Waterproof cases for mobile phones

Are you looking for a phone case? Consider that you found it!

Vchehle online store offers a wide range of covers and other protective accessories for mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, etc. We have original products from all leading manufacturers, among which you will find the brands Nillkin, Clear-Coat, Zenus, Dreamplus, Ballistic, Mercury and many others.

Especially for your convenience, a well-designed navigation was created, which makes it possible to easily find the category of goods you are interested in, regardless of whether you are looking for a smartphone case made by a certain brand or are guided directly to the smartphone model. In any case, the desired will be found, because on the virtual shelves of our store are accessories for all mobile devices, any brand manufacturers and models of release, from the old, but still relevant models to the latest, just coming to the market.

We closely follow the trends of the mobile accessories market, regularly update our range and offer only proven, high-quality products. Using the proposed phone cases, you will increase the life of your device, improve its appearance, and when there is a desire to change it to a newer one, you can sell it more profitably due to the excellent condition of the device.

Reliable protection for the smartphone is beautiful and profitable!

Not all cases for a smartphone significantly transform its appearance, it all depends on the type of case and its functional purpose. In general, all the following categories of goods belong to the protective accessories for mobile:

  • linings, books, pockets and other form factors;
  • bumpers;
  • protective films and glass.

When choosing a case for a mobile phone, it is important to consider the existing operating experience and its potential conditions. For example, if you carry a device in your purse – its case will probably be overwritten, from which even a simple slip will save. And if you tend to drop the phone – the ideal solution would be a protective bumper. And in any case, it is best to use a protective glass for the screen and a protective film for the back panel – this way you protect your smartphone from all sides.

Waterproof cases for mobile phones

The shock-resistant and waterproof cases stand apart: they somewhat increase the dimensions of the device, but at the same time provide maximum protection. They are usually given to children and particularly dexterous adults, and also prefer to buy fans of extreme rest.

However, choosing covers for smartphones, users primarily pay attention to their appearance. Some just like how shockproof covers look massive, others feel the aesthetic pleasure of feeling a rough aluminum bumper in their hand, but most prefer linings with various prints, patterns, textures and other decorations, of which there are many variations, especially for Apple products, although smartphones from other manufacturers are not deprived of attention. So there is something to choose from!

Waterproof cases for mobile phones

We check the quality of all products personally, so we have checked covers and accessories. Regardless of your model, diagonal, whether you are interested in genuine leather, or polyurethane, or in general you do not care – you just need a universal shield for all occasions – you went to the address. In 2017, the best place to buy covers for the phone – you can not find.

➤ 【CASE FOR PHONE】: iphone, samsung, xiaomi, iphone, meizu, meizu, lenovo.

Protective accessories will be useful in relation to tablets, phablets, e-books and other devices of this kind. The reasons are exactly the same as with the phones: protection and beauty. The tablet case will ensure the safety of its case and screen, which in the case of such expensive devices is not such a trifle. Finding a good case for a tablet is somewhat more difficult than for smartphones, but in this case, manufacturers worried about users, so the range is sufficient to seriously think: “what do I want?”

The case for a mobile or tablet is a great gift that demonstrates attention and care; This is a good investment, which as a result can significantly save money in the future by buying a new device; This is an important element of the image, which willy-nilly catches the eye of others and forms your image and their perception.

Anyway, covers for tablets, smartphones and other portable devices – this is important. And we have made sure that you can fully satisfy your need for a case!

Mobile phone case as art!

You know that mobile phones are regarded not only as a means of communication, but also as an element of the formation of the “right” image in the eyes of others. That is why there are mobile phones that are created with the use of precious and heavy-duty metals and precious stones, with a high level of protection and other refinements, in fact, not necessary for average citizens.

In addition, there are customization of popular models, so that mass products, no matter how qualitative they are considered, acquire truly unique features, turning into real works of art. In fairness, some mobile phones of this kind exist in a single copy and really cause admiration, but not by the fact of their existence, but by the skill of their creators and the amazing power of creative energy directed into such a counterproductive channel.

We pay attention to similar products, as well as other interesting phenomena of this sphere in the “News” section, which is turned into a real blog. Looking there periodically, you can stay up to date with the latest trends, see a variety of cases for smartphones, laptop bags and other accessories, ranging from the most amazing, to the most interesting in technical terms. Our goal is not only to help you get a mobile phone case, but also to highlight the accessories market itself. You will not find a similar platform not that throughout Ukraine, but generally in the Russian-speaking segment of the global network.

Remember about protective glasses and films!

Just reading is very exciting, but only a properly selected protective accessories, in particular, glass and film for touchscreen, can really protect the gadget when it falls. The display is the most vulnerable part of modern portable devices, which is why its security should be given special attention. In addition, cases for smartphones in most cases leave the screen defenseless, so that when falling, with a high probability of putting into practice the “law of meanness” (the one that is about “small down”), the touch panel is often deformed. How to avoid it? Use glass and screen film.

First of all – it is glass. They are relevant for laptops, they should be glued to e-books, they are no less important for the safety of devices with a diagonal of more than 6 inches than covers for tablets. Our catalog provides a choice of a large number of variations for many models of devices, but even if for some reason you don’t see the glass suitable for your device, feel free to call and find out, perhaps it is expected tomorrow, or, say, you can “write »Especially for you from the warehouse of one of our partners. God protects the one who has been taken care of, so one should not neglect protection, all the more so that all you have to do is to show a desire to act, to give impetus.

Universal remedy with delivery throughout Ukraine

Our online store has been working for almost 10 years. During this period, we managed to sufficiently study the market and the needs of our potential customers, but everything is constantly changing, so if 5 years ago many were satisfied with typical cases for smartphones or laptop bags, today the gradation of requests has increased significantly. It is with the aim to acquaint visitors of our site with existing products that we conduct our blog, where the user will be able to choose something useful for a walk, for a trip and for a home. That is why feedback is important to us – after the request for cases for tablets has increased – their range has grown more than three times and is now regularly updated with new, relevant models. When negative feedback about the delivery time began to arrive – we radically updated the staff, so now everything works like a clock.

In addition, here you will find many useful home accessories, among which are convenient cases for tablets with a stand function, thanks to which you can watch your favorite TV series, new movies or read e-books with great convenience. In this perspective, there is no need even in a computer with a TV. But here you will find not only covers for tablets, but also various chargers, including portable and original, speakers and headphones, fitness trackers, monopods, memory cards, key rings, care products and much more. And all this at very affordable prices, anywhere in Ukraine. So we work for you and sincerely hope that our activities benefit you.

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