What is the best backpack

Compliments love not only women. Men also like to hear pleasant words in their address. But, of course, men are not liking the same thing as women. Men are usually praised for intelligence, strength, determination, care. In general, see for yourself!

It is important for men to know what they are praised for: appearance, mind, some act. Men appreciate concreteness. And also timeliness: it is not necessary to send enthusiastic SMS every five minutes, it is better to say what you want, once alone. No need to continuously say compliments: it pushes a man to the thought of some kind of trick.

The list of beautiful compliments to a man:

  1. Your smile makes my heart beat faster!
  2. Only you can cheer me up even on the darkest day!
  3. I just can’t believe it, but you really have no flaws: you are beautiful, charming, clever and gentle!
  4. You know so much that with you, I like to rediscover the whole world!
  5. Your positive mood is changing the world for the better!
  6. You look so smart that all men should envy you (and women – to me)!
  7. Those who say that these men are no longer there, just do not know you!
  8. So great that you can do everything!
  9. Your innate tact and this charming gallantry … you are like a prince from ancient novels. Thank you for making me your princess!

Remember: compliments must be pronounced sincerely, while looking at your hero. What was said from the heart, even the simplest kind word is valuable. After all, you yourself feel when you are praised with all your heart, and, you see, it is really nice. Men are able to feel false: when you flatter or try to achieve something with pleasant words. With loved ones it is inappropriate. Be sincere, because surely those men who surround you have a lot of advantages!

The list of compliments to the man in verses:

1. The most beloved, most dear,

I’m lucky you are next to me!

Strong, reliable, you are the leader in everything!

You are strict with others and tender together.

2. Kind, cheerful, always understand

You are the smartest and you know everything!

More like you do not happen!

You are the best – everyone knows it!

3. Brave and strong, you are my hero!

And I want to be with you forever!

4. It is impossible not to notice you:

You are the most stylish in the world!

Fashionable, beautiful, chic,

Bright as an amber stone!

5. Your eyes promise me happiness

Your voice drives away trouble.

You protect from bad weather

And you dedicate to me the victory!

With you, I’m like behind the wall:

I calmly with you, light.

And no, I will not hide from you:

With you only in the soul warm.

6. Who is so strong and so serious?

Who is so formidable with competitors?

Who understands everything?

What is the best backpack

Who provides the house?

Who is so good that just marvelous?

Who is the strongest and most sporty?

Who is generous, caring, incomparable,

Beautiful, powerful and noble?

Who does not stint on flowers?

Of course, my favorite – YOU!

7. You are wise and so loved,

You will explain everything, you will always help.

You know everything, you can!

I am glad that you are in the world.

You have done so much for me.

We are together at night, at dawn

And in gold of any day.

What is the best backpack

8. Always in a good mood.

On weekdays and on the day of birth,

You radiate positive

And you decorate the team! /

You are the best! No alternatives!

9. I feel good when we are together!

I want to live with you two hundred years!

You are bright, vigorous, energetic!

When we are together – everything is great!

10. You are beautiful, like a Greek god.

You’re smart, like a Roman philosopher.

Protect from violent alarms

You are more reliable than granite colossi.

You are reliable and kind with me

You are caring and a bit always.

I’m with you bloom like spring

For what to praise your loved ones or colleagues, you know. But what to say to a stranger? Say, a new employee or a distant relative who came for a couple of days?

But a good relationship is largely based on exactly what and how you say!

Or maybe you just have a good mood and are you ready to fill up the whole world with compliments? Fine! This is also an occasion to meet in our list of compliments.

Compliments to a stranger:

  1. You (you) have a wonderful smile!
  2. You can praise some wardrobe detail (if you really like it): a great tie! Or: cool backpack! Funny sneakers!
  3. Wonderful portfolio! The quality is immediately evident.
  4. A sincere laugh in response to a joke can also be a compliment: you pay homage to his sense of humor.
  5. Very pleased and praise for his interests: the music he listens to (an unfamiliar guy on the bus), the cucumbers he grew in his garden (a distant relative from the village) may be a computer game that you recognized from the picture on your desktop new colleague. Just do not try to comment on what you do not understand at all.

In any compliment should sound admiration. And the compliment should emphasize the exclusivity of the one to whom you say it. A sincere compliment will cheer up your man and you too!

And do you often compliment your men: a friend, husband, brother, father, grandfather, colleague?

I hope this article has been helpful to you. Try to give a compliment to your friend or relative and tell us about his reaction!

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