the appropriate other instructions of the horoscope, you can choose the profession of a doctor. Or engage in the treatment of some other issues that are important and sick for society and its individual members. You can strive to recover what is damaged. In addition to medicine, you may be interested in politics or philosophy.

Ras Alhag as a helical rising star. Myths about the great healer Aesculapius and his serpent, his wisdom are part of your life. You can use this gift and become a healer yourself. You may also need the wisdom of others to be healed.

Betelgeize. Success. This is one of the brightest stars, enters the constellation of the Orion. The mythological organization was both a heavenly hunter and other central figures of myths. To some extent in ancient cultures it can be considered the archetype of God. The influence of the star can bring great success, see also with what planet it is connected to determine this area. A planet that is in contact with it will represent the available talents and abilities that can be used for joy, success and even fame. This star brings positive results in everything that it touches. Betelgeuse represents what should be clear and strong. A person under the influence of this star can be helpful, brilliant and lucky. Success brought by this star is usually not darkened.

Betelgeuse as a helical rising star. Gives you the ability to succeed. Man possesses natural character generated by self-reliance. But, depending on the level of personal development and other indicators of the card, the success of a person can be manifested in various areas, it is theoretically possible to imagine that in negative ones too.

Rigel. Illuminator. This is the brightest star in the constellation of the Oregion, the central character of many ancient myths, their central deity. Here, the God of God serves as a patron. The active, educational side of the Orion. You are close to the concept of the progressive development for the benefit of many people. You can be a teacher and educator at your level. This star does not create a problem for you, but indicates the desire and the opportunity to learn and teach yourself, to carry knowledge to other people. The energy of this star can be expressed through a whole spectrum of values, according to the affected planet. This may be the most rigorous sciences or construction in Saturn, or work as trainers in Marse, or school teachers in Mercury, the Moon. Or writing, social activities of the enlightenment character.

Rigel as a helicactic rising star. When you are born at such a time, you will have a strong connection with the mechanism of civilization and governance in society. You will experience the need to teach and expand the strength of other people or the need to protect the established view of the world if you think it represents the best way of life. Such a need may sometimes force you to clash with non-traditional groups of people.

Bellatrix. Success with passing through the shadow. You should experience a more difficult personal growth as a price for your success. If this growth and this understanding are ignored, this star can simply mean a fall. This star indicates that you need to seriously consider your personal weaknesses, and that real success, spiritual or material, comes only in the case of personal growth. The position of the star on a certain corner of the map will indicate the period when the growth is required. You can, having dealt with your problems, then become a professional consultant, or on the contrary, solving other people’s problems will lead you to understand your own. You do not have the right and the opportunity to abuse, to do negative actions for the sake of profit or quick success, the payment for this comes at once, keeping you from the wrong path.

Bellatpiks as a helical rising star. This is a sign of success, but you always have to look at your inner demons in the face. This can become a life style, leading to the profession of a consultant or psychotherapist who helps other people deal with their personal problems. For you, the pot is instantaneous, any negative action in the midst of quick results will very soon be reversed by reality.

MARKAB. Sustainability. The Pegasus constellation, in which this star is included, symbolizes not only the heavenly horse, but also a large square in the sky, which it resembles in form. The square symbolizes materialism, sustainability, scientific outlook. This star can be considered as a saddle, a stable point that can be supported on. You have the ability to maintain stability under pressure, to be firm and stable. This can act as a limiting force or be a very valuable quality. Especially great stability will be observed in the area of ​​responsibility of the planet that is associated with this star in your map.

Maccab as a helical rising star. It gives your card solidity and reliability. This may give you leadership and the ability to handle crisis, or it may appear as a definite leadership and refusal to move in another direction or take into account other possibilities of choice.

Sheat. The love of intellectual activity. The star can symbolize intelligence, logic and thinking. Depending on the planet with which this star is associated in the natal map, it means love of intellectual pursuits and complex logical tasks. You want to think independently and you may well consider it necessary to break with the traditional philosophy and conservative thinking. Your task is to connect intuition to ordinary logic, break out of the mechanistic view of the world. Perhaps you will have to pass in life through some critical moment, after which your intellectual abilities will receive a new impetus.

Sheat as heliakticheskaya rising star. May indicate the gift or curse of genius. Your education, knowledge and use of your skill will be an important part of your personality.

MIRFAK. Young male energy. The star of the constellation of Perseus, is a young warrior, proud of his strength, his hunting and fighting abilities, his trade. In the realm of the planet connected with this star in your map, you will not listen to the wise advice or show caution. You will behave like a warrior, a young, frantic rattle. This may be your strong point or may cause you to overestimate your physical or mental abilities.

Miphak as a helicactic rising star. You identify with young male energy (regardless of your gender). You can use it in different ways: it can be a blessing from the point of view of physical vitality or it can be a hindrance because of the potential lack of consideration or the hastyness of your actions.

ALGOL. Women’s intense hit. Variable star from the constellation of Perseus. Historically it is considered one of the most difficult, even dangerous stars. This is a terrible demonic force, this is female sexual energy, something that many were afraid of, because they did not know how to understand and realize. This star contains an immense feminine suffering and strength. It should not be called evil if it is incomprehensible. Just as, for example, the power of an atom is very powerful, it can be both good and evil. Strong suffering can devour you with anger and ferocity. But if a person can hold his subconscious desire for revenge and focuses this issue on something more productive, Algol will give such a person energy of great power. Any planet touched by this star will be charged with strong, intense sexual energy, which can potentially be remarkable or, in the case of suppression, can give bursts of rage and violence.

Algol as heliaktic rising star. At such a birth, your whole being is illuminated with intensity and passion. At least this will mean that you are a person who does not tolerate injustice. Since you can control the intensity, you will meet with similar situations throughout your life. In the worst case, a disruptive action is possible, so the energy of this star requires a lot of attention.

CAPULUS. Men’s intense hit. Broken star cluster in the constellation Perseus. It symbolizes male sexual energy, focused, direct, penetrating action. Focus and passion can move into cruelty and fury. This is Perseus’ sword, the star’s energy is clear, determined, focused and frantic. You must beware of outbursts of anger and unconscious actions, since such actions can have far-reaching negative consequences. By focusing on the desired outcome, you can achieve the best results.

Fomalhaut. Humanity and poetry. Star from the constellation Southern Fish. Refers to the royal stars of Pepsia, the Strange of the South. These stars represent to some extent selected people, who need to undergo a test or a temptation, before true success is possible. Like a rocky road, on which a person must walk, not falling into the trap, not doing unseemly deeds. The star Fomalhaut personifies a person who does not keep pace with society, trying to get a prize, an achievement, a succession to overcome obstacles with the power of love. There is a shade of mysticism, a sense of magic. Such a person is characterized by high ideals and lofty dreams. Fomalgaut can endow with beautiful or perfect harmony. A person with a strong star Fomalgaut in the natal map will have to deal with the main direction of his time thinking in order to achieve these ideals. If the ideal is gracious, the person will achieve personal happiness or success for the benefit of society. However, if these ideals and dreams are dishonest in some respects, the fall will be complete. The task of people under the influence of this star is to preserve the purity of their ideals and dreams. You need to be very honest with yourself about your motives in the pursuit of a goal, and when you achieve results, it is necessary that personal glory does not become the main driving force. If confession is expected, it is important that they are not manipulated for personal proclamation. This star gives a poetic mind, you can be like a child, enchanted in a fairy tale, from which it is difficult to return to the real physical world. Beware of a sweet escape from reality, for example, with the help of drugs. This is a very strong star that has a huge impact on your life.

Fomalhaut as a helical rising star. When you are born at such a time, you will be filled with ideals and mysticism. Dreams, ideals in combination with your life force promise much, if you are not consciously looking for fame.

Dubhe. Calm power. Star from the constellation Ursa Major. Personifies the ancient goddess. In some myths it is Artemida, in other Callisto. She can really overcome everything, but her strength is more connected with intuition than with physical pressure, it is a calm, somewhat passive force. The star associated with the natal chart gives you perseverance and endurance. Your strength lies more in femininity, the principle of Yin, regardless of your gender, than in any actions that you can undertake. This is the sacred energy of caring mother. But she may be angry if her position is threatened. Your greatest strength lies rather in the position that you occupy, than in the actions that you undertake.

Dubhe as heliaktic rising star. In Russia and the northern countries its position is impossible. When you are born in the cliffs, the star will indicate that your sense of individuality is connected to the concept of calm power.

POLAR. It is impossible to use it in astrology, since absolutely all people born in the northern hemisphere have this star in a climax, and from the southern hemisphere it is never visible.

FACT. The study is not applied to the water table. Star from the constellation Pigeon. The symbolism here is the search for adversity. Attempts to investigate the unknown. You will be interested in discoveries and knowledge of the unknown, you will be able to make some kind of discovery yourself. You are ready to set off on a journey through unknown paths. This may be a bad risk if the star is associated with Mapsom, or an intellectual exploration, in conjunction with Mercury.

ANKA. The offense of transference, transformation. The star from the constellation Phoenix, in Russia is visible only in the southern areas. The star associated with the natal chart brings a sense of transmutation, the offense of limits. First of all, in the sphere of the planet with which this star is connected.

HAMAL. Follow your path. A strong star of independence and action. Strengthens any planet associated with it. It has the shade of the zodiacal sign of Aries – resoluteness, impulsivity, independence, willpower. This may occur in a positive or negative way. This may be a simple, but very useful ability to be focused and purposeful, or it may be expressed as irritability and inability to deal with the authoritative figures in the family or career. This may be a critical attitude to previous views and beliefs, rejection of them.

Gamal as heliaktic rising star. In this position, the star is strongly associated with your personality. You will be very focused, will have the motivation and preference to act and think in a way that distinguishes you from others. You will miss diplomacy, you can be a strong leader or tyrant. You can become an expression of human desire for research, development.

ALDEBARAN. Strong integrity. A bright star from the constellation Taurus, one of the royal stars of Pepsia, a stripe of the East. Personalizes the integrity of moral principles and goals. Connects the material and divine world. Brings holiness to the earthly, physical. The star gives a powerful force, but only in the case of purity and honesty. It gives an opportunity to achieve fame, success and happiness, but only if the certain temptation is overcome. This challenge concerns integrity and honor. Greatness can be achieved, but the person will be challenged regarding this very integrity and purity of his thoughts and actions. If he fails to pass this check, he loses everything. The presence of the star Aldebran in the map indicates that you will have to face the moral dilemmas that will challenge your integrity. You will have the opportunity to achieve success. However, there will be a temptation to risk risking one’s position, to go against one’s integrity. You need to be aware that any compromise of your integrity and integrity will have negative consequences and everything that has been achieved can be very quickly lost.

Aldebaran as a heliactic rising star. You are characterized by strong principles and moral convictions. These principles are an essential part of your success, but they will be challenged. You will have to struggle to preserve the purity of what you believe, shaken integrity can lead to a quick loss of your position.

NATH. Weapons in various senses or struggle against it. The star marks the tip of the horn of Taurus, sharp attacks. It can symbolize the power of a bull, a terrible weapon, potentially destructive craftsmanship, which can be used to destroy or give life. With such a star, you can also become a warrior for peace, against the use of weapons. Consider also the planet with which the star is connected, in order to understand what kind of weapons are meant. This can be a real real weapon, or, for example, a sharp tongue that you learn to use or keep.

Nath as a helical rising star. With such a birth, all questions of arms, war, and peace will be related to your individuality. In a positive expression, you can energetically fight for peace.

Altsia. Internal vision, as well as problems of condemnation. A star from the Pleiades cluster in the constellation Taurus. Associated with the search for internal vision and the third eye, and sometimes with problems with eyesight, we checked our eyes in stars in such misty clusters earlier. Mythologically, this star is associated with making the prince a dead, bringing ruthlessness into communication with those who do not meet the necessary requirements, this is the potential of ruthlessness and anger. In our time, when epochs, faiths, ideological concepts change, this may be especially relevant. Provocative and condemning energy. A sense of vision and understanding will flow through the planet with which it is associated. You should avoid the haste of judgment or the narrow-mindedness leading to blindness to the obvious. You have the potential for real understanding and intuition, so it is important that you do not use it to make harsh judgments.

Alcyone as a helicactic rising star. Strong spiritual abilities are associated with the card. Your sense of individuality is interwoven with apristic, clairvoyant, but judgmental characteristics.

CASTOR. Intellectual writer. One of the two bright stars of the Gemini constellation. If it is connected with the map, it means that you will have to face in life and work with different polarities. Associated with writing or successful writing. Overcoming contiguity, connection of energy. In each polarity you will look for the bright side of the situation, moving away from the dark side of any question. You will approach many dualistic, two-sided questions from the standpoint of logic, intelligence in opposition to feelings and emotions.

Castop as a helical rising star. In this position, the star forms your individuality in such a way that you will have to travel through the valley of polarities. You have a strong need to search for information, mix it and add to your beliefs. You are drawn to the study of polarities.

POLLUX. Emotional writer. One of the two bright stars of the Gemini constellation. You will often come across in life with dilemmas and polarities, issues that have two sides. You should be able to combine light and dark energy, to overcome the conflict of good and evil, to avoid their opposition. You will look at the problem first of all from its dark side and look for the positive in the dark, and you will also see the negative in what is considered to be the light side. You can be a writer, create and compose, successfully search for information. You will approach dualistic, polar issues from the standpoint of feelings, emotions, humanity in opposition to pure intelligence, logic and numbers.

Pollux as a helicactic rising star. In this position, the star forms your individuality in such a way that you will have to travel through the valley of polarities. You have a strong need to search for information, connect it and add to your views and beliefs. You are attracted to the study of duality and opposites.

ALCHENA. Strong beliefs. Symbolism is a proud mapping star. Or a god touching the Earth. In this regard, the star may be related to foot injuries. It also means disobedience, disobedience to the system, the order of things. New standards and new approaches that are solved by the old problems that could not be resolved before. To have this star in the map means to deal with which you will firmly follow, or the conviction that you are decisively speaking about. This march can sometimes be painful, but the difficulties that it causes are minor compared to the goals you wish to achieve. These goals may have a physical expression or relate to the intellectual sphere, depending on the planets with which the star is connected in the map.

Alhena as a helicactic rising star. Your personality is connected with energy of resilience and pride. You will be very focused and energetic and can achieve a lot. Do not darken these abilities with arrogance, as you may feel that you have a divine right to correct situations.

When star wars will be opened

ACUBENS. Love of life. The star from the constellation of Cancer bears the symbolism of the Egyptian scarab. The star will give you the opportunity to pass through difficult circumstances. Resurrection, the love of life conquers all. Persistence, energy source of life. The star quietly forms some of your spiritual positions and gives you faith in the concept of rebirth, resurrection, in a religious form or in an optimistic outlook on life. You can assist the dying or be involved in the emergence of a new life. Love of life, respect for life on a spiritual or biological level will occupy an important place in your beliefs and can be a major driving force in your life, especially if the star rises with the Sun.

REGUL. It is necessary to avoid revenge. A bright star in the constellation Leo. One of the royal stars of Percy, Northern Strait. You can achieve great success, but only when faced with a certain inevitable test. In this case, it is revenge. You can achieve great success in the chosen sphere, but if you ever fall to revenge, you lose power and position in society. Regulus points to power and success, so she is active in the cards of successful people. But the higher this star raises a person, the more he must beware of revenge. Always strong and hot in its nature, this star makes its presence in the map noticeable. This is a striving for success and the potential for the realization of these strivings. In the area that the planet indicates. At the same time, the star is talking about questions of revenge, always tempting and checking the person. If, because of anger or resentment, a person begins to take revenge, then a fall occurs, a person loses everything he has achieved. This loss can be public or personal.

Regulus as a gelactic rising star. It will push you to success or advance. If this is in good agreement with the whole card, then you must make an effort, acceleration, in order to achieve this success. If this contributes to other needs, then pride for small matters can mitigate the strong reason to shine caused by this star. You have to mark high, but be aware of the danger of revenge.

DENEBOLA. On the verge of universally accepted norm. The star symbolizes the movement out of step, inconsistency with the main direction of thinking. Your life in something will go beyond the framework of the generally accepted, especially in the sphere of the planet associated with this star. Denebola also adds an unusual vision of the world. This can bring good results, lead to success. although this success is on the brink of all the foundations and principles adopted in this society at this time. Your point of view is inconsistent with the main one. This can be negative if you are prone to dictatorship, imposing your opinion on the team. It is useful for you to listen to other points of view, not to change your views, but to understand other people.

Denebola as a helicactic rising star. In this position, the star emphasizes that you will see the world not like the other. It is useful for you to listen to the opinions of other people. But at the same time, if you do not keep up with others, you can discover something new or invent, because you see the world through an unusual lens.

ZOSMA. Sacrifice. The star often marks people who are depressed and offended by the system, the authorities, the strong and the rich. The planet with which the star in your map is associated has something to do with poor circulation. This planet is associated with strongholds, perhaps because of your naivety, which allows you to make you a victim. You can compensate for this influence by helping wives and the weak, for example, as a social worker.

When star wars will be opened

Zosma as a helicactic rising star. The difficult situation, your life is intertwined with the needs of the minority or the social community. You yourself must be prepared for bad handling by the system. Your beliefs or lifestyle can put you at a disadvantage and become one of your lessons. Helping the societies of society is your task.

SPICA. Yes, gift. An ear of wheat that is held in the hands of the goddess Virgo as a reaper. It is a symbol of the divine gift to humanity. Harvest, abundance. Material products that improve our life and knowledge of how to get them. Shows the possibility of brilliance and success. The Star of Spear is a brilliant gift, hidden or obvious talent, uncommon skill and ability. People with the influence of this star seem to shine on everything with which they clash. The planet that is associated with this star in your map will show what kind of dazzle and kind of shine you have.

Spica as a helical rising star. This means that you are a gifted person, really able to give something to the world. If other indicators of the map support this, fame and even fame are waiting for you. You can and must strive to ensure that this gift is not lost for you personally or for all of humanity.

WINDEMATRIX. Collector Vinograd collection symbol. The star supports the symbolism of the Virgo constellation, the goddess reaper. The star is not very strong. However, she noted the collection of what had been sown before. You can be a collector or collector of something. You will be oriented to the action in a soft way, focused on collecting what you have planted before, to collect those things that you need or like.

Vinemathpics as a helicactic rising star. You can best use your resources as you instinctively collect things, facts or people you need to achieve your goals. Collecting can be the main theme of your life.

DOGEN ELGENUBI. Social effects without personal gain. The star from the constellation Libra, a symbol of equality, alignment, equilibrium. You will be concerned about issues of social justice in society, and regardless of your position in it, and not for yourself, but for general harmony, balance. It gives people high ideals. Your main motive is not a personal gain. You can get involved in the reforms and resist the temptation of personal gain or power. You want to be involved in a group activity. This may be related to politics or just to be a group of interests.

Zuben Elgenubi as a helical rising star. It is very necessary to engage in public or group affairs as a refractor, but without pursuing personal moral interests, just to be fair to all. Your actions may be somehow related to the return efficiency.

DUBEN ELSHEMALI. Social effects with personal gain. A star from the constellation of Libra is related to conformations and fairness, but at the same time a person also extracts something useful for himself. In a negative way, this may be a fair interest in reforms and politics, when a person does a common business for personal success or material well-being. In a more positive case, you help other people and at the same time get yourself a certain status. Your ideas and views are more focused on practicality and expediency for yourself and others.

Zuben Elshemali as heliaktic rising star. A very strong need to engage in group and public affairs, for example, in politics. You can act as a reformator, simultaneously benefiting for yourself. You are helping a new project, and a project is helping you.

ANTARES. Need to avoid clothing. Antares is the heart of Scorpio, one of the Royal Stars of Pepsia, the West. The constellation and the star are associated with the theme of life and death. You need to use your strengths so as not to undergo self-destruction, you may face the problem of death instinct. Your natural desire to strive for success, to win as a result of your journey through the cleansing experience of life and death can make you strive for the intensity of experience, experience even where it is not required. You intentionally or unintentionally go to the extreme measures. You can expect success, but only as a result of constant testing of your efforts and honing them in the rot of experience. The planet with which Antares contacts will indicate how this energy will be expressed in your life. The danger lies in the fact that you want to go to a friend just above the excitement, and if that happens, you can lose everything that has been achieved. Antares as a helicactic rising star. In this position, the star is potentially cutter and ruthless. You need to allow yourself to be arrogant, while realizing that other people may not be as strong as they are. Your essence is that first create, and then use the human drama as a means of excitement – this is your serious problem. If this medium for excitement confuses you, then everything that has been created will be lost.

When star wars will be opened

SHARK. Attacks that entrench a person. Nebula related to vision, real or symbolic. Intuition, inner vision. The star is associated with attacks, depending on the planet, they can be physical or otherwise. You will find that you are being challenged or you are subject to disruptive gossip. This can also be a threat to your health. This star represents the sting of Scorpio, and if you are angry or you are angry, you can bring yourself a threat. Ignoring gossip and viewing a problem in clear light is the way you should follow. Attacks against you make you stronger, temper, you can withstand them.

AKUMEN. Attacks that weaken a person. Nebula, sting Scorpio. It is related to vision, health, internal vision. Your attacks and on you can be physical, verbal or otherwise, depending on the planet associated with the star. You are challenged, you gossip. If you fall into anger, irritation, perversion, then weaken yourself, your health and spirituality. You must ignore gossip and provocations and consider the problem in clear light.

RUKBAT . Stability and consistency. The star symbolizes strength, stability and hardness. For you may be close to the theme of battle, battle, sporta. In character, possible directing. But you can use the energy of this star to give yourself strength. Be ready to work with long-term goals, and not to search for the shortest path. This star is a skill, not a obstacle. The star represents an inviolable rock, which gives the qualities of consistency and stability, the ability to physically or philosophically preserve its excerpt.

Facies. Ruthlessness Barely visible foggy cluster in the constellation Streltsa. Sharp look of onions, deadly weapons. One of the most difficult and frantic celestial objects. You need to be careful not to use your strength, not paying attention to other people. You have potential dictatorial tendencies, as well as some danger of becoming a victim of aggression. So you should work with this energy, giving it a more positive expression, also based on other stars. The dark side of the star is the evil of war. Otherwise, it may mean not a diplomatic, but a successful person. The planet associated with this star in the natal map will be highly focused and energetic. You need to realize that pressure when reaching a goal can be ruthless and not reach such a level. If this is the only hard star in the map, then she can just talk about focusing on the goal. The goal governs the medium – a principle that may tempt you.

DENEB ALGEDI. Legislation. Star from the constellation of Capricornus. The symbol of the law giving and aiming for the justice of the god who is trying to civilize people. The star of the generous guru, who tries to use wisdom and knowledge to protect people and help them. This star gives you a sense of justice, the desire to be a savior. If one of the Korolev stars or the Libra star is present in your map, then the influence of this star appears more noticeably. Eagerness to help, but not through the service of the ministry, but through the leadership.

Sadamelek. Happy king. The star is associated with zhivotvornoy water, with good news. Although the star is not very strong, it means some use of energy in the sphere of the planet, with which it is connected or in the angle of the map on which it is located. Knowledge of how to overcome difficulties and find happiness. When rising with the Sun gives a great vitality.

SADALSUD. Happiest. Associated with Aquarius, happiness and good luck. It carries the life-giving vital forces, especially in the area of ​​that planet or the corner of the map with which it is associated. Especially if it rises with the sun. The star itself is not very strong, but it helps to find happiness in life. Something nice can expect you in the sphere of the planet associated with this star.

ALRISH . Bringing together. Star from the constellation Pisces. A knot connecting two Pisces in the sky. The point of contact between two areas of knowledge. You can make openings at the interfaces of sciences or other areas of human activity. The combination of various concepts for understanding and wisdom. This is a calm and soft star, indicating that you will look for different connections, consider things in a different light, the Planet associated with this star will indicate the sphere of your life, in which you will mainly look for these compounds. If a star rises with the Sun, the need to discover various connections in search of how the world is established and operates will be the main theme of your life.


Helicactic rising star. A bright star, which on a given day, rises directly in front of the Sun, announcing the dawn. It defines the strategic course for the whole life, the main directions and features of the character, the main values ​​of life.

The star in the period of passage. The energy of this star you can manage consciously. You can approach it psychologically, creatively, develop in this sphere. The star does not carry a fatalism; you can solve its tasks in a meaningful way, find the best types of its appearance.

Star in the period of the short passage. The star is in the phase of rising and staying hidden. This star acts on you in its pure form, its energy is very difficult to manage. You have to accept it as it is, necessarily using all its positive sides, then the negative ones will be softened.

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