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When we talk about travel, we immediately scroll through the head of many countries that are waiting for us and are ready to show all their best sides. Most tourists in our country go on holiday in summer and winter. For some reason, the bulk of these people try to get into the summer in the winter and in the cold winter in the summer. Very soon the New Year holidays, many of us are already planning their routes, which is why we want to fill up your list and tell about Australia and New Zealand. After reading this article, you will learn when it is better to visit these countries.

Australia and New Zealand are located in the Oceania region of the Southern Hemisphere. Being separated Tasman Sea, they are surrounded by water on all sides. Traveling in these countries, you will surely enjoy what and what to see: koalas and the culture of the aborigines of Australia and the Maori tribes, a variety of birds in New Zealand can not fail to captivate the avid tourist. Both countries offer intriguing intelligence opportunities. Everyone chooses a time to visit Australia and New Zealand, because they are beautiful at any time of the year.

Australian climate

The seasons in Australia go opposite North America and Europe. Mild spring weather lasts from September to November. Summer is the period from December to February, but at the same time the air temperature and the time of the ducks here depend on the part of the country where you are. From March to May in Australia is autumn, and the winter has captivated the month from June to August. The Lonely Planet guide notes that the climate changes dramatically if you visit the north of the country, such as places like Darwin and Cairns. This region is located within the monsoon belt and has only two seasons. Hot and humid weather conditions prevail from October to March, while flaming dry weather strikes are observed from April to September.

Australia’s peak tourist season

School holidays in Australia fall in December and January (summer months). It is during this period that the peak of the tourist season is observed in the country. Travel Guide Lonely Planet suggests avoiding travel at this time, whenever possible. Winter in Australia is also beautiful, in the cold months there is also something to do and see, and with this you will not be part of the crowd of tourists and you do not need to overpay, buying everything at inflated prices.

New Zealand climate

New Zealand also has a reverse seasonal calender due to its position in the southern hemisphere, so its four seasons almost coincide with the Australian. Queenstown and the Central Plateau, on the North Island, during the winter months (June – July) receive a large amount of snowfall, providing good conditions for skiing. In addition to consistently warm sunny summer months in December and January, travelers can expect intermittent rain throughout the year throughout the country, or even storms from the Tasman Sea and the Cook Strait.

New Zealand at the peak of the tourist season

Most holidays in the country fall between mid-December and February. Thus, guidebooks warn travelers that visiting the country at this time will cost them more, it will also be harder to find accommodation, and attractions will have to be seen in a crowd of tourists.

Australia. Verdict

Travel guides recommend visiting Northern Australia from April to August, when the airfare is lower and the weather is rather pleasant along the Great Barrier Reef.

As for trips to the southern states of Australia, it is worth remembering that during the warm summer months (January and February) you should struggle with a higher concentration of tourists.

New Zealand. Verdict

From December to February is the warmest and busiest time of the year in New Zealand. But if you are a skier, then Lonely Planet Travel Guide recommends visiting this country from June to August. In the summer, prepare your wallet for the fact that you have to pay a lot of money for everything: from the cost of air tickets to hotels and tours of New Zealand. The country is also good during the autumn season (March – April), during which the weather pleases us with warmth and a relatively small number of tourists.

When is it better to go to Australia? About the climate of the country

A little about the climate of Australia:

Australia – the most arid continent of the Earth, three-quarters of its surface has insufficient moisture. Climatic conditions on the continent are determined by its position near the equator, on both sides of the tropic. It was the hot tropical sun that caused the formation of extended deserts on the continent.

Compared to South Africa and South America, south of the equator, Australia is more “stretched” from west to east. With a weak dissection of the coastline, this leads to constantly high temperatures in the inner regions and gives the right to consider it the hottest part of the land of the southern hemisphere.

The main territory of Australia is located in three climatic zones – from subequatorial in the north, in the tropical main part, in the subtropical in the south, and the island of Tasmania is referred to by the climatologists in the temperate zone.

From December to February (in the summer of the southern hemisphere) the continent warms up strongly, especially its central parts; This is the hot season of the year.

In the area of ​​Alice Springs (the center of Australia) and in the adjacent deserts, the average daytime air temperatures are around 35-36 degrees, and on some days above +40. In winter, daytime temperatures here are almost twice as low – about +20 degrees, in the Great Victoria Desert – up to +10 degrees, in some years night frosts are possible.

In the inland areas, the flow of humid air from the north in the summer leads to the precipitation of rare rains, which, in general, have little effect. South 19-20 o. sh. no more than 300 mm of precipitation falls, and semi-deserts and deserts dominate.

On the West Coast – in Perth, the climate is somewhat milder due to the influence of the ocean – in the summer there is usually thirty-degree heat, in winter the air cools to + 18 … + 20 degrees during the day and + 6 … + 8 at night.

In the most habitable area of ​​Australia – the southeast coast, reigns Mediterranean climate type – with hot dry summers and rainy mild winters. So, in Melbourne in the summer on typical January days, the thermometer usually stays around +25 .. + 27 degrees, and in winter it drops to + 10 … + 12, at night it drops to +5.

In the coolest part of the country – on the island of Tasmania, the typical British climate reigns – in summer the daytime temperature is + 20 … + 22, in winter it is ten degrees cooler. In winter, night frosts occur, but a stable snow cover does not form here – in the whole region, snow only falls steadily on mountain tops.

Best time to visit Australia:

The best time to visit Australia depends on the type of vacation and the area in which it is planned.

When is the best time to visit New Zealand

Periods from August to October and from February to April (local spring and autumn) are best for visiting Canberra, Sydney and New South Wales with excursions, because during the summer months it can be uncomfortable because of the heat. The same periods should be recommended to European beach lovers who come here, as well as to the world-famous Queensland resorts – Goldkost and Sunny Beach.

For trips with excursion purposes, and for beach fun on the southern coast of Australia (Adelaide, Albany), in the capital of Western Australia – in Perth, on the island of Tasmania, as well as in the state of Victoria (Melbourne), the summer months are recommended – from November to February Because the climate is cooler here than in the north.

The winter months (June – August) are recommended for visiting the central regions of the country (for example, for a trip to Alice Springs), as well as Darwin, very hot and uncomfortable weather may prevail in the continental parts of Australia, and heavy precipitation may fall in the north.

The best months for surfing are the summer months (November-February), when the water temperature reaches 20-25 degrees in various areas.

The same statement holds true for diving on the southern, western and eastern coasts. On the Great Barrier Reef, the season lasts almost all year round, but the summer months are still more popular.

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When is it better to go to Australia?

Australia is not just a huge country, it is also a separate continent. The size of the mainland is very influenced by the climate of the country, because it differs in different parts of Australia. In the south and west of the country, the climate is subtropical, subequatorial – in the north, in the east – tropical marine, desert tropical – in the center.

Based on this, and also in accordance with the purpose of your trip, the preferred time for travel can vary greatly. Do not forget also that the seasons in Australia are turned upside down: when we have winter, there is summer.

Rest on the sea in Australia can be all year. September-October and April-May are considered the most popular and comfortable months. But at any other time of the year you will be delighted with the country. It is hottest in Australia in November, December and January, then the temperature is within + 20- + 30 degrees.

The center can be even hotter – about +40 degrees. The cold months are the summer months, because in this period in Australia there is a calendar winter. The average temperature is + 15- + 18 degrees.

The best time for a beach holiday in Australia is winter. It was then most pleasant to spend days on the beaches, plunging into the cool ocean waters. It is better to refrain from excursions, especially in the central region of the continent, and transfer them to spring. During this period, the temperature drops a bit and you will enjoy great weather to explore the natural and architectural wonders of Australia.

In the summer in the north of the mainland, everything is also possible to find a beach holiday, though not as hot as in winter. But what certainly can not be missed – these are ski resorts in southern Australia. Particularly interesting is the combined recreation, built on the contrast of snow-capped peaks and a velvety beach.

In the autumn it is best to visit the center of the country, the weather is very comfortable to see its sights.

You can swim almost all along the coast.

As you can see, the choice of time for traveling to Australia depends largely on what goal you set for yourself. On this continent, you can have an interesting and high quality holiday all year round. And you definitely will never forget such a trip. After all, to be almost at the edge of the world is a dream of many.

The company “Dolce Vita” wishes you to correctly determine when it is better to go to Australia, and suggests that you make your holiday cloudless and comfortable. Order a visa to Australia with us – save yourself from unpleasant business before a long-awaited trip.


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