Venice, Italy

Venice (Venice – English and Venezia – ital.) E grad in Severna Italy and the capital of the autonomous region of Veneto. Grad se stretch to the area of ​​412 square meters. km Samiyat hail including 118 island crayfish, koito obrazovat Venetian lagoon in the Adriatic Sea. The saline water lagoon is a stretch between the mouth of the river Po and Piave. The city is divided into parts according to the name of sestieri: named after Canaarejo (Cannaregio), Dorsoduro (Dorsoduro), San Polo (San Polo), Santa Croce (San Marko) and Castelo (Castello) .

Venice, Italy

Venice is famous for its “Kralitsata on the Adriatic”, “The grad on vodata”, “The grad on the bridge” and “The grad on the svetlinata”. Nyama friend hail Kato Venice – Ima 180 channel, 450 bridge and magnificent palace. About the nay golemia from all the canals – the Canal Grande, the location of the kato decoration over 170 is beautiful, aged between 300 and 500 years.

Venice e open from bezhantsi. Kogato Germanskite tribes nahluly in Severn Italy Italy pre v., A lot of choir was beaten into a basin of a difficult region in the Adriatic Sea. Prez vekvete obshchestvo on bezhantsite se transformed into a nai-strong Targovski refuge in the Mediterranean Sea. In time for the rise of the sea of ​​Venice, the ima 3000, the Targovski Koraba, and 300 other swimming pools. The trail fell on Napoleon, Venice e ruled by Austrian Citite. Prez 1866, becoming part of Italy. Prez 1932. The bridge between the hail and the continental land will open by auto. Tová put the start on accelerating the development of the Venice tourist destination. It is difficult to understand the orientation of the street in Tozi that the hail is incredible, but Comrade is not a fidgety and not a spiral. THERE IS A FOCUS ON THE FOREST, WHERE YOU SHOULD UNDERTAKE THE SIGNS IN THE FRONT, THAILAND AND ON THE POSCHA ON SAN MARCO, CENTRAL GARTA AND OTHER DOMAINS OF THE CITY IN THE CITY. Leave your friends to the Piazza San Marco and Rialto Bridge and explore the maze from the Malka quarter.

Important information:

Population: 270 000 inhabitants

Venice, Italy

Valute: Euro

Work time: Shop in Venice in an open and safe way from 9:00 to 13:00 and from 15:00 – 20:00 o’clock with small changes depending on the season. Prezimiat is busy closing the monitor on Monday sutrasn, until the presentation of the follower. Late bakuly sa gate in a sequence of next week food all year. Venice is almost completely shut off in a week, in addition to shopping in the tourist places of Kato San Marco, it is allowed to open during the active summer season. Restaurante tryabva yes zvarvar Pone in one day from the week, but specify den depending on any institution. A lot sa otvéveni in the week after the obyad, but will stop for the evening. The restaurant, which is specializing in maritime protection, is closed on Monday, do not work, and the restaurant is a pazar. The restaurant will cook and rest on days before the end of August and Coleda.

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