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Tired of the endless succession of viral pictures of cats, periodically diluted with hedgehogs and ferrets, the editors of Marie Claire decided to make their top-list of animals worthy of emotion.


This touching animal is a real marsupial smiley! His muzzle looks as if he is smiling all the time. Lives a miracle of nature in Australia, which, as you know, is generally rich in marsupials. And if earlier kangaroos were very popular in this country, now kvokka won the palm. It’s all about her love … for selfies. Kvokka is an extremely friendly animal, absolutely not afraid of people and gladly shoots on the most modern gadgets. And one of the Kvokk was even introduced to the Duchess of Cambridge and her spouse during their official visit to Australia. Kate even fed the smiling animal with weed.

Externally, Kvokka is very similar to kangaroo. As for the size, it is not very large. It can be compared to a domestic cat or a small dog. It has a brown-gray color, thick and short fur, a long tail. Like all marsupials, the Kvokka prefers to eat leaves and grass, and live in the shade of trees, closer to moisture.

Bearded Tamarin (Emperor Tamarin)

Tamarin is not just bearded, but also imperial. This species of monkey owes its name to its similarity with the emperor of Germany and the King of Prussia, William the Second. Not that they could not be distinguished, but the noble mustaches, at least, were almost identical. The jungle emperors dwell in the wilds of the Amazon – they prefer to hide in impassable thickets, probably to rule the world on the sly.

By the way, the main in the family of tamarins are female individuals – their nature also did not cheat their whiskers, and sometimes the gray beards of females look much more impressive than the males. As for the territories, then bearded monkeys show their royal disposition. One small group lives on a territory of thirty or even forty hectares. All strangers are surely banished. However, the imperial tamarins tolerate the neighborhood of tamarins of other species. Sometimes these South American monkeys even rally against common enemies. And it is better not to collide with the enraged imperial tamarin, because, despite its tiny size, these bearded monkeys have sharp claws, large fangs and desperate bravery. Tamarin will last fight for her cubs.

Fennec (Fennec fox)

Fennec fox is a tiny animal with huge ears and a sharp cute face. In fact, members of the canine family less than Fennec simply do not exist in the wild. At the same time, it turned out that this little foxy gets on well with the person. can be tamed, and if desired fennek can even be taught standard commands. For example, like in this video:

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Mostly fennek lives in the Sahara desert – big ears help him cope with the heat, but also contribute to a successful hunt. With such locators, the chanterelle catches the slightest rustle of intended prey – fennec feeds on insects and small vertebrates. This animal, it turns out, is completely incapable of a lonely existence – tiny foxes live in large families, in which the ruling couple is always present, which is almost impossible to overthrow from the throne.

Sonya Hazel (Common Dormouse)

Remember the famous Lewis Carroll tea party in Alice in Wonderland? There, in the teapot, sat that mouse, a dormouse – pretty to ugliness and very small. Of course, in a fairy tale, all animals acquire almost human traits, but in the meantime the representative of rodents and in real life is incredibly good-looking! In general, sony are divided into two types – mouse and protein-like. It must be said that the squirrel-shaped sonia is much prettier than the one that lives on earth. It’s all about her stunning tail, which is covered with a fluffy coat! In addition, the sleepy is very tiny – an adult individual may well fit in the human palm.

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Their habitats are: North Africa, Europe, Asia Minor, Altai, the northern regions of China and Japan, the northern parts of Scandinavia and, finally, southern Africa, where the only eponymous genus of African sony is found. It turns out that recently it was discovered that Sony of all subspecies is rapidly disappearing from the face of the earth. So, until the last little ones died out, the scientists brought the animals into the “Red Book” and now they also breed mice at home.

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