Trip to rocky mountain

The length of the Taurus Mountains is very significant – from the resort of Fenicia to the resort of Side. The dominance of Tahtala is so great that its peak, covered with a cap of snow, is visually observed from the windows of the hotels of Tekirova, Antalya or Belek. Relict thickets of pine trees grow on Tahtalı in Turkey to the level of 1701 m. Above this mark there is no vegetation, giving way to bare rocks. The peak has two characteristic peaks: Dazkir (2014 m.) And TekeDag (2156 m.). It is curious that the peak of the mountain is very narrow. However, it has a small flat area. Neighborhood with the sea dictates the appearance of clouds, which gradually makes invisible peak Beidaglary. In the middle of summer, on hot and sultry days, the mountains are always covered with dense clouds. In the recent past, only mountaineers in a group or alone could visit one of the highest peaks of the Taurus Ridge. Now any tourist is able to climb up, on

Visitors will consider the long chain Torosov, which is removed beyond the horizon, as well as the largest toy houses of Tekirova and Kirish. In addition, you can make stunning selfie in the club among the clouds of fog. An organized excursion to Tahtalı in Turkey is carried out after the installation of the cable car on the slope of the mountain, which was made by Doppelmayer (Switzerland). Such tours, starting from 2008, are sold in cities of the coast in southern Turkey, in the area from Alanya to Tekirova. You can buy a tour to Tahtalydag in hotels and on the streets, in Turkish

The bus disembarks tourists at an altitude of 72 O m. / To sea level, at the lower station of the funicular. The cabin of the company Doppelmayer accommodates 80 people and provides a panoramic (circular) view. The climb takes 16 minutes. Tourists are carefully photographing green landscapes, which are gradually replaced by inaccessible rocks, in recent years, video shooting and, of course, selfies, amid stunning natural species are popular. At the top of the mountain are equipped with several structures, the main ones, this is an observation deck and an indoor restaurant. Leisure time at the top is about one hour. Before a tourist trip to Tahtalı mountain in Turkey, some circumstances should be taken into account. The top of the mountain is really covered with a snow cap only in winter and early spring. This spectacular view is usually advertised in tourist brochures. By the way, in the winter on the top of the mountain, Turkish children together with their parents mold various figures of snow or play such a familiar game. "snowballs". In the summer season, the dirty yellow snow slowly fades away, exposing the usual rock formation. This is a reason for negative reviews, deceived in their expectations of tourists. Now about the weather conditions and uniform. The temperature difference in the summer is very striking. At the lower station of the lift, in the summer the air is usually heated to + 34C, in the upper thermometer it shows + 11C. The temperature drop is quite impressive, so tourists are advised to wear denim clothes instead of lightweight, beachwear. Clouds covering the top of the mountain cause high humidity, which makes the hourly presence on the mountain unpleasant.

Often, a visit to the top of Mount Tahtalı in Turkey can spoil the presence of almost complete cloud cover. In such circumstances, it will be impossible to consider anything other than a nearby tourist. But the slightly ozbynuvshie people gladly visit the indoor restaurant. You can sit at the tables in the open area, where, in good weather, spectacular views. Especially on paragliders soaring in the sky. Near the restaurant there is a shop selling souvenirs. Let’s talk about photographing and video filming, as mentioned earlier, in clear weather, tourists can take beautiful panoramic pictures. And cloudy weather can negate your efforts in order to replenish the video channel on the Internet with an interesting storyline. The most beautiful angles on the cliffs and slopes "occupied" professional photographers. The price of one photograph may be slightly dumbfounded (from $ 5). Once again, the most valuable souvenir is panoramic shots of the area, made on a reflex camera with a lens. "fish".

A fascinating tour to Tahtalydag, one of the highest peaks of the south of Turkey, will allow tourists to see for themselves the unique beauty and grandeur of the Torossians – a mountain range that stretches along the coast for many hundreds of kilometers. and significantly expand your own horizons.

Trip to rocky mountain

How to get to Tahtalı?

Getting to Tahtalı Mountain in Turkey from Kemer or Tekirova is easier on an rental scooter or bicycle. This trip is a great way to practice leg muscles 600-700 meters (from sea level) along a prepared track. Below the text is published google-map of the area on which you can pave the route. At the lower station, at the box office, you can buy a ticket for the funicular. The price of a taxi in one end from 7-8Euro.

Trip to rocky mountain

Paragliding or paradiving with Tahtalı

Fans of paragliding can use Tahtalydag as a launching pad for

Video "Descent by Tahtali Dag"

Summing up

So, what are the advantages of a tour to Tahtalı mountain in Turkey?

  • Beautiful surrounding nature
  • Close proximity to Kemer hotels
  • Opportunities for impressive photo and video
  • Possible reverse descent on the glider

And what are the disadvantages of the Tahtali mountain tour in Turkey?

  • Unstable weather, cloudiness possible
  • Snow is outside the holiday season.
  • Dear tour (especially the price for the funicular)
  • Paraglider tour price overstated
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