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New Jersey is a US state located on a vast peninsula between the Delaware and Hudson Rivers. It is called “little America.” And this is not surprising, since New Jersey is the most colorful and unusual state in the country. In this publication we will tell about the most interesting cities and sights of this part of America.

New Jersey State: Cities

  • Trenton is the state capital. The city is located on the shores of the river Delaver.
  • Newark is the largest city, the administrative center of the Essex District. It is located 30 minutes from New York.
  • Atlantic City is a popular tourist destination. The city has beautiful beaches, many hotels and entertainment centers.
  • Princeton is famous for its amazingly beautiful architecture and research university.
  • Jersey City – a major city in the state, located on the banks of the Hudson River. It is the largest industrial and commercial center of America.
  • Wilwood is a major tourist center located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. The resort has beautiful beaches, parks, entertainment centers and water parks.


New Jersey is a state where tourists come to take a break from boring everyday life. There are many interesting sights, entertainment centers and beautiful parks.

Atlantic City is considered the gaming center of America. Every gambler wants to get here. Atlantic City has many casinos. This city is one of the few places in America where gambling is legalized. In Atlantic City, everything is permeated with the spirit of excitement. It even erected a monument to “Monopoly” – the world famous game. Every year the city hosts a wide variety of festivals and shows. Basically, all the mass entertainment is concentrated on the main street, Broadwalk Hall.

Not far from Camden there is an entertainment center “Adventure-Akuarium”. The pastime here will appeal not only to adults, but also to little travelers.

In addition, family lovers should definitely visit the Prudential Center arena located in Newark.

New Jersey is a state that attracts tourists not only entertainment centers, and natural attractions.

  • Landscape Park Interstate is a great place for a family holiday on the west coast of the Hudson River. Here, in the vicinity of Newark, you will not see any high-rises, entertainment centers and expensive boutiques. In Interstate Park you can enjoy plenty of beautiful nature. In addition, this conservation area is a favorite vacation spot of American millionaires and dignitaries.
  • Liberty State Park is an amazingly beautiful place where the locals of Jersey City like to relax. From here by ferry you can reach the famous Statue of Liberty and Alice Island.

Visit New Jersey


New Jersey is a state where a lot of attractions are concentrated, which attract tourists from all over the world.

Visit New Jersey

  • Princeton University is one of America’s oldest and most popular research centers.
  • Newarkia Museum – the largest museum in the state.
  • Thomas Edison House – a museum dedicated to the works of the famous inventor, located in the town of West Orange.
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