Vision of the seas

Born under the sign of Scorpio will be very easy to learn new knowledge and skills. Horoscope for October 2018 Scorpio foreshadows active brain activity. It’s time to gain new experience, implement long-planned tasks: learning English or mastering a new specialty. Spend time comprehensive development, it is in it you need to invest all possible resources in this period of time.

Your potential is really huge, but it will take a lot of effort to use it effectively. The horoscope for October 2018 advises Scorpios: use your abilities and talents at birth. For a rational application of efforts and opportunities, go to the courses, attend master classes, new knowledge will definitely come in handy for you, and it will happen very soon. Individual lessons will be much more effective group. You can focus on them better, and the end result will be much higher.

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Vision of the seas

A good solution for Scorpio in October 2018 will be an interesting trip. But you need to fully prepare for it, collect all the documents in order to avoid disrupting the planned trip. Provide for possible difficulties in advance, be careful, and you will not have to fuss and solve unforeseen questions.

If you have planned something for a long time, and all the time there is some kind of obstacle to the successful outcome of the event, do not rush, if possible, postpone the plans for another period or discard them altogether. This should be done with not planned, but constantly failing trips. Transfer your vacation or business trip if you have not been able to book tickets or get a visa several times. Listen to the inner voice, it will tell you the right decisions when there is a more favorable arrangement of the planets.

Video horoscope Scorpio on October 2018

Good days in October for Scorpio: 2, 5, 6, 8, 10, 11, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 23, 24, 28, 30

Bad October numbers for Scorpio: 4, 9, 15, 19, 25, 29

Horoscope love relationship Scorpio

If you are not in a romantic relationship, in October there are chances of unexpectedly finding a deep mutual feeling in a spontaneous connection. Scorpios in this period can allow even a person who has been repelled a long time ago. But to rely on the perfect novel without any problems is not necessary, you get what you need, but overcoming certain obstacles.

If you are already in a relationship, then in the first half of the month, before October 13, you will most likely be actively influencing your soul mate, imposing your vision on the necessary measures for his or her self-development. “Revenge” for such behavior will not make you wait long; in the rest of the month you will fully feel what it is like to dance to the tune of your partner or spouse.

Unexpected but pleasant results will be given by the decision to do something for the second half or a potential partner in the first days of the month. In the second decade of October, you will surely learn something new about him or her. The third part of October 2018 is full of sharp emotions that can greatly affect your personal life and even make changes to yourself.

Vision of the seas

Home and family, a household horoscope in October 2018

The first half of October will be filled with love and passion. Venus will awaken in you sensual erotic fantasies. Do not try to get rid of them, better bring in your sex life with a loved one more passion. Your tumultuous intimate life will have the most positive effect on family relationships. All misunderstandings recede into the background.

The second half of October carries a solution to financial problems. You will get rid of debts that have “hung” for the soul for a long time. Family Scorpions will become closer to their second half in material terms due to the decision to jointly acquire real estate or a car.

Scorpio woman, horoscope for October 2018

The month for Scorpio women will be ambiguous. The position of the planets will make you nervous over trifles. A lot depends on Mercury, who is your antagonist. His strength and mood will not let you relax, and you will have to fully resort to your abilities of a real predator. Take the situation into your own hands, make an effort to be a winner. Mercury sends negative currents to take away your luck, neutralize its influence with your own cunning.

Mercury will be in Libra until October 16, after which it will turn into a sign of Scorpio. In the second half of the month, its activity will be of a different nature, and it will be possible to use it: you will capture the excess energy of Mercury. Do not be afraid of unexpected actions, but do not try to do the impossible.

Male Scorpio in October 2018

This month you may have additional difficulties on your way to achieving your goal. If you think that you almost succeeded in accomplishing all the planned tasks, you change your mind, watching how luck turns away from you. Do not panic and depression, just be patient, and a way out of a difficult situation will be found. It may not be where you were looking for it.

A thorough analysis of your own strengths and weaknesses will help you to feel yourself back on horseback. October 2018 is a good time for productive thinking for you. You will see what is happening with you in a new way.

Work and money Scorpios in October 2018

A catastrophic lack of time will haunt you during the first two weeks of October. We’ll have to devote ourselves to managing current affairs and carrying out work tasks as much as possible, and to reduce holidays and communication with friends, to a minimum. You will need to gather strength, and then with a high probability you successfully implement risky decisions related to career growth.

Self-educate, be independent. October is very suitable for learning Scorpions. During this period, their intuition and ability to learn new things become more acute. Perform each task in good faith, it will help you get the necessary recommendations for promotion.

Search for new sources of income, perhaps, lucrative offers you will make distant relatives. When an urgent need for money, ask your friends for help. Check the information received in the first decade of October, it can be very important.

Scorpio’s mood and mood

Horoscope advises – pay attention to your own food. Snacking on the go, lack of regimen can cause digestive problems and allergic reactions for Scorpios. Enter more fruits and vegetables into your diet. If you visit a doctor, follow all his recommendations. It is important to give the body enough iron. To do this, eat cherries, beets, pomegranates, liver, apples. It is very useful to drink infusions and decoctions of mint, rhubarb, lemon balm, willow tea.

Scorpions will be fit. But the nervous system needs extra attention. Drink herbal from these plants, it will help you calm down. Do not neglect physical exertion. Try to abandon the collective activities, pay attention to strengthening the immune system in anticipation of cold weather. Spend time in the fresh air, harden with a contrast shower.

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