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Who does not hope for a miracle that one day he will be lucky and he will get incredibly rich, winning a few million in the lottery? That is why every day thousands of people buy Stoloto tickets, sometimes even spending half the salary, or even all of it. Hope for luck and a happy ticket is a good thing. However, where there is fraud, it is impossible to win a priori. At least a large amount. Yes, and with small wins, Stoloto has also been cheating too often lately, deceiving its participants even with such money as 120-180 rubles. As they say, with the world on a string, and on the caviar. Do not believe? And in vain …

What is airport security

The whole truth about Stoloto

Stoloto – is the official state organizer of lotteries in the Russian Federation. Conducts 16 different lotteries, among which the most popular are Gosloto, Sportloto and Russian Lotto. Tickets can be purchased online as well as at various points of sale. It is a monopolist of lotteries in Russia.

The most favorite game of most players is Gosloto, when you need to guess a few numbers from a number of possible ones. For example, 4 out of 20, 5 out of 36, 6 out of 45, 6 out of 49. In the ticket, the participant indicates his “lucky numbers”, and later a rally is held, during which the drum in an involuntary order throws out balls with numbers. The more matches, the greater the gain. Jackpots are crazy at all – 8-80 million rubles!

But if you look for reviews about the lottery Stoloto, you will see that most of them are negative. And not because people were just unlucky to win and their hopes of becoming millionaires crumbled, but because the organizers are now and again accused of fraud. Even with small sums here they cheat, what to speak about large ones!

Evidence of deceit Stoloto

  1. The drawing on television is not shown in real time, but by the finished recording. And this gives the possibility of fraud, when you can mount the video and show the desired result. The program, in which the data of all the tickets are entered, in a few seconds calculates the result the organizers need when no one wins large sums. And then … installation and … the jackpot is transferred to the next draw! Proof of? Compare video screenshots of two different moments of two runs – 2259,2260. The picture is completely identical – all the balls in one position! What is the probability that four times in 2 draws this can happen again? No. Oh, yes … the most important thing is that the balls are the same, their position is the same, but the numbers are different.

It happens sometimes that the gain becomes known even before the rally itself is made. And yes, the data after the drawing itself remains the same. How is this possible if random balls fall? Only if the results are predetermined, and the audience is served video, mounted according to these results.

In reality, the ticket wins, since several numbers are the same, but the site indicates that the ticket is lose-lose. Explanations of the organizers? Read for yourself:

Won millions? And to you!

Occasionally, Stoloto is pleased with the message that it was there that such and such won the jackpot or just a large prize of a couple of million rubles. News flies instantly. In the hearts of the lottery participants, the hope flashes that once someone has won such a huge amount, it means that they will certainly get lucky. We just need to continue to buy tickets and hope for a miracle. And here again the crowds run for tickets.

Yeah … sometimes some people could accidentally become one of those lucky ones, but apart from the sum with a few zeros on the screen, they never saw anything else. Already more than once scandals flared up with those who won in Stoloto millions, but remained with nothing.

Story 1.

In November 2016, a resident of Transbaikalia won 6 million rubles in Stoloto. But when trying to pick them up, it was announced to him that there was a technical failure, an error occurred, therefore his ticket was declared a lose-lose. What are 6 million ?!

History 2.

What is airport security

Retired Nina Koryagina from Dzerzhinsk Stoloto “broke off” even more. The woman won 54 million rubles on the New Year’s Eve in 2017 in the Russian Lotto. The lottery organizers confirmed the prize and promised that they would be contacted later on the issue of money. However, no one wanted to deal with the winner anymore – the phone was either constantly busy or unavailable for months. Interesting, isn’t it?

Yes, you always want to believe that someday you will be able to win the lottery and solve all your financial problems. However, if the lottery is dishonest, cheating and doing everything so that people do not win or receive the minimum amount, then the probability of a big win tends to zero. I hope the above evidence about the facts of fraud, make you think about whether it is possible to win in Stoloto or all deception. Are you ready to give your money to fraudsters for illusory hope, which simply could not come true? But some people are so excited that they spend their entire salary and even get loans for buying packs of tickets.

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