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Moving to a new apartment is always a change, expectations, troubles and worries. If you do not know where to start, and how to handle it yourself, contact us. For more than 18 years, “Delicate Relocation” has helped to move easily and comfortably to thousands of families every year. In our person you will find experienced assistants and qualified specialists who can safely transfer all their concerns. We pack things, disassemble the furniture, carefully transport and arrange everything in its place. You will only prepare for the housewarming!

How can we help you

Dismantling and assembly of furniture, rearrangement

Loading and unloading

Packing personal items

Transportation of furniture and things

Storage of furniture and things

Piano, piano transportation

Packaging of furniture, appliances and fragile items

Arrangement in a new apartment

Cleaning of the apartment

How much is

The cost is usually calculated individually depending on the scale and complexity, the conditions of work at both addresses, the necessary services and your wishes. The main components of the price for moving an apartment:

Cost of work of loaders

from 380 rubles per hour for 1 specialist

Universal watch studios

(minimum order 4 hours)

    Our experts are versatile and perform any work:

  • Dismantling and assembly of furniture
  • Packaging of furniture and personal items
  • Flower and tableware packaging
  • Marking your stuff
  • Rearrangement of furniture
  • Descent and ascent to the floor
  • Loading and unloading
  • Hinge shelves, eaves, blinds, etc.

Universal watch studios

Car rental cost

from 725 rubles per hour for 10 m3

(minimum order 4 hours)

The size of the car is selected individually, based on the number of things and their maximum dimensions. The cost of renting a car varies depending on the volume, number of hours of operation and the distance of one of the addresses from St. Petersburg.

from 63 rub./box

To protect your belongings from damage, we use special packaging materials: boxes for books, dishes and personal belongings, stretch films, corners and profiles for cabinet furniture and appliances, air bubble films for glasses, mirrors and other fragile things. We can buy ready-made sets of packing for the apartment moving.

Fast arrangement in a new apartment!

  • a hinge of pictures, mirrors;
  • installation of shelves, eaves;
  • installation of chandeliers and wall sconces.

Entrust all household chores to professionals!

Our prices are lower

Despite the wide range of services and the highest quality of service, our prices are indeed lower than those of most other professional Moving Companies. Few people today can really offer an apartment relocation cheap to St. Petersburg. The difference in cost sometimes reaches 10% or even more! Why do we have to rent an apartment cheaper? Because we:

  • we use for the organization of moving cars mainly from our own fleet, and not rent them;
  • pre-plotting the best route, and not going “as it will”;
  • competently approach the organization of working time of employees, which eliminates downtime and delays;
  • we trust only professional teams with extensive experience.

Universal watch studios

How to find out the cost

In order to calculate the cost of an apartment move, as a rule, it is enough to call or send a request by mail. If it is large enough, you take almost all things from a 2-3 room apartment, house, cottage, then it is better to call the manager for evaluation. This service we provide

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