Trips to Nepal

Nepal is a beautiful and slightly mystical country, which has always attracted travelers. These ancient original lands attract tourists with their picturesque nature, unusual culture and abundance of attractions. If you decide to visit this country, you need to know that Russians need a visa to Nepal. True, it is quite simple to issue it – it does not require considerable time and a large number of documents. Good diplomatic relations have been established between our countries, and 2019 did not bring any changes with it. Residents of Nepal are ready to meet on their lands tourists from Russia and other countries.

Trips to Nepal

Different visas

If you are planning a trip for a short time, to get acquainted with the sights of the country, you need to get a tourist visa. You can get it in advance at the diplomatic mission of Nepal in the Russian Federation, and You can do it right in Nepal, upon arrival at the airport. The duration of the visa depends on the duration of the trip and can be from 15 to 90 days. If you wish, you can also extend your visit to this state. In total, it is possible to stay in this country for the purpose of tourism no more than 120 days per trip and no more than 150 days per calendar year.

Trips to Nepal

For those traveling to other countries through Nepal, it is possible to issue a transit visa, which costs much less than a tourist visa (only $ 5) and gives the right to stay in Nepal for 72 hours.

Features of a children’s visa

To travel with a child should prepare the following set of papers:

  1. A copy of your child’s birth certificate (just in case you should also bring along the original).
  2. The international passport of the child (or the foreign passport of one of the parents in which the child is entered).
  3. Notarized power of attorney from one of the parents (if the child goes on a trip with the other parent).
  4. Notarized power of attorney from both parents (if the child, for example, travels with his grandparents or other third parties).

It is worth noting that a visa to Nepal, both for an adult and for a child, is quite easy to get, so you have all the possibilities for an interesting and informative holiday in this beautiful country.

List of required documents

As we have already mentioned, you can get a Nepalese visa either at the Embassy in Moscow or directly at the airport upon arrival in Nepal. In each of these cases, you will have to present a different set of documents. If you want to apply for a visa in advance, prepare the following list of papers:

Trips to Nepal

  • Passport with a validity of not less than six months at the time of obtaining a visa.
  • A copy of the applicant’s passport page with his personal data.
  • Two standard photos format 3 * 4 cm.
  • Application for a visa to Nepal. It is necessary to fill it in English. You can get the application form directly at the Embassy. But the easiest way is to fill in the questionnaire in advance online on the site of the Nepalese representative office (http: //

Visa is easy check out and right at the airport. To do this, you must submit the following documents to the customs officers:

  • Two photos 3 * 4 cm.
  • Visa application form (available on site).

Regardless of whether you will receive a visa at the Embassy, ​​or upon arrival in Nepal, in any case you will also have to pay the corresponding visa fee.

Financial issue

The price of obtaining a Nepalese visa at the airport depends on the duration of its validity. The minimum fee is $ 25 (for a multiple entry visa for 15 calendar days), maximum – $ 100 (for a multiple entry visa for three months).

When you pre-receive a visa in Moscow, the cost of collection is $ 40. You can pay this fee both in dollars and in rubles, euros or any other currency.

Payment of the fee is obligatory for all applicants (except for children under 10 years old, who are exempted from paying the fee). If after the expiry of the visa you want to stay for a few more days, you can extend the visa to any of the offices of the Immigration Department. The cost of such an extension for a period of 15 days is today $ 30, the cost of each subsequent day is $ 2.

Additional opportunity: a trip to India

The people of our country who go to Nepal have a great chance to combine this trip with a visit to India. In this case, you do not have to pre-arrange any documents: you can get a visa to India in Nepal.

For this you need to visit the Indian Embassy in Nepal and provide it to staff two photos and two copies of your passport, as well as copies of previous Indian visas (if available). After three or four working days you will be able to pick up a ready visa. This gives you a wonderful opportunity to go from Nepal straight to neighboring India and get an additional charge of new experiences.

An Indian visa can be issued without a personal presence, so upon arrival in Nepal you can contact your local travel agency to help you get a visa.

Possible difficulties in obtaining a visa

As you can see, to visit Nepal does not require a large number of papers. You you do not need to provide either proof of residence, or a certificate of employment, or confirmation of financial independence, or other similar documents, which are often required when visiting other states. A visa to Nepal is issued easily and quickly, in just one day. In addition, the Embassy of Nepal does not refuse to issue visas to virtually anyone. Therefore, this country is open to travelers from Russia.

The only difficulty may arise if you want to visit India with Nepal in addition. Recently, cool relations have been established between our countries, so Indian embassies often treat Russian tourists with hostility. The percentage of visa denials to India is quite high for Russians.

Prospects for relations between Russia and Nepal

Nepal is a very hospitable and friendly country. The local population is considered one of the most peaceful nations on earth. Residents of Nepal are very respectful of representatives of almost all countries and peoples, including the Russians. Therefore, our tourists have a great opportunity to visit this extraordinary country. Visa relations between Russia and Nepal are very favorable, and no complications in this regard are foreseen in the near future. Therefore, you can safely go to Nepal, not doubting that they will meet you there more than hospitably.

Contact Information

You can apply for a visa at the Embassy of Nepal in the Russian Federation. It is located at the following address:

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