Wallet over shoulder

Miniature, stylish and very comfortable, she became a constant companion of the modern woman. A small bag over the shoulder can not only complement the image, but also to place the correct accents, and in some cases even correct the figure.

Small leather bag over the shoulder: history and modernity

The first lady who got tired of carrying an uncomfortable bag with small handles was the famous Coco Chanel. It was this woman legend who made a revolution in the world of accessories and attached a chain to her small wallet. Since then, the purse bag over the shoulder changes every year, but does not go out of fashion.

Wallet over shoulder

Today, most models can be divided into frame and frameless. The most popular are rectangular, square and oval shapes. For each day, more suitable soft bags round shape with beveled corners. In the business world, it is customary to complement the attire with stricter and tougher accessories.

Many people think that a small handbag should cost a lot of money and refuse this accessory. Fortunately, today there are many models from a variety of materials at an affordable price. Of course, there are shoulder bags that are intended for publication, and their cost is usually quite high. But for every day you can choose the available options. Most often, the following models of small women’s bags across the shoulder:

  • for evening and clubs, women’s mini-bags over the shoulder, decorated with rhinestones, sequins and beads, even fur and details with "bestial" a print, often these ornaments have something in common with a decor on a dress;
  • For a business lady and more formal meetings, there are strict and concise models of mini-bags over the shoulder, most often they are made in black, golden or silver colors, and the most successful and versatile option is considered to be a small black bag over the shoulder;
  • youth small bags over the shoulder are brighter and made of inexpensive and practical materials; popular colors include blue, yellow, blue and green;
  • A women’s small shoulder bag can be romantic and extraordinary, such options are made from straw, textiles or wood.

Wallet over shoulder

How to choose and carry women’s small bags over the shoulder?

A fashion accessory can not only focus on the image, but also fully play the role of the corrector of some figure flaws. To get started, we will learn how to choose small bags over the shoulder. Miniature clutches will suit small, fragile young ladies, which will only complement the image and will not stand out from the general ensemble.

Wallet over shoulder

Girls of medium height with feminine hips should pay attention to the bright little bags over the shoulder. This should be a concise rectangular shape with rounded edges, without excess decorative ornaments. These are the models that will take over. "hit" and attract attention.

For girls with a figure "inverted triangle", owners of large breasts or massive upper body fit small women’s handbags over the shoulder with bold coloring. You need to make sure that the bag is located in the thighs and thereby visually expands them. To this end, you can try even larger models.

If the figure is athletic and there are no pronounced hips and chest, the bag should bring a touch of femininity. A small white cross-body bag with a round shape and lots of décor will make the image softer. It can be embroidery or a scattering of stones, all kinds of straps and buckles.

Most lucky girls with body type "hourglass", as they are allowed any form and model of a female small bag over the shoulder. It is enough just to competently pick it up under the clothes.

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