Vegas Party Bachelor Party

With the arrival of autumn, the lingering rains and the cold wind, except to sit at home, warm up with tea and no longer feel sad.


And to hell with it, the weather when there are such films.

A shy bank employee is so complexed that he feels insecure with beautiful girls. By the will of fate, a magic mask falls to him, and Stanley Ipkis turns into an incredible creature with comics. He becomes a superhero, ready to fight crime like Batman.

Jim Carrey has once again proved that he can master the comedic role and without silly antics.

Police Academy

The crime rate in one of the American cities made the mayor go to a desperate act: to allow anyone to join the police. Crowds of hooligans, nerds and fat people flocked there. Although they are far from professionals, but their outstanding tricks will amuse everyone.

The Taming of the Shrew

This is probably the best romantic comedy of all time. The main heroine Ornella Muti is trying to rein in the unique Adriano Celentano, who played in the tape farmer. The jokes from this film are very instructive, and the phrases of the hero Celentano are dismantled into quotes.

Vegas Party Bachelor Party

In jazz only girls

The amazing story of two young musicians – Joe and Jerry. In order to hide from the mafia, they dressed in women. This comedy has long become a classic of American cinema, and the brilliant play of the main actors will not leave anyone indifferent.

Meet the Parents

Probably the best comedy with Ben Stiller and Robert de Niro. The main character of the tape meets the parents of his girlfriend. However, her father turned out to be a former CIA agent who really wanted to make sure of the future husband of his daughter. Truth serum, lie detector and interrogations – not the whole list of what the groom had to go through.

This story is about the American guy Scott Thomas, who is trying to find his girlfriend from Germany, whom he has never seen. For this he goes with his friends on an amazing journey through Europe. But what about the amazing and comic situations?

Bobro to please

The main character of the tape, Philip Abrams, is the postmaster. All his life he dreams of moving to the south of France, but his fate throws him far to the north. But not everything is so bad, after all, amazing and sometimes ridiculous situations, give people new friends.

Mr. Bean

It’s hard to find someone who wouldn’t see this famous British comedy. In the tape, a stupid man with incredible facial expressions travels to the USA to look at the best examples of art. There he was mistaken for a high-ranking guest, and then his adventures began. Childish and carefree Rowan Atkinson causes, if not laughter, then at least a kind smile.

Bruce Almighty

Another comedy with the consummate Jim Carrey. In the tape, he played a correspondent who dreams of becoming a news presenter. But he is fired from his job, for which he begins to blame God. And then fate gave him an unprecedented gift – Bruce Nolan receives unprecedented opportunities, he replaces God himself. The correspondent comes off in full, but the ending of the film is very instructive.

Vegas Party Bachelor Party

Four ardent buddies went to Vegas to arrange a bachelor party. However, everything went out of control and in the morning no one can even remember what happened to them at night. And the most important thing is that they have lost the groom himself, and the wedding may break.

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