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Greater London

London is the capital of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, as well as the largest city in the British Isles, one of the largest ports in Britain and the main industrial and economic center of the country. The area of ​​London is 1,572 square meters. km The population of 8.3 million people.

London is the second largest city in Europe and the seventh largest in the world. The famous zero meridian, which divides the world into east and west, runs through the eastern part of London – Greenwich.

London – one of the most interesting cities in Europe – is a city of fog, art and finance. There are 5 airports in London, including the famous Heathrow Airport.

London is the largest financial and information center, as well as one of the major players in the foreign exchange and stock markets. Leading banks and financial companies have their headquarters here, as well as one of the largest BBC information companies.

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Modern buildings of London and monuments of architecture and art, which were created over the centuries harmoniously combined. The city is famous for an infinite number of legends and traditions that delight the residents and visitors of the city. They create a gloomy, gothic and mysterious halo over the city.

The River Thames runs through London, it divides the city into two almost equal parts. To the north of the Thames is the district of the City, as well as museums, shops and restaurants. In general, residential buildings in London are 4 and 5 storey, most residential areas reach the borders of Hertfordshire, Essex, Surrey, Buckinghamshire and Kent.

Throughout its existence, London has teamed up with 32 nearby villages. Therefore, such concepts as Greater London and Inner London arose. Each urban district is a constituency and sends a deputy from its district to the House of Commons. At the moment, the exception is the district of the city, there is self-government, its own police and its Lord Mayor. The city consists of 25 districts, each governed by its own elder, Aldermen.

London is a cosmopolitan city, all styles and eras are mixed here, the history of London is generously seasoned with a multinational population. All sorts of attractions, world-famous historical sites, great shopping and fun nightlife – all this you will find in London.

Districts of london

1. Highgate

Highgate – one of the most expensive areas of London, located in the northern part. The Highgate area is beautiful parks, fresh air and a relaxed atmosphere. It is always quiet and cozy here. The cost of local mansions starts at 5 million.

The Highgate district at the time of communism was known for its famous local cemetery, where the tomb of Karl Marx is located, delegates from the 2nd Congress of the RSDLP came here with Lenin.

The current residents of Highgate hardly think about global equality and fraternity … It is in this area that Bishops Avenue is located – one of the most expensive streets on the planet, as well as private golf courses.

George Michael, Sting, Yehudi Menuhin and many other famous people lived in Highgate. Recently, many wealthy businessmen from all over the world have been settling here, as well as members of royal dynasties and oligarchs.

2 Hampstead (Hampstead)

Hampstead is a prestigious area of ​​London. It consists of magnificent not high architecture, greenery and beautiful streets.

Hampstead is still one of the most expensive areas of London. He is the same name with a huge green array Hampstead Heath, which is the lungs of this part of the city. It is greenery and fresh air that affect real estate prices in the area, as well as proximity to the city.

Hampstead has everything for a decent living for a wealthy family: excellent private and public schools, restaurants and entertainment.

As befits a prestigious area located in a green area, it mainly consists of detached houses and townhouses. There are apartments here, but only in first-class complexes.

Hampstead is a haven of intellectuals and famous public people. He is loved by writers, pop and movie stars, bankers and managers of large companies.

Hampstead can proudly present lists of its tenants whose names are known to the whole world: Lord Byron, Charles Dickens, Agatha Christie, John Le Care, David Bowie, Elizabeth Taylor, George Michael and this is only part of the list.

We can also recall many literary works in which events unfold precisely here in Hampstead.

3 St John’s Wood (St. John’s Wood)

St. John’s Wood – can be called the most popular area of ​​London. It is convenient in that it has excellent transport links with the center and the business part.

Real estate in St. John’s Wood has long been overseen by not poor businessmen in London. Owners of banks and large companies, top managers of well-known corporations live in this respectable region, and top managers who are building a career in London dream of living here. This area is chosen by diplomats,

lawyers and representatives of foreign companies.

The area is convenient for family living and educating children. There are many Americans living in St. John’s Wood, since this is where the best American school is located.

Respectability of St John’s Wood can also be seen in the luxurious architectural forms of mansions and multi-family buildings. Luxury and peace are guarded by doormen. And the cosiness and bohemianness of this district are given by pretty colorful houses.

The central street in St. John’s Wood has long been chosen by boutiques and shops, at every step there are restaurants and cafes, antique shops and art galleries are not uncommon here.

4. Maida Vale

Maida Vale – got its name in honor of the battle between the French and the British under Maida (Calabria) in 1806. The English won the battle.

The Maida Vale area is popular with both the British themselves and foreigners. The area is located between the areas of Paddington and St. John’s Wood, it is very calm and green, this part of the city is considered very wealthy.

Maida Vale is decorated with white and cream stucco buildings, private gardens and public gardens, and the area’s visiting card is "little venice" with a picturesque canal, boats and barges. In addition, there are many restaurants and cafes around Clifton Road and Formosa Street.

Bankers, foreign diplomats and businessmen appreciate the proximity of the Maid Vale area to the center of London and to Padington station, from which you can get to Heathrow airport in just 15 minutes.

5. (Regent’s Park)

Regent’s Park is the most beautiful park in England, located in one of the most picturesque areas of London.

By order of the managers of the Crown Estate (Crown Estate) in 1810, British architect John Nash, famous at that time, designed a series of palace-style buildings around a green massif, the windows of buildings and balconies with high columns looked at the park. residence inside a big city.

All land of Regent’s Park is owned by an English monarch, therefore real estate in this area can only be purchased for rent for up to 120 years. Despite this inconvenience, real estate in the area is very much appreciated. Peculiar uniqueness of royal possessions!

Regent Park is a very peaceful place, ideal for life, there are football and cricket grounds, tennis courts, specially equipped playgrounds for children and even your own rose garden.

6. Marylebone (Marlebone)

Marlebone is a favorite district of Londoners. Many foreigners also prefer to live in the area, at the intersection of Oxford and Baker Street, Marble Arch and Regent’s Park. The convenient location suits both sales staff and bankers and students.

In addition, the best doctors preferred the Marlebon district, more than 15,000 private offices and clinics, most of them located on Wimpole Street and Harley Street. For the sake of high-quality medical care, wealthy patients from all over the world come here.

Some 15 years ago, Marlebon was considered the backyard of Oxford Street, then the local landowner decided to get rid of all the annoying chain stores, and began to issue licenses for the robot only to exclusive boutiques. Interest in Marlebone immediately increased and price increases followed. At the moment, real estate prices in Marbleblon from 10,000 to 25,000 pounds per square meter, there are more expensive objects.

Many famous people lived in Marlebon, for example, Arthur Conan Doyle with his fictional character Sherlock Holmes, Charles Dickens, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, Madonna and

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The main street of the district – Marylebone High Street has more than once been recognized as the “best street in England”; an unusually cozy atmosphere reigns here. There is also a large number of stylish boutiques of designer clothes, shops of delicacies and cheeses, interior furnishings, and of course, restaurants, bars and cute cafes.

7 Area Islington located in the northeast of central London. Islington is known for its antique shops, trendy wine bars and restaurants on Upper Street.

All Londoners love Islington; once famous people like George Orwell, the famous science fiction writer, and Tony Blair, the former prime minister of Great Britain, lived here.

During the Second World War, the Victorian and Georgian building was partially damaged or completely destroyed by bombs, and residential apartment buildings were built on the site of these ruins.

In the 60s – 70s, many hippies and bohemian artists lived in Islington, but over time the composition of the occupants changed radically. Most of the detached houses were purchased and repaired by wealthy English families, the area rejoiced and again became one of the most fashionable and expensive areas of London.

Municipal housing on Islington began to drive higher to the north. A comprehensive reconstruction of the territory, which is adjacent to the Angel metro station, was carried out. At the given moment, many small apartment houses have been built here, which today are popular with successful young people.

In addition, Islington is so popular due to its convenient location, the area is close to the financial heart of England, and has excellent transport interchange – bus routes in various directions and several metro stations – Angel, Arsenal, Holloway, Highbury & Islington, Road.

The area has many very nice and well-kept parks and squares, several health centers and swimming pools. The most attractive properties in the Islington area are apartments with a view of the Grand Union Canal.

8. Paddington

The Paddington area, located in the very center of London, was chosen by businessmen and bankers,

Near Paddington Station is located St. Mary’s Hospital is another attraction of the capital, the best and largest hospital in London. It was in this hospital that Princes William and Harry were born, and penicillin was invented and heroin was synthesized here.

The picturesque place – “Little Venice”, is located north of Paddington Station, on the banks of the Grand Union Canal with beautiful coastal buildings and barges, where exotic lovers live.

West end quay and Sheldon square – one of the best urban projects in London, was never abandoned wasteland. Now here are the headquarters of brands Orange, Marks & Spencer, Visa and others. Nearby built modern apartment buildings, shops, restaurants, cafes and a sports center.

9. Fitzrovia (Fitzrovia)

Fitzrovia district, whose name comes from the popular tavern Fitzroy, located on Charlotte Street – the favorite place of the Bohemian London.

Fitzrovia is bounded by Euston Road on the north, Oxford Street on the south, on the east side of Tottenham Court Road and on West Great Portland Street. This place has the benefits of city life with glamorous places and establishments and at the same time has a relaxed suburban atmosphere.

At the end of the 19th century – at the beginning of the 20th century, many architects, modernists, writers and poets lived here, and in numerous Victorian pubs one could easily meet Bernard Shaw, Arthur Rambo or Virginia Wolf.

To this day, Fitzrovia has bohemian fame. Real estate in Fitzrovia attracts young professionals working in creative fields such as advertising, design, show business. Thanks to the railway and subway you can easily reach any area of ​​London.

The sights of the district include the 189-meter BT Tower and the famous higher education institution London College of Fashion for training designers.

Real estate and housing in Fitzrovia consists mainly of old mansions with elegant facades, traditional British townhouses, as well as modern apartments.

There are many restaurants with summer terraces and cozy cafes offering dishes of national cuisines of various countries, as well as bars and various shops.

10. Mayfair (Mayfair)

Mayfair is one of the most prestigious areas of central London, its borders can be called Regent Street – from the east side, from the west – Hyde Park, from the north – Oxford Street, and from the south Mayfair bordered on Piccadilla.

In this area, ultramodern houses fit harmoniously into the ensembles of the palace buildings and mansions built back in the 1700s.

Mayfair is famous for its stylish bars, world-class hotels and restaurants, and luxurious offices are located close to residential buildings that wealthy Englishmen and foreigners like to live in.

In addition, there are the best boutiques and many designer shops, most of them located on Bond Street, and on the famous Savile Row, you will find the best men’s stores and the best male tailors.

Jermyn Street is also famous for men’s stores. It is located in the district of St. James, which is adjacent to the south of Piccadilia. In addition, there are royal palaces with stunning beauty and numerous old English clubs.

In a relatively small area, you can enjoy the beauty and expanses of all three royal parks at once. Getting here immediately it becomes clear why rich people prefer to live in this particular area in order to be able to enjoy all the beauty and amenities of central London.

11. St James’s (St. James)

Saint James is a magnificent area located in the heart of beautiful London. This area has a rich historical past. Property in St. James is famous for its magnificent architecture and classic English atmosphere, which reminds us of the novels of famous classics.

St. James Park is one of the most prestigious and safe areas of London; a large audience lives here – businessmen, lawyers, politicians. The main attractions of London, government offices, as well as the huge green parks – Green Park and St. James Park are within walking distance. St James has an excellent transport connection – metro stations, various bus and taxi routes.

A large proportion of properties located in St. James refers to commercial. Leading large companies and world banks own buildings in St. James or rent offices here, while the rent in this area is astronomically high, it is difficult to call a more prestigious and convenient location in London.

For example, the oil and gas company BP occupies a whole block in St. James.

Residential real estate offers in this area are extremely few. For obvious reasons, new constructions in the ekht area are not being conducted and are not planned. Prices for houses and apartments in St. James Park are among the highest in the UK. A spacious house in the area will cost around £ 10 million. Residential real estate is represented by modern apartments in reconstructed historic buildings, as well as from grand old houses and mansions. In such exclusive facilities, modern comfort successfully complements the historical appearance of buildings.

12. Bloomsbury (Bloomsbury)

The district of Bloomsbury is filled with the history of the past century and the spirit of the bohemia of that time. In this area is the famous British Museum, this is where Virginia Woolf once lived, as well as many other equally famous writers. In addition, doctors and scientists loved and loved this area very much, and Charles Darwin himself was once among the residents of this area.

This area of ​​London began to actively develop in the XVII-XVIII and in a rather short time became one of the most artistic districts.

Today, the population of Bloomsbury is rather mixed – here are large private mansions, the cost of which is in millions of pounds, side by side with ordinary apartment buildings, where students often live,

At the same time, Bloomsbury is considered one of the most undervalued areas in London, in which in the near future the value of real estate will increase in value. In addition, thanks to the opening of the Eurostar railway terminal, to which all trains went to Paris, Brussels and many other European cities, the region will actively become popular with wealthy bankers and businessmen.

13. Soho

Coxo is a glamorous area of ​​London where everything is allowed and people around are simply not shocked.

Everything is always fun, enchanting and dynamic. Not so long ago, Soho was known only for strip bars and red lanterns, but in the early 1990s, the area was spotted by film and television companies, advertising agencies and journalists.

Today it is the most fashionable and vibrant district of London, there are stylish bars, trendy cafes and restaurants. This is where China Town is located with a huge number of Chinese shops and restaurants. In addition, Soho is the center of London’s blue and theatrical life.

There are not so many residential buildings in this area, but you can find spacious apartments and stunning lofts, in which musicians, journalists, advertisers, and people in general often do not interfere with the constant noise on the street.

14. Bayswater

Bayswater District is located in the north of Hyde Park, Bayswater is the name of not only the district, but also the main street that runs along this stunning park. Bayswater does not stop eradicating old flaws and is actively gaining popularity.

While the architecture resembles Kensington, stucco on the facades of buildings, ancient stables and cobblestone streets, property prices in Beiswater are more affordable,

In the 90s, this area was chosen by the Arab diaspora, so that Arab sheikhs who come to London for shopping often stop here. In Bayswater, the Arabic imprint is present in almost everything, in restaurants and bars, in clubs and shops, and even walking down the street you can feel the aroma of hookah.

In addition, the proximity to the park attracts many Americans, as well as here is a whole Greek community,

15. Notting Hill (Notting Hill)

Notting Hill is located near the beautiful scenic parks – Hyde Park and Holland Park, this area is often called the “new Kensington” – over the past few years, the area has become one of the most prestigious in London. The world’s popularity and fame this region gained thanks to the film of the same name, in roles with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. Since the release of the film Notting Hill, real estate prices have doubled here, and celebrities, bankers and rich foreigners have been added to the residents of the region.

Notting Hill is popular among all categories of buyers, young high-paying professionals, reputable businessmen and large families prefer this particular area. In addition, rental properties in this area are also in great demand, while tenants prefer to rent real estate here for a long time, the atmosphere here is very attractive, it is simply impossible to refuse.

In Notting Hill is located the famous Portobello market, where you can buy literally everything – any products, fruits, vegetables, household utensils, antiques, jewelry. In the area there are many exclusive boutiques, fashionable restaurants, shops of organic products, well-groomed gardens and Notting Hill squares that delight the eyes, it is impossible not to fall in love with this area. Every year in August, the famous Notting Hill Carnival is held here – this is an amazing colorful show that attracts millions of viewers.

And the most important offer for real estate in Notting Hill is very diverse – from modern studio apartments to mansions and estates, with classic stucco and picturesque buildings.

16. Covent Garden (Covent Garden)

Covent Garden is named after the eponymous market in which they sold fruits and vegetables that once existed here.

Back in the 80s of the last century, this market moved to the south side of the Thames, where it occupies a much larger area, and instead of the old Covent Garden market, today in the main square of the city there are shopping malls for tourists. In addition, there are also many fashionable boutiques and galleries.

Covent Garden is the center of theatrical life in England, also called Theatreland, a theater country, where the most famous plays and musicals take place. And, of course, there is a huge selection of restaurants, cafes, bars, bistros, various institutions where the audience will certainly go before the beginning or after the end of the performance.

The world famous Royal Opera House (Royal Opera House), located on the main square of Covent Garden, is where the best opera and ballet performances take place.

In the area of ​​Covent Garden, there are not very many residential houses, mostly the bohemian of London lives here, or rich youthful businessmen.

17. City

City – this area is the largest financial center of the world economy. In addition, it is one of the few areas that has a rich history, since it was here that London originated.

The City District resembles a beehive — from Monday to Friday several hundred thousand bankers, brokers, and clerks work here. And all the restaurants, bars and clubs work until late at night, so that everyone can relax after a hard day’s work.

The area itself is very beautiful, winding medieval streets, monuments of architecture and many attractions, including St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Tower of London. But in this bustle of work, enjoying it is quite difficult. And there are very few residential buildings in the City, which leaves its imprint on the entire atmosphere of this area.

The very limited supply of residential real estate leads to a relentless price increase and extremely high demand even for the most common housing objects.

18. Tower Bridge

The Tower Bridge District is named after the famous Tower Bridge, which is one of the main attractions of London. Tower Bridge was built in 1894 and immediately became a symbol of London. The bridge was captured in all sorts of works of art: in painting, in modern installations, in documentaries and feature films.

The residential neighborhoods that are directly adjacent to Tower Bridge are among the most expensive and most popular in all of London. It is here that you can feel the pulse of London, and at the same time the calm and pleasant atmosphere of old England is not disturbed. Most attractions are within walking distance.

In the area of ​​Tower Bridge there are many modern office buildings of the world’s leading corporations, well-known publishers and large TV channels.

The offer for residential real estate in the City is rather limited.

Thanks to the subway stations of Tower Hill, Monument and Bank, you can easily and quickly get to any part of the city via different branches. Near Tower Hill Metro Station is the Tower Gateway train station.

19. Canary Wharf (Canary Wharf)

Canary Wharf is one of the most convenient and beautiful areas of London. It is the Canary Wharf district that boasts the three highest buildings in the UK, with a fantastic panoramic view of London and the breathtaking curves of the River Thames.

On weekends, this is quite a cozy and quiet place, but on weekdays the area lives a vibrant and busy business life. So first of all Kanari Wharf is a business district, here are the headquarters of many financial corporations, as well as the largest banking institutions – Citibank, Barclays, HSBC. The demand for real estate in Kanari Wharf is most often shown by wealthy buyers and business people. Most of the real estate in this area is represented by apartments in modern residential high-rise buildings, as well as recently began to remodel former warehouses located off the coast of the Thames.

Canary Wharf is full of shops, restaurants, bistros, wine bars and pubs, many of which are in a great shopping center, at Canary Wharf metro station. Three shopping malls include branded boutiques, there are about 200 of them, banks, hypermarkets, such as Marks, for example. & Spencer and Waitrose, as well as fitness clubs.

Bond Street subway station in central London is only 15 minutes away, and, importantly for business people, City Airport is located nearby, from which regular flights to the main financial capitals of Europe are made.

20. Docklands (Docklands)

Docklands is located on the banks of the River Thames, east of central London. Here is the business district of London – Kanari Wharf, which was built on the site of a huge port, recently the area occupies a position on a par with the City.

The Docklands area has a unique atmosphere, characteristic architecture and, in addition, a special type of transport – the Docklands Light Railway is a light metro. The trains of this branch are 100% automated, there is even no driver’s cab, the trains go along the overpass between the skyscrapers.

European fashion dictates the trends of modern construction in London, skyscrapers and apartment buildings are being actively built in the most prestigious places, from the windows of which you can see London in full view.

In the very center of London, for more than a hundred years, there has been no construction of new facilities, so it is simply impossible to buy a new apartment or house in the center. While in the Docklands for the last decade, there has been an active development, and despite the fact that today the concentration of new homes in this area is quite high, prices for non-real estate continue to grow.

21. Greenwich

Greenwich is located in south-east London and is located on the south bank of the River Thames. Opposite of Greenwich is actively developing business center Kanari Wharf. As we all know, the zero meridian, from which the time is being counted, and the time zones of the globe passes in Greenwich.

Greenwich Park – is the most attractive park in London and the Royal Maritime Hospital, located here are included in the UNESCO list.

In Greenwich, the old traditions and modern trends, the hustle and bustle of the big city and the possibility of a quiet measured life are combined. Greenwich is closely intertwined with the British navy and its history.

This area is as comfortable as possible for living, has a well-developed transport connection, a lot of good schools, well-groomed squares and parks, medical institutions, various shops. Various restaurants, cafes and pubs can be found on the waterfront.

From Greenwich to the center of London is conveniently and quickly accessible by metro, it will take about 15 minutes, opposite Kanary Wharf business district. Residential real estate is quite diverse, there are historical buildings, low-rise houses in the Victorian style, cottages with terraces, and modern studios. A suitable object will be able to find buyers with different financial capabilities. At the moment, most residents of Greenwich are representatives of the business community.

22. Vauxhall (Vauxhall)

Vauxhall is located on the south bank of the River Thames, opposite the elite areas of Chelsea and Pimlico. In proximity – on the other side of the Thames there was a parliament and numerous ministries and departments, so British parliamentarians and government officials preferred to live here. When they built Vauxhall Bridge and reconstructed the embankment, a sharp rise in real estate prices began in the area. Today it is a business district, there are many offices, representative offices and government buildings. Residential real estate in the Vauxhall area is the mansions of the Victorian era and the Regency period with beautiful gardens, there are not many other such facilities, a bit more apartments in few new buildings and two-level apartments in reconstructed houses. The positive side of the houses in this area is that most of them look at the river, but the price of such objects is naturally higher.

In addition, excellent transport links. From the Vauxhall train station, just one stop to Waterloo station. There are several subway stations in the area, as well as a bus station, so that from here you can reach any part of London and not only. The Vauxhall area is also attractive for its gardens and parks, Spring Gardens (previously called Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens) is located on the north side of the bridge, and on the right is Vauxhall Park, there are tennis courts and playgrounds. In this area there is everything for a comfortable life, good schools, all kinds of supermarkets and gourmet shops, restaurants of British and Mediterranean cuisine, night clubs and pubs. In addition, the district is already attracting potential investors with new construction projects. It is planned to build skyscrapers and new quarters with ultramodern office buildings, business class apartments, fashionable shops and luxury restaurants.

23. Battersea

The Battersea district is located directly across from Chelsea, between them is the Thames, but it so happened that until now, the Battersea region has faded against the backdrop of prestigious Chelsea.

Buttersey is located on the southern coast, and some 15 years ago this part of the city was an industrial warehouse area, inactive docks, abandoned moorings and power stations, this area was deserted and unsafe. But in the new millennium a sharp turn took place in the fate of the district of Batterse – the area began to be actively filled with ultra-modern residential complexes and interesting architectural structures, and the infrastructure has significantly improved. Famous architects Richard Rogers and Norman Fosters made their architectural touches to the transformation of the area. Green spaces, well-groomed ponds, jogging tracks and the zoo in Battersea Park are the heart of the area.

In 2016, the US Embassy is planning to move from Mayfair to Battersea, and it is planned to build an entire residential area near the embassy. Nearby there is a non-working for several decades and the state-protected building of the Battersea power station, which in the near future will become a unique complex with hotels, boutiques, restaurants, office and commercial premises. The budget of this project is 4 billion pounds. So, in a rather short period of time, the Battersea area from the most abandoned area turns into one of the most promising areas for investment.

24. Wimbledon (Wimbledon)

The Wimbledon district of London is located on a hill, 15 km south-west from the city center. From this area a beautiful view of the whole of London. The main street of the Wimbledon district, was founded in the XIII century, now there are first-class boutiques and shops, fabulous restaurants, wine bars and continental cafes.

The area became famous all over the world thanks to the Wimbledon tennis tournament, which takes place here every year in the summer.

Wimbledon is like a big gorgeous village. Magnificent villas and private houses with landscaped courtyards, gardens and pools, as well as modern apartments and apartments can not leave indifferent. Wimbledon real estate is in great demand and its prices are constantly increasing.

The transport communication with the center of the capital is excellent. In the area of ​​Wimbledon a large number of excellent schools, which are included in the first league, and this is a big plus when choosing a property for families with children. Every year this area is becoming increasingly popular. Especially among American advertising tycoons, Spanish and Swedish bankers, rich English businessmen and their families.

25. Roehampton (Rohampton)

Rohampton is located in southwestern London. This area is ideal if you are planning to purchase real estate in London for the first time. High quality of life and fairly competitive prices.

In different epochs, British prime ministers, great scientists, famous actors and sportsmen lived in Roehampton. The streets of this area can often be seen in various films and TV shows. Here is located the largest royal park in London, Richmond Park, as well as the respectable English University of Rohampton. In addition, there are many schools, libraries, tennis courts, sports and children’s playgrounds.

Rohampton Real Estate is represented by small modern villas and apartments in apartment buildings. Also, sometimes there are mansions for sale, ranging from 300 square meters, the cost of such objects can be 1.5 – 3 million pounds.

Rental property in Rohampton is in high demand, so investment in such properties is very promising. Students at Rohampton University and other local higher education institutions often rent low-cost apartments for the long haul.

26. Putney

On the south bank of the River Thames is the Patney area. This area for a single century is a great place to relax in the open air, there is a beautiful park and river spaces where boating competitions take place, as well as picnics that Londoners love so much. Today, here are the main London rowing clubs.

Local attractions include the church of St. Mary, it was built in the XVII century. In addition, in the Putney area, Victorian houses and chic villas of a later construction period have been preserved. Near the building of the old hospital of Putni are located one-story cottages, buildings of the XIX century, also appeared a lot of modern buildings.

What is surprising is that property prices in Putney on sites more distant from the river are often higher than on the embankment. There are many good French and Italian restaurants in this area, there is a metro station and transport links to Waterloo Station.

27. Barnes

Barns district is located on the picturesque bank of the Thames, in south-west London. This area can be called a wealthy, quiet and family place, it is similar to Richmond, which is right after it. Life in this area is similar to the country, while Kensington and the rest of the central areas are very close.

When Barnes was a small settlement that arose around a beautiful pond, now this pond has become a protected natural area – here you can walk for hours, admire the beautiful water landscape with ducks and swans and squirrels jumping in the branches of trees.

Barnes is known for his famous recording studio “Olympic”, recorded their albums here, such star groups and performers as Queen, Rolling Stones, Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Madonna, Ella Fitzgerald, Bjork, Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie and many others stars. Many celebrities live in Barnes precisely because of the proximity to this recording studio. And of course there are excellent bars and pubs in the area, where they always play high-quality live music, jazz concerts are often held here, and in the local restaurants you can enjoy the most diverse cuisines of the world. On the streets are great boutiques, shops and cafes.

There is no good private school in Barnes. The Swedish school occupies a fairly large area, so many Scandinavian citizens and other wealthy Europeans live in the area.

Residential real estate in Barnes is quite diverse – post-war buildings transformed into apartment buildings, cozy brick cottages, Edwardian houses from the beginning of the 20th century, and mansions of the 18th century are especially popular.

28. Richmond (Richmond)

Richmond can be called the most charming area of ​​London. The royal dynasty, wealthy families and celebrities for hundreds of years have preferred this particular area. Central London and Richmond share the Thames. The neighborhood is adjacent to Hampton Court Royal Palace and Kew Gardens Botanical Gardens.

Stunning parks and historic buildings, theaters and museums, cozy streets, shops, good restaurants and noisy pubs, Richmond can compete with the best districts of London for improvement and living standards. The most picturesque stretch of the Thames and the waterfront is located right here. Richmond is a favorite vacation spot of Londoners, tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, you can come here, relax, switch, enjoy the views, then you get a complete feeling of country rest.

With their beauty and architecture, houses in the Victorian and Georgian style are stunning, they are located away from the main streets and many of them have direct access to the river and stunning views.

With all this, Richmond is not "village", and a full-fledged district of London, even though the zip code indicates that it belongs to the county of Surrey. Well-developed transport links, and that a great rarity for areas on the south bank of the Thames, the subway goes to Richmond.

Thanks to the silence and the fresh air, city bankers, politicians and wealthy foreigners, including Americans, Scandinavians and Germans, want to acquire real estate in Richmond. There are some first-class international schools and an American University.

29. Fulham

The Fulham district of London – correctly pronounced Fulham – is one of the greenest in London. It is located on the north bank of the Thames, on the west side of London, near the rich areas of Chelsea and Kensington. Fulham football fans are well known,

On the streets of Fulam people from all over London are catching up, there are well-known designer shops and anti-boutique boutiques, as well as restaurants, bars and cafes. The family audience of property buyers gives their preference to Fulam due to the abundance of good private and public schools. Lawyers and bankers in Fulham are attracted by the proximity to the central areas of London, and the fact that after work you can enjoy peace and quiet.

In the area of ​​Fulham there are several excellent tennis clubs with freshly cut fields and green alleys. Fulham, like the rest of central London, is rich in the famous names of its inhabitants, for example, member of the legendary group Queen Brian May, famous actor Roger Moore, popular singer Duffy, this list goes on and on.

Property prices in Fulham are clearly lower than in neighboring Chelsea and Kensington, so it is so attractive to young families. In addition, the area is very attractive for those who want to have a townhouse in central London and at the same time its value will not exceed three million pounds. Elegant Victorian houses fill the area of ​​Fulham, and its streets are actively filled with impressive size new buildings.

30. Chelsea (Chelsea)

The London areas of Chelsea and Belgravia are the most famous outside of England, so it’s not surprising that international investors are particularly interested in these areas.

The demand for housing in Chelsea has long exceeded supply, of course in this regard, property prices are constantly growing.

Brokers and bankers from the City prefer to invest their multimillion bonuses in Chelsea real estate. And their wives love this area for endless boutiques, shops and cafes.

In Cheelsea, you can buy anything – interior items, fashionable clothes and sports cars. And thanks to small shops, cozy restaurants and cafes, an unusual and friendly community spirit is created.

The Chelsea and Kensington districts comprise most of the 100 most expensive streets in London, including Kensington Square, the most expensive street in the UK, the average price of a property on this street is about 5.5 million pounds.

31. Earl’s Court (Arsl Court)

Near the expensive districts of Kensington, Chelsea and Belgravia is located the more democratic district of Arsle Court. The Second World War contributed to the settlement of a large number of Polish immigrants here, and in the 60-70s, people from New Zealand and Australia also settled here, in connection with which the region remained the cheapest for purchasing housing in central London for a long time. Over time, students and immigrants moved to other parts of the city, and real estate prices rose sharply in Arsle Court. Apartment buildings in the western part of the district are often rented, in this area real estate prices are much cheaper than in the eastern part of the district, where mansions are located, the price of which often exceeds several million pounds sterling. Famous London sights, such as the Natural History Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, Hyde Park, etc. are located within walking distance of the district. Films by famous filmmaker Roman Polanski were filmed in Earl’s Court. Many famous celebrities lived here in different years: Princess Diana, king of films horror Alfred Hitchcock, rock star Freddie Mercury and others. Locals refer to local attractions and are proud of the Earls Court Exhibition and Concert Center, which was built in the 30s in Art Deco style, which won a large number of awards by the Finborough Theater and the famous Empress State Building skyscraper.

The cozy streets and two-three-storey houses in the Victorian style, as well as small gardens, beautiful quarters with pretty townhouses are still preserved in Ersle Court. There are also pubs and takeaway restaurants. Convenient transportation infrastructure is provided thanks to the metro station of the same name and round-the-clock buses, from here you can easily reach the center and other areas of London.

32. Hammersmith (Hammersmith)

The Hammersmith area is most often described by the British as restless and comfortable.

This pre-Hammersmith area is favored by the world’s largest companies, for example, Coca-Cola and Universal, because of its convenient location, Hammersmith is located between the center of the capital and Heathrow Airport. By car to Heathrow to get only about 30 minutes.

The biggest plus of Hammersmith is transport links – all kinds of bus routes, several metro lines, including the Piccadilly Line, which leads to Heathrow Airport.

Locals love the hustle and bustle of the main street. And aside from the central streets and shopping centers, you can enjoy cozy enclaves, in which the spirit of the community still lives, you can also find cozy pubs, tennis courts and pretty squares. For example, the wonderful Brook Green Square, where one of the best schools in England for girls is located.

In the Hammersmith area there are famous theaters and famous concert halls, in which world-famous stars often give performances.

33. Chiswick (Chizik)

District of London Chiswick is correctly pronounced in English as “Cheesecake”. At one time, Chizik was a fishing village on the River Thames. After some time, four small villages merged into one large and continued to grow. Part of the town planning project of 1937 – the creation of a comfortable place for the population of the “middle class”, was the main street, which it remains to this day.

The district is still considered a pleasant place to stay for the middle class, but over the past 10 years there have been significant changes for the better. Previously abandoned houses have become restored mansions, first-class restaurants and cafes have appeared, the Thames coastal zone has been refined, you can enjoy fresh air on the embankment or skip a couple of pints of beer in one of the local old pubs.

Many businessmen and Bohemians, such as Colin Firth, Vanessa Redgrave and Phil Collins, prefer this area. Chizik is famous for good both private and public schools, which makes the area also extremely attractive for young wealthy families.

34. Pimlico (Pimlico)

The Pimlico district is bordered by the luxurious Belgravia district. The district itself is quite quiet and calm, bordered in the south with the Thames and in the north with the Victoria Station.

The construction of the Pimlico district began in 1835, its main task was to provide the wealthy population with houses in the neoclassical style, with gorgeous views of the squares and gardens. Green areas delight the eyes of residents and to this day.

The Pimlico area attracts people who often have to fly abroad – there is a high-speed train from Victoria Station to Gatwick Airport, and it’s not far to get to Heathrow Airport. Property prices in Pimlico are actively growing, due to significant positive changes in the area. One of the main attractions of the area can be called Tate Gallery on Millbank, it covers 5 centuries of the development of British art.

Politicians liked Pimlico because of their proximity to Parliament in Westminster. In addition, many famous personalities lived here, designer Laura Ashley, actor Lawrence Olivier and Winston Churchill himself.

35. Belgravia (Belgravia)

Belgravia is the most prestigious and expensive district of London.

The active development of Belgravia began with the 35-year-old architect Thomas Cyubitt in 1825. And it continued until 1855, until the death of Thomas Kyubita, the construction of Belgravia was his famous and monumental project. Thanks to his creations, Eaton Square and Belgrave Square were filled with stately and elegant buildings. Today, the buildings on Belgrave Square are for the most part the residences of ambassadors from leading countries of the world.

The wealth here is felt in everything. This is a completely different life – the flow of life seems to be in slow motion, the squares and the streets adjacent to them are always in immaculate order, which is very rare for a city as big as London.

Each front door certainly has an expensive car with a chauffeur, in waiting for rich ladies who will go to the shopping of London’s elite boutiques or for a dinner party.

Property prices in Belgravia have always been very high. For example, buying a house in Belgravia for £ 10 million is perfectly normal. And recently, Russians are increasingly interested in real estate in Belgravia, and some well-known Russian oligarchs have already managed to acquire real estate here. The number of transactions for the purchase of real estate is extremely small, due to extremely limited supply and, of course, the size of the cost of such objects.

36. Westminster (Westminster)

The office district, many government offices, ministerial buildings and after the end of the working day there are almost no people on the streets – this was until recently Westminster (not to be confused with the municipality of the same name, which includes most of central London).

But over the past 10 years, the housing stock of Westminster has been actively expanding, mainly due to “state houses” converted into modern apartments. Due to its proximity to Parliament, Westminster attracted politicians, parliamentarians and ministerial employees. And thanks to a well-developed transport connection, many businessmen also live here.

There are 4 metro stations in Westminster, various bus routes, and a high-speed train leaves the Gatwick International Airport from Victoria Station every 15 minutes.

Also over the years, the infrastructure of Westminster was actively developing – restaurants, bars, department stores, fitness centers and

The beauty of the architecture is striking home made in the Georgian and Victorian styles, located away from the main streets, and despite the fact that the area is located in the center of London, there is always quiet and peaceful.

Property prices in Westminster are quite reasonable for both Central London, especially when compared to the prices of the neighboring Belgravia district.

37. Kensington (Kensington)

Kensington due to its convenient location attracts people from all over the world, besides there are stunning green streets, high-end restaurants and designer boutiques, and what is not unimportant for families with small children, there are many first-class private schools.

In addition, in Kensington there are some of the most popular museums – the Museum of Natural History and the Victoria and Albert Museum, as well as Hyde Park – a favorite place for Londoners to relax and stroll.

In Kensington, you feel the true English atmosphere. And in architecture, a mix of Victorian and Georgian styles is pronounced – the mansions are made of red brick and are next to houses with stucco molding on the facades.

In recent years, both the popularity of the district and real estate prices have increased significantly. Large private mansions are most often passed from generation to generation, such objects rarely go on sale. And if such a house appears on the open market, the buyer will not even bargain and will pay the asking price so as not to miss the object so desired by everyone.

Residential compounds are popular with foreign buyers, they are relatively new and there are only a few of them, so the demand for them is also quite high.

38. Holland Park (Holland Park)

Holland Park is a worthy competition for Kensington and Chelsea. This is an area with magnificent villas, first-class restaurants and designer boutiques.

The area has a developed road junction and infrastructure, nearby is Holland Park with oak alleys, there is a Japanese garden, a famous greenhouse, tennis courts, cricket grounds, a summer opera house, squirrels and peacocks.

Buying a property in Holland Park is not easy

In the area of ​​Holland Park there are many embassies and houses of celebrities.

Property prices in Holland Park range from 400,000 pounds sterling for apartments and apartments in renovated houses to 30 million for huge mansions and palaces. A small single-family house in the area will cost about 12

39. Acton (Acton)

London Acton is located in the west of the capital and at the beginning of the last century was considered the main industrial area. Over the years, large industrial enterprises moved outside the city or completely closed. Today it is completely residential area. From old industrial buildings made stylish lofts and apartments.

Different parts of the Acton area are very different in terms of the nature of their housing and property prices are also different. The northern part of the Acton area is more democratic, housing is inexpensive, many immigrants from Africa and Eastern Europe live here, and there are still industrial enterprises and warehouses. In the western part of the district for the most part cottage building 20-30s, in the form of cozy small houses with front garden, which are in great demand.

The most expensive parts of Acton, the center and the south, boast historic buildings in Victorian and Georgian styles. In walking distance from here is the elite Chizik area, here you will already find many cafes and restaurants. As a result of these factors, property prices in the central and southern parts of Acton are clearly higher. In addition, there is a prestigious Japanese school here and many people from Japan want to live nearby.

Developed infrastructure, gardens, parks, tennis courts, golf courses and convenient transport links to the north and the center of London. Every Saturday there is a farmer’s market, where there is a large selection of organic vegetables, fruits, freshly caught fish and flowers.

40. Ealing

Ealing district is the very west of London. This area can be called a family, very green and at the same time cosmopolitan. The middle class of England and numerous ethnic communities prefer to live in Ealing.

Real estate in Ealing is very diverse: modern apartment buildings, small apartments, luxury apartments, large houses in Edwardian and Victorian style. This is a great area for the first purchase of residential property in London. Studio apartment in an apartment building can be purchased from 200 thousand pounds sterling, and a small townhouse from 500 thousand pounds.

Near Ealing Common there are all kinds of shops and restaurants. A cinema complex and numerous branded stores can be found in a large shopping and entertainment center on Ealing Broadway. On Saturdays, an agricultural market comes to Ealing Town Center, which is very popular with the locals. The main task of the district municipality is to make the Ealing district attractive for investments, and a comfortable area for living, working and shopping, and they are doing an excellent job with this task. Thanks to good schools, real estate in Ilinga is in great demand among families with children.

Transportation is well developed, easy access to central London. There are several metro stations along the Piccadilly and District lines. From Ealing Broadway station, there is a connection to the Central metro line, which leads to Oxford Street. Ealing Common and Ealing Broadway are also railway stations from which you can easily reach the Oxford and Padington areas.

41. Knightsbridge (Knightsbridge)

Knightsbridge is named after the Knight’s Bridge across the Westbourne River, which now goes underground.

Knightsbridge is the area with the highest real estate prices, not only in London, but throughout the world. Back in the Victorian era, Knightsbridge was the most fashionable area of ​​London.

The richest people live in Knightsbridge. Because the area has a convenient location, at the intersection of key roads from central London to Heathrow Airport. Because it is nice to have a park area of ​​2.4 square kilometers near the house. Because on the main street of the same name – Knightsbridge, the most expensive boutiques, the best shops and the most upscale hotels are located. Because Knightsbridge has the largest selection of real estate: large apartment buildings, elegant houses and charming cottages. Because English and foreign buyers consider Knightsbridge as the best area for long-term investments. It is in Knightsbridge that Harrods department store is located, very popular with Londoners, the Albert Hall concert hall, as well as many embassies and cultural centers.

42. LimehouseThis is a lively new neighborhood located in east London, overlooking the Thames and the city.

Peter Akroyd glorified this area in the Limehouse Golem, Dorian Gray came here looking for opium, and Jack the Ripper came here looking for new victims. Now in Limehouse is not at all scary, and even romantic – the seagulls rush over the water, the yachts are drifting calmly, and on the balconies are deck chairs. Residential areas are located around the former dock – Limehouse basin, it served the courts as an entrance to the Regent’s canal. It was once the largest port.

There is a railway station of the same name in the Limehouse area, which is served by the Dockland Light Tube and National Rail, thanks to which you can easily reach any part of London.

43. MaryleboneLuxury area located in the center of London. The name comes from the Church of the Virgin Mary, which is located in the area.

Marylebone is very different from the neighboring areas, while the area is in the center, it is quite quiet and calm, and a measured way of life creates a sense of suburban life. Here you will not see the pompous and fancy architecture, everything is done stylishly and with a very delicate taste.

Such a cozy and warm atmosphere, as well as old buildings and a mansion in Marylebone have survived from the time when it was a small medieval village.

The mansions of the Georgian era began to appear here since this place attracted representatives of the English aristocracy and successful entrepreneurs.

Marylebone High Street is the best street in the area. There are many restaurants and cozy coffee houses in the style of Paris of the 20s, as well as the most popular bookstore in London – Daunt Books.

The world famous Baker Street can be called the business center of Marylebon. The busiest street of the district, there is a variety of commercial and commercial real estate. This street has become world famous thanks to Sherlock Holmes – the character

But in Merilibon, you can find many attractions, such as Madame Tussaud’s wax museum, the 18th century French painting museum, Hyde Park, Portman Square, Trafalgar Square and Kensington Palace.

In addition, Marylebone is the center of quality medicine of the highest class. Pill Island is what Londoners call Harley Street, where the best dentists and costly plastic surgeons work. The buildings on Harley Street and its environs are covered with signs that confirm the qualifications and status of practicing physicians. In this area, collected, if I may say so, the entire medical elite.

The most prestigious and well-organized area of ​​London, many call Marylebone, with its many streets, squares and all sorts of attractions. This area combines history and modernity, the dynamics of life, simplicity and comfort. Over the years, Herbert Wells, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Madonna and many other famous people owned real estate in Marylebone.

Investors from all over the world want to buy property in London, namely in the Marylebone area. Quality housing in Marylebone finds its buyers in a few days.

44. Old Street District Recently, it has become a Mecca for lovers of entertainment and parties, moving from the position of the fashionable district of Soho. Real estate in Old Street is popular and in demand in a bohemian society, as well as among the artistic elite.

In the era of the Romans and the Celts, Old Street was the main route. Old Street passes along the border, for which entry by car in the direction of central London becomes paid. This collection was created to reduce traffic congestion and to free up space on the road for taxis, buses and cyclists.

The Old Street metro station is the first zone of the city, which is accessible from everywhere.

Today, editorial offices of such popular youth magazines as “Vice”, “The Fantastic Man”, “Dazed and Confused” and

Not far from here is Jarvis Cocker, he can easily be found walking along the streets of Old Street.

Old Street, as well as Hoxton Square and its environs, are packed with all sorts of bars and clubs in which life is in full swing on Saturdays after 10 pm, and disparate young people come from all over London to have fun and have fun.

Before going to the club, some go to Vietnamese cuisine, others go to a Thai restaurant, and the bohemian audience chooses Breffast Club.

It is in the “Breakfast Club” that one can meet actress Keira Knightley or, for example, the infamous Rolling Stones guitarist Rony Wood.

45. District ShordichLocated in the eastern part of the English capital. The area adjoins the central part of London – City.

The area was chosen by creative people – artists, sculptors, designers.

There are no boring buildings and empty walls, any empty square will be immediately painted by street artists. Interactive galleries are born on the site of old brick warehouses and hangars, and countless buildings serve as canvases for art.

Creative people are inspired by urban reality, even if it is not always aesthetic and in someone’s understanding is not beautiful, but here you can often see real masterpieces. Local art has also touched all the fashionable cafes and pubs in Shoreditch.

The nearest metro stations are Old Street and Liverpool Street, located in the City. In addition, at the intersection of Liverpool street and Bishopgate street there is a railway station.

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