Warm holidays in December

Moscow on New Year’s holidays becomes especially attractive, both for Russians and for foreign tourists. These days will surely be filled with various events, permeated with a special atmosphere, so you do not want to give up the opportunity to see the city prettier and solemn because of the weather twists and turns. What is preparing the weather for the New Year for Moscow, which meets in 2019?

Weather Center informs: forecast for the end of December

The weather center gives a more or less accurate forecast regarding the weather at the end of the first month of winter – it will be slushy. Frosty days, powdered with snow, will be replaced by a more unsightly picture. 3 days before the holidays, the air masses will come into active movement, which will affect the weather. The temperature will rise to zero during the daytime, the snow will begin to melt. The arrival of the night will be marked by a slight cooling, which will invariably lead to icy conditions. With regard to precipitation, forecasts also will not please those who expected a classic winter these days – the snow will break only occasionally and will not be able to cover a populous city with festive whiteness. However, it’s also not worth waiting for the sun to appear – clouds, in a uniform canvas, will hide the sky and only some of the sun’s rays will be able to break through this gray shroud.

Warm holidays in December

Directly on a festive night, when all of Moscow comes to the festivities, the weather decides to check the citizens for the ability to love any of its whims – it will snow and rain.

Long-term forecasts are something akin to fortune-telling, even if the best specialists take on its analysis. Air masses tend to regularly change the direction of their movement, which leads to constant surprises, so it is impossible to assert something unequivocally. Analysis of the weather is mainly done on the basis of statistics for previous years.

Weather forecast: Phobos promises

Understanding how the weather conditions will develop over a large area in a given period of time is a simpler task than specifying exactly what will happen in the atmosphere over the city, albeit so gigantic as Moscow. Meanwhile, the center Phobos is trying to cope with this mission and provides fairly reliable information. December starts immediately with sub-zero temperatures, but the frosts will be insignificant. The coldest will be only a couple of nights when the thermometer shows -5 / -7 ° C. By the twentieth day even daytime temperatures will drop to -6 / -8 °. The cold front will bring a bit of snow and it will most likely remain a white carpet, only slightly melting on rare warm days.

Warm holidays in December

Immediately on the eve of the celebration, when you want so much to find yourself in a “real” winter, Phobos predicts the usual weather for Moscow. It will be characterized by:

  • daytime -3 / -4 °;
  • nocturnal -10 / -11 °;
  • sleet, possibly with rain;
  • glaze.

Warm holidays in December

A small thaw, which forecasters foretell at the time of the main night of the year, will remain in the past in early January. The light part of the day will pass at a temperature of -7 / -9 degrees, and with the arrival of twilight, these figures will completely fall to -11 °. However, frost will be transported easily, because a strong wind is not expected. Snow promises to fall, but its amount will hardly be enough to go to the park with skis – with a cover of 2-3 cm, it is impossible to ride.

Forecast from Gismeteo

Forecasts of weather forecasters may not coincide,

Regarding the weather for the New Year holidays, it will be frosty and sunny in Moscow with the advent of 2019. Of course, the sun will show its rays only for a few hours, and will not be able to melt anything, but such clear days will add positive anyway. Experts also promise for January:

  • moderate -3 / -6 ° during the daytime;
  • -10 / -12 ° C at night;
  • lack of weather anomalies;
  • snow level of 10-15 cm.

Children can safely prepare sledges and skis – there will be enough snow and it will not melt all of January.

There were very cold January days in Moscow, when people seemed to need to celebrate and have fun, but instead they had to hide in their homes and press themselves closer to heat sources.

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