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Here we sell various interesting things: books, T-shirts with club attributes and something else. All the money goes to the club’s cash desk, for which we later organize various events, creative meetings, and business lunches. More information about some of our meetings can be found in the “Events” column, and the club’s activities are well written in “A dozen questions about the RCSS”.

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High-quality T-shirts with embroidered logo of the Russian Club in Shanghai. Price: 120 yuan each. In the presence of T-shirts in three colors: red, white, black. Four sizes are available: S, M, L, XL.

Books and magazines

China. Notes from the suitcase: sketch-novel. [Sold out]

SPb. : Tamara-Press, 2011. – 256 p.


Weekend in San Francisco

Have you ever been to China? Not? Then this book is for you. Travel notes of a person who first came to the Middle Kingdom, who happened to be here by chance, but fell in love with China with all his heart …

Or were they, after all, were they? This book is for you too. Our people in China – everything is clear and recognizable, the instant effect of presence, an unforgettable feeling of belonging.

Or maybe you are in China now? Then I understand where you got this book. Road stories and tales from a charming and witty person known in certain circles as Aqua Mar. How can I get past?

Shanghai and Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Beijing are hurrying to meet us, scattering a heap of yellowed sheets from an old travel suitcase. Ready? Then go! China is waiting for us.

Book Price delivery to Shanghai by courier 110 yuan, with fast delivery in China 120 yuan. The book can be purchased at RKSH events or at the office of the Window to China company for 90 yuan. To order, fill out the form down below.

The book “Russian in China” [Sold out]

The unique book was prepared by the Coordination Council of Compatriots in China and the Russian Club in Shanghai with the support of the Government Commission on the Affairs of Compatriots Abroad. It was first presented at the 4th conference of compatriots living in China. Download one of the chapters of the book, as well as read more about it here. Read about how the work on the book was going on in an interview with the responsible editor of the project Amir Khisamutdinov.

The book can be bought in the Russian clubs of Shanghai, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Beijing, Urumqi and Harbin. In the near future it can be bought also in San Francisco and Sydney. We will try to do everything so that the geography of distribution of the book will always expand.

Book Price delivery to Shanghai to home with a courier 170 yuan. The book can be purchased at RKSH events or at the Window to China office for 150 yuan. To order.


General edition:

Project curator:

Format: 140 × 220 mm 570 pages Offset paper Circulation 1000 copies

Weekend in San Francisco

Book “Map of Russian culture in Shanghai”

A new book by Professor Wang Zhicheng, The Map of Russian Culture in Shanghai, was published at the Shanghai Publishing House Brilliant with the support of the Russian Club in Shanghai.

This book is part of a large-scale project undertaken by the Shanghai Publishing Group of Culture and the Arts, the essence of which was the release of a whole series of books under the general logo “Map of Foreign Cultures in Shanghai”. This series has already published books on American, English, French, Russian, German, Jewish, Japanese and Korean influence, which paint a special picture of the emergence and development of manifestations of the merging of cultures from different countries of the world with the local culture, reveal the special charm of Shanghai as an international city. All these books are published in two versions – in Chinese and in the language of the people whose cultural influence this book is devoted to. The Map of Russian Culture in Shanghai was released in Chinese in May 2010. And finally, the Russian version of Professor Van’s book also appeared on the shelves of Shanghai bookstores. More information about the book can be read here.

Book Price with delivery: 75 US dollars to Russia, 60 US dollars to other countries. This book we send only abroad. To order.

Weekend in San Francisco

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