What is the most frequently visited place on earth

Top dressing does not affect bonitet, and is not animal rescue, it is a way of cattle breeding for effective and easy slaughter.

Andrei Shalygin: Boar has been the main hunting animal for many years, not only in Russia, but also in the whole near abroad. However, in connection with the blood interests of pig farms, where pig breeding is done or the relatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, or people entrusted to them, or advisers to the president of the country. and also in connection with an absolutely proven system of biological attacks on Russia in the spread of ASF and PSD-ASF. and as a result of official events on the depopulation of wild boar in Russia, Belarus, and so on. Boar temporarily almost gone.

However, the boar, which served as the basis for the welfare of the rural huntsman, and indeed the key to the survival of many rural families, is not only vital for the Russian hinterland, but is still the main preferred trophy of the average hunter – no less than 85% of all hunters going to the beast are still going to hunt for him.

With the departure of wild boar from mass hunting and the tourist industry of Belarus, and mass hunting in Russia, they sank significantly both in mass and budget investments. The measures laid down in the Strategy for the Development of Hunting Economy 2030 for replacing wild boar with roe deer, deer and other species were based on the virtual mass appearance of aviary objects, which in the new duties of hunting users remained the only hunting objects subject to registration and, accordingly, construction, along with the hunting base. However, mass construction did not happen, they want to and are able to take from us, but to grow – no.

All the duplicity of such odious persons as, for example, the leadership of Rosokhotrybolovsoyuz, represented by citizen Aramileva and persons like her, is that they like manna from heaven advertise the activity of hunting societies for feeding wild animals, and supposedly they thereby save the wild livestock. This is such a common nonsense that everyone began to believe in it due to some incomprehensible dullness in the head. At the same time, absolutely no one looks in any textbook on zootechny where it is written clearly and clearly – fertilizing does not affect bonitet, that is, how many brooms you don’t collect and do not fill up bags of grain – this will not lead to an increase in the livestock, it will simply pull it off from a vast area habitat on a narrower, to those bases that are going to get them.

Therefore, talking about feeding you should never duped and lie to the media and stupid girls – organizing feeding of the hunting community pursues the only goal – to pull the remaining livestock to the towers and pierced access roads to continue to get into their pockets and for sale everything they supposedly feed save. They do not save anyone and nothing – they steal more effectively in the conditions of a decrease in the number of game animals and the lack of activity in their breeding.

Today Feeding, Feeding and Privada are different names for the same method of predatory prey

If this were not the case, then along with the supplementary food and the bait of the hunting farm, they would be engaged in mass breeding of hunting animals, and the feed and fuel consumption for additional feeding would be half the hunting organizations’ budget at least, but this does not happen – as well as the imaginary winter population numbers, you will not find logs for man-hours, mototrusrus and information on the purchase of such amount of fuel for delivery, punching of tracks and clearing. This is called myths and legends, or simply lies.

Hunting for a boar from a tower, hunting for a boar from an asshole, hunting for a boar from a tristend,. and so on, it is possible only if this boar itself has a place to come to a permanent place and find it to its pleasure, while tolerating certain signs of the person’s presence there. Feeding, feeding, privada – these are all completely different things. AND In 99% of cases, fertilizing grounds in Russia are not really such. However, as a bait serve everywhere. Actually, we are talking about a hitch today, so you don’t read anything substantial about a normal feeding, unless explanations – why ubiquitous "feeding grounds" in fact, it is a vulgar garden and nothing else. Accordingly, fertilizing grounds and all sorts of other swine amusements are created in advance and in great variety. And if you throw waste from the nearest animal-breeding complex on the glade – a bad thing – not tricky, then you need to organize a competent bait, and most importantly – effective, here you need to incur some mental costs, in addition to physical and material costs.

Photo Andrei Shalygin dressing and feeding of ungulates – things are completely different. Because it’s one thing to attract livestock to the site, and quite another thing is to help him feed himself. With the wrong organization of feeding – more than half of the feed will go to waste.

Even elementary – you scattered the food on the ground and just undermined it in the ground – it’s not a fact that the boar will get all this, the food will be able to reach any beast interested in it. Feed the moose – raise the feeder from the boar, feed the boar, without the frilled fodder, they will eat the adult livestock, and the young will be left without feeding.

Spreading food to a large area so that young animals can eat at the same time as adults – perhaps when there is space for it and there is no snow and underlying vegetation, which is an exception to the rule.

Therefore, it would still be necessary to include the head even in seemingly elementary things. If you want professional feeders, put car feeders with timers, pour granulated non-freezing feeds into hydro-insulated tanks, put photo recorders and monitor efficiency. Expensive? Well, then read on.

Photo by Andrey Shalygin – feeding trough for elk. Even moose troughs (and not feeding devices) need to rely on young growth.

In fact, top dressing and bait do not in any way raise bonitet, no matter how many tales we would tell. To put it in the language of the average man – how much food you don’t bring to the feeding site, the boar will not have enough breeding or feeding at all, because even at the minimum herd the cost of feed will be much higher than all likely allocations, and the selling price of the beast too.

Therefore basically prikormka and fertilizing grounds – at best, just a place for a rendezvous of a hunter and a beast, who came to the charms, in the worst case – the inhibition of livestock for shooting. Therefore, journalistic maxims that, say, huntsmen do not give animals to starve in winter, well, and shoot someone older, so that young people grow up – it’s all children’s fiction. Calculations, even of an elementary plan, show that the harvests are different from feeding in order of magnitude greater than the cost of selling not only licenses, but all services for the entire license rate. Therefore, no one anywhere on the commercial sites to feed the beast will not, but only to lure. Otherwise, the whole economy of this business is a minus.

Photo by Andrey Shalygin – when organizing feeding for ungulates, it is necessary to take into account not only the composition of the herd and the growth of the livestock, it is necessary to understand the specific features of the target livestock, as well as its feeding behavior. otherwise, more than half of the feed will simply go to waste.

Therefore, we will argue sensibly, and not fantastic categories. But privada is not a simple matter, and you cannot get by with one mixed feed. What more good ASFs will bring to yourselves, which for the most part turns out to be so, since the ASHS infects wild stock exclusively through contaminated feed. No other infection options have yet been identified throughout Russia. Of course, that feeding wild boar and ungulates is completely incompatible with other species similar in their food base. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the separation of habitats and not to arrange a bunch-little in the form of a garbage dump with agricultural waste behind the outskirts.

Corn and seeds with granulated feed on pheasant are equally desirable for a wild boar with a wonderful scent. Therefore, you need to understand – where the pheasant with a hare and a rabbit will come through the thorn bushes, but there is no wild boar, who does not like open glades in the hills without undergrowth. If the place is available to the boar, then you will not find either a hare with a rabbit or a pheasant.

Therefore, when they tell me about feeding and show some kind of feeder 3×3 meters, or show on TV a piece of hay in a manger or a bucket of grain in the meadow, – nothing but a smirk can not cause it. In the best case, this will lead to the shooting of animals, but as a rule – only a bird feeder. Which, however, is also good. Where solonets plays the role of conquests and anything else, in fact, it generally has no effect on the number of ungulates, as lizunetsy can be useful far to the east, where the beast does not have access to salty land and feed. In the European part of Russia, the animal practically has no real need for saline soils, as domestic agriculture leaves only oversalted and over-cultivated soils and crops, and acid rain makes any adsorbents including branches, bark, moss and other ungulate feeds with saturated minerals of the entire Periodic Table.

What is the most frequently visited place on earth

Feeding and feeding in the first approximation begin with a stationary capacious hayloft-feed storage, which is a seasonal supply of fodder, transported to the place where handouts are arranged in the walls, and all this is covered with a quality roof on top, is exposed on the column base from below and has a competent system of rearrangement of fodder from the central compartment to the side piles. And the stock of such a food storage facility is calculated on the basis of the calculation of the livestock accounting data with recalculation for a given indicator of bonitet. That’s when we talk about feeding or feeding. All the rest is conquests.

Even a well-constructed hoofed feeder with a target food can be completely unclaimed by animals, since they do not have access to it due to the lack of approaches and the size of the snow cover. Therefore, constructing such devices – for a start, select for them the right place, one way or another, constantly visited by animals from the beginning.

An idyllic spectacle – hogs in the winter on the feeding platform. But in order to have so much boar on your site in winter, you need to work hard even in summer.

Photo – Andrey Shalygin

Disgusting with a brake and vacuum cleaner

Boar – an unpretentious animal, not picky in food, but, often, in order to raise a healthy boar, as well as to increase the number of these wild animals in a hunting ground, it is necessary to carry out a number of biotechnical measures for feeding and keeping game.

Huntsmen and game managers strictly follow the changes in the numbers of wild boars in hunting areas. The systematic shooting of this animal requires a constant increase in the number of wild boar individuals. That is the goal guided hunters hunting, conducting comprehensive biotechnical activities.

There are few places suitable for habitat and breeding of wild boar in western Russia (marshy floodplains of rivers and streams, reed marshes, deciduous forest with developed undergrowth). To achieve a high density of wild boar in such places is one of the tasks of the organization of feeding sites. The mosaic habitat of the boar is typical for our landscape, and the capacity of the habitat for the boar habitat has its limit. Here we are trying to increase this capacity.

Do you think that you can just pour the feed and the boar will come running under the shot? No, friends. It’s fantastic. First you need to understand that all these events are a strictly scientific exercise, and it is impossible to engage in gag in this matter categorically. Only spoil everything.

For example, banks have two principles of working with the public: "To distribute" and "Vacuuming" ,, that is, as in the philosophy of Taoism – time to scatter stones and time to collect them. When to give loans to the public, and when to collect deposits. With boars all the same. Have time "To brake" (i.e., keep the boar at home), and there is time "Vacuuming".

Top-feeding encourages boar to stay in place. The increase in livestock in this case can be up to 30% compared with last year’s winter accounting. However, a large share of this increase will be knocked out by hunters and poachers,

Photo – Andrey Shalygin

In this case, you need to apply an intensive method, which is called "a vacuum cleaner" and consists in moderate feeding at the borders of the hunting farms and in oversupply feeding in the center of the territory. This leads to the fact that all boars from a radius of 50 km or even more can gather in your farm. You will shoot them, and all new new herds will join the boar rows. It is necessary to understand that in this way you do not so much dilute him as your neighbors.

Territories on which the boar never lived and theoretically should not live in their biology (North-West Russia), however, when conducting biotechnical activities associated with feeding and protection, are rather actively populated by the boar, which allows for effective hunting. Recently, more and more often there are reports that the boar has bred everywhere, and does not even allow for normal farming in the localities.

At the same time, attempts to settle in these territories the European roe, which is almost impossible to feed, did not succeed. It’s impossible to write off this only for climate change. The principle of operation of the feeding station "a vacuum cleaner" possible where the boar lives in the natural environment on their own. But, in many regions of our country, where the boar is now the usual object of hunting, it did not live at all before the beginning of the feed. A boar could appear and survive only when a person wanted it and spent time, strength, and money on it. The creation of feeding in these conditions played one of the most significant roles.

This lesson just looks pretty simple. In fact, fertilizing grounds will be equipped in the fall, feeding the boar, and creating "tracks" by which "patches" will find these same sites. ANDSometimes you even have to drag a swoop out of rotten fish so that the boars come to the right places. Sometimes they sprinkle finely shredded fried macchiu. Attracts very well, but after the rain rots and loses all its qualities. You can replace it with an oil fuz, interspersed with something from bulk feed.

Planted corn

To make such top dressing which foreign citizens will not find is almost impossible. Therefore, the arrangement of top dressing should be chosen not only on the basis of the habitat of the boar, but also for the convenience of control.

However, if you just arrange a site in the fall, it may not work out at all. The boar should be left to live in the area if it appeared there. To do this, in summer you determine the places of more or less permanent habitat for wild boar families, their day and night transitions. In the area with the greatest likelihood of wild boar habitat, in the fall, plant fertilizing fields (the area is not less than

Whatever the boar does not leave the field area, the dressing area will be equipped next to the field. The feeding area-place is equipped under a shed, where grain, potatoes, corn, apples and

If the top dressing ground is organized not far from the farmland and in sufficient transport accessibility for agricultural machinery, then it can be conveniently plowed, picked, and cleaned of grass, immediately sown and forage crops and root crops.

On the places where you will sow the top dressing field, think in advance about the places of the squat, as well as about the feed for hunting when the fields are already finished. Fields and top dressings do away from the access areas of the auto-hull (fitch) and do not forget to organize controls to prevent them from accessing the area of ​​the feeding stations.

However, one should not think that even the landing of a corn field will drastically change the situation with the boar. It was not there. Lands and their suitability for living of a certain amount of game are evaluated according to the classes of bonitet (1st class is the highest, 5th is the lowest). According to regulatory documents, fertilizing on grounds and feeders does not affect the quality of land at all!

Counted, wept. Only the sowing fields begin to influence the number of wild boars, and then if there are at least 20 hectares per 1000 hectares of land. Then the class of bonitats will increase by

Well, even if you raise a bonus class by half a point (and this is a lot), then ideally you can have


What are zootechnical measures to support the number of wild animals in hunting areas? The main and main thing – it’s feeding. Experienced hunters know that even such a hardy animal as a boar can be very difficult to get food in adverse environmental conditions (drought, extreme cold, prolonged rainfall, heavy snowfall). In order for wild boars to be “wild boars” (in the literal sense of the word) and to produce healthy and hardy offspring, forage fields are planted in the hunting farm, which are sown with grain crops. In forest belts special feeders (troughs) are erected in which grain is poured. In addition to grain crops, the boar feeding menu includes bakery products and, without fail, salt.

Salt is necessary for the normal functioning of any organism. Wild animals have enough tight, because to find salt in the forest is very difficult. Special saline soils for boars are arranged in the places of their constant feeding.

Aviary enclosures are well aware that if the boar herd is limited to even a little movement, they will sweep away the aviary to such an extent that even no grass in it will grow in a huge area.

Feeding a wild boar in certain places of the hunting ground is not only the goal of increasing the number of animals. Constant feeding “ties” the boar to one place, which greatly facilitates the subsequent process of hunting for it, because the huntsman will know for sure at what time and in what place the boar will appear.

In addition to providing additional feeding and additional watering places (in dry weather), the huntsmen of the farm also take care of the health of wild boars. Boars, like domestic pigs, are great lovers of mud. The usual diesel fuel added to the places of “bathing” of wild animals helps the boars get rid of insects – parasites living on the skin of animals, and protect themselves from annoying gadflies, mosquitoes and midges. Lying in a mud puddle interspersed with diesel fuel, the wild boar goes about its boarish business, while dirt and diesel oil, drying on its hair, turn into a kind of shell that prevents insect bites and eliminates fleas.

Boria Boria Boria.

Boar feeders: As a rule, do not have any special device. The boar takes food only from the ground, so most often the food is simply dumped onto the ground or into a hole specially dug for this purpose. Arrangement of a canopy – not necessary, if it is the usual feed, and not special (which is washed away by precipitation).

Usually in the area of ​​one bypass (12-15 thousand hectares) make 3, rarely 4 top dressing. If funds and desire allow, then the number of sites can be significantly increased – this is only "in plus". Most often, the huntsman, in order not to bother, make right there both the salt mine, and the hay for goats, and the brooms are hung, and the solar chukhalki. But it is rather to save their own strength and resources –

Grain wastes – laid out on the cleaned place with the removed sod, creating "pillow"available for tearing her nose.

For small pigs, they make a hedge that is soldered, through which adults cannot go inside and take away the food from the babies. The distance between the grids is 20-25 cm:

It is possible to pass young stock inside not only in width, but also in height of manhole. The width pass is more literate, as it skips the thin ones, but in this case you need to look at the solution "sticking". Podlazy bottom also have a lack of prolaz, for which at the very bottom fix the support log to exclude undermining and squeezing large individuals sideways.

Chushechka by grain

It is impossible to feed the boars, but to support them in a difficult time is real. Usually a couple of sacks of oats and two or three buckets of potatoes are poured out once a week. Oats are pouring not in one pile, but in several small portions at a distance of 5-8 meters one from the other. This makes it possible to feed at the same time both young animals and adults without interfering with each other. Bypassing the three fields, hunting is carried out only on two, one field remains "reserved".

Concerning "feed" livestock, then this thing is almost unreal, since such costs do not justify any livestock. An adult boar needs about 4 kg of dry food per day. Accordingly, for example, for 70 boars of Dolgolugovsky – For half a year: 180 days x 4 kg x 70 boars = 50 400 kg of dry food. Of course, we can only talk about feeding, and not about feed.

The bait is organized according to the following norms of calculation: root crops 1-1.5 kg; cereal 0.5-1.0 kg. Norms for an adult.

Periods: November 15 – December 1 – 1/4 of the recommended daily allowance; December 1 – January 1 – 1/2; January 1 – March 15, the daily rate.

Photo – Andrey Shalygin

However, there is one small "BUT". If big snow falls out for a short time, then the boars gather in large herds, break wide trails and for some time they escape. But this cannot continue throughout the winter, because of the high concentration of animals in a small area, there is a shortage of feed very quickly. This is about as if all the residents of the city suddenly began to go only to one store.

Therefore, in winter, on high snow, it is necessary to pierce trails for boars with snowmobiles, arranging for them an extensive system for bypassing several sites, as well as access to natural feeding areas. Of course, the boar will use the existing roads for transport. Therefore, they need to equip the appropriate notices and make their obezdyzy. A wild boar came out on the road – it means that he does not have enough space and conditions along the paths in the forest, or the numbers are off scale.

Boars on diesel and rotten herring

If dressing grounds work all the time, and you do not want to frighten the beast on the stern, then you need to separate the feeding and slaughter. Therefore, for shooting do individual connotations away from the feeding grounds.

Why do wild boars love diesel? As well as from rotten fish from the smell of diesel, wild boars fall into a state similar to the state of cats after valerian. This is a kind of label – like a dog to be dumped in a dead cat. Stinks a mile away, and the dog is happy. In the summer, covered with a solar film, they are saved from the gadflies, gadflies, ticks and other bloodsucking animals that attack them. The smell of solarium, in one way or another, is the background for them since birth (agricultural machinery in the fields, cars and tractors in logging, summer hayfields and

The main types of attacks for boars are made like this (from the stories of hunters). It is forbidden to do this without a well-known drainage site, without the possibility of subsequent selection of the soil, and in dry times:

Looks at the site of the intended ambush. Best on the way to the field for zhirovki. He walked around the visited field, revealed the most well-trodden paths, found the nearest watering place (maybe a small, never-ending pool). Here in this puddle and diesel fuel is poured. Do not worry, pigs always have a couple of them in stock "spare" watering places. The best thing is that the puddle, or the swamp should be smaller, but even if it is not so, it does not matter. Approximately 20 liters of diesel fuel is poured out and, to heighten the effect, 20 or more liters of oil refining (in any auto repair shop there is no problem).

I poured about such an amount on an uninterrupted 2-by-3-meter pool, but this is not strict. Pigs will wait two or three days, then pilgrimage will begin. Both singles and herds are suitable. There were such nights that the whole puddle splashed around, there was only thick liquid.

After this, it is necessary to apply water from the nearest reservoir in milk cans. If you started walking "on the puddle" in the middle of summer, they will climb up to it until the cold hits. I often just watched them splash, very funny and interesting. Meat is not necessary, let admire. There is a billman the size of "Zaporozhets", and like a kitten – on the back it swings, rubs, the paws are tied up. Very exciting and informative. After using the soil puddles need to take out.

Boars will love your solar puddle so much that they will hide in it not only from mosquitoes, but even from dogs. Dogs do not tolerate solar stinks and will not climb into such a puddle behind the boar.

On the winding

The second method is much more economical and environmentally friendly. But not less "fruitful". You take a couple of the most hefty bags (from classic burlap, nettle, hemp and

Only here, near the entrance trail, you choose a couple near growing trees (from the experience I prefer only deciduous, although my colleagues and opponents used coniferous trees). The distance from the path can be 30-50 meters. Wrap the trunks of trees near the very base (by the butt) in a circular.

Then carefully (.) Fix this strapping with wire on three or four levels. All is ready. You bring diesel fuel in plastic bottles (1 2-liter bottle per barrel), through a perforated cover, evenly apply a solarium around the barrel throughout the sackcloth (the principle of a children’s broom flasher). But even at the stage of selecting trees, I advise you to take care of a good sector of shelling (about 30 meters away, so that everything can be properly viewed).

It is possible and one tree, the smell is the same, but I do two, otherwise they begin to squabble and fight. Solarium should be updated about once every three days (in the summer it evaporates strongly). It happens so that you rub on a bag that one wire hangs and rags – replace it with a new one. Knit the bag as low as possible, otherwise the kids will not be swollen from the hand (and the beast must be respected and takes care of its convenience).

With a swoop does not work (arrived – poured solarium – slammed – left). It will take at least five days or a week before it stands at night.

Exotic, but effective and for an amateur who is a professional. It is necessary to take the eggs from the slaughtered wild boar (even better if you manage to cut it from the wild billman). Only that the boar was "unleashed" (the eggs of pigs castrated on pig farms do not give the desired effect). If you do not immediately go to "fishing"then in a package – and in the refrigerator, in the freezer will be stored as much as necessary.

Before going out to hunt, thaw the eggs to normal temperature. Shred them into relatively small pieces. Throw in some kind of container (I stuffed into two five-liter plastic bottles) and fill it with plain water (preferably well). Let this whole thing infuse for 12 hours, you can day (only not warm!).

You probably already know the paths and the places most visited by boars. On arrival at the ambush you splash some water through the bushes, along the trunks of the trees, then shake out what was once "boar’s pride".


The smell of boarish pheromones spreads quite a long distance, so the beast will suit even from the next kilometer block. Worse, when they have a tournament somewhere nearby, then not one can come, with an interval of half an hour. And henceforth, I advise you to pick up the cut eggs from the hunts, they will come in handy.

Herring, beer and pig

That wild boars are crazy about herring, perhaps, everyone knows. But only to abuse this technique is not necessary, as well as give them a lot of herring. Exclusively for the smell, and only a little. A boar is not an elk with roe deer, and a salt poisonous thing for them is a poisonous thing.

Of course, there are still a lot of ways to help wild boar, right up to the waste of beer production and the wort remaining after moonshine and churning. But to drink beer boars themselves are not their own. Therefore, I will not continue this topic here indefinitely, but I’ll stop here.

The only thing that for those who have a trailer – in the season other than winter, it is better to take the decoy pig into place – the best and most environmentally friendly decoy. In order not to go back to the place – we put a bag on the head. Everything.

Since you are going to build prikormochnye platform for a boar, do not forget about the moose with roe. Roe deer and elk can also be arranged not far from the boars, since these animals treat each other quite calmly, and it will be easier to carry food to the feeding places. Of course, boas for boars should be placed on the back side of the feeding of other ungulates.

Solontsy for elk and wild boar are radically different from each other in design and availability

So how do you work from summer and autumn, and hunt in the winter. However, let me remind you once again that primitage and even fertilizing do not raise bonitet, therefore, effectively feeding you can either reduce the population of the neighbors, or lose yours.

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