Volcanic eruption italy

Yellowstone Volcano, Supervolcano or Yellowstone Caldera – these are all the names of the volcano, which is located in Yellowstone National Park, in the northwestern part of Wyoming, USA. The Yellowstone volcano is not at the junction of tectonic plates, as is usually the case, but in the center of the North American plate. This is a mysterious and not yet studied “hot spot”, located in the heart of America.

Yellowstone volcano (Yellowstone) has a giant size and does not have a cone. Its upper part seemed to have slipped into a giant cavity in the bowels of the Earth. The depression formed after the dip is called the caldera (Spanish Caldera – the cauldron). This is a huge territory of a thinned crust, under which red-hot magma pulses. The size of the Yellowstone Caldera is 55 by 75 kilometers.

Yellowstone Supervolcano, USA.

According to scientists, over the past 17 million years, the Yellowstone Volcano has shown its strength more than 100 times. The last two eruptions were about 2 million and 640 thousand years ago. The new awakening of the American supervolcano was predicted by the Geological Society of America not earlier than 20 thousand years later. But, already at the end of the last century, on the basis of computer calculations, the date of the approaching catastrophe is postponed to the year 2075. However, in 2003, a group of scientists came to a new conclusion: the eruption of supervolcano can begin in the period from 2012 to 2016.

The long-time and, by all accounts, not dangerous Yellowstone volcano, on which the same-name paradise valley comfortably settled, suddenly began to show signs of activity.

The first signs of activity were new geysers. Further, seismologists have identified a significant rise of land in the national park. For twenty years, the rise of the soil was no more than 10 cm, and for the last four years – 178 cm.

The largest volcano in the world – the Yellowstone Caldera, located in Yellowstone National Park USA, according to many volcanologists, can begin to erupt at any moment.

Volcanic eruption italy

This supervolcano has not shown its power for more than 600 thousand years, and its eruption, according to American scientists, can wipe out more than half of the United States.

Nowadays, hidden from the eyes of the life of a volcano is the source of the existence of numerous hot springs and geysers in Yellowstone National Park. But, if nevertheless the eruption of the Yellowstone volcano begins, the consequences will be disastrous for the whole world. In addition to the direct loss from an eruption, such as volcanic ash falling out over a wide area, a large amount of ash will fall into the stratosphere as a result of the eruption of supervolcano, and a real “volcanic winter” can come to our whole Earth.

But there is another group of scientists-volcanologists, which argues that the very fact of the growth of the caldera is not an unambiguous signal of an imminent eruption. Caldera growth is like blowing bubbles. Its increase can be caused both by the magma growing and pressing on the caldera, and by the gases that are formed. Magma-heated hydrothermal fluids also exert strong pressure on the caldera. In the opinion of this group of scientists, whatever the cause of the growth of the caldera, this is not a sufficient signal for the imminent eruption of supervolcano. According to them, “these restless calderas constantly grow and fall. But this in itself does not mean that we should expect an early eruption. ”

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BBC. Supervolcano. The whole truth about Yellowstone

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Volcanic eruption italy

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