Motorized Treadmills for Your Dog



Industry leader since 1972 (the original)

Best treadmill backed by lifetime warranty

Easiest treadmill to learn available

Safest treadmill built explicitly for your dog


Kennel durability – exceptional performance


The small JOG A DOG model DC4 is engineered for dogs of toy size. This is a treadmill in the jog of a DOG lineup.

The Medium Jog The dog breeds treadmill.

The large JOG A DOG model DC6 is ideal for all dogs both large and small. This treadmill accommodates most all dog breeds.

Great Dane or Mastiff size. This treadmill provides large breeds.

End Unruly Behavior:

If your dog doesn’t get it, you can’t get it. If your dog is bored and under exercising. Instinctive energy supply will demand an outlet.


Provide Versatility in Exercise:

It is a fact that it can be used as a rule.

Control Your Dog’s Exercise Regimen:

By controlling the climate, time, duration, speed, resistance and frequency of exercise.

Prevent obesity & Associated Problems:

Exercise helps maintain a healthy body weight. Being overweight may place your hair on your dog’s heart. The heart doesn’t function properly. Over time these problems may cause life-threatening conditions.

Correct Faults in Movement "on-the-fly" :

For a show of handlers, it is important to make a statement. It is also a treadmill. The dog cann’t be able to show ring speed.

Maintain a Vibrant Coat Year-round:

It is a jog of a dog.

Provide a Fun Activity:

Treadmill exercise You will see the difference! Dogs will get you the jog a little bit once they learn what it is!

Reduce Risk of Serious Injury:

Hot summer season, summer heat, winter salt and ice Provide just the right amount of exercise in a safe controlled environment.

Develop Muscle Strength & Stamina:

The key to building muscle is resistance. The adjustable eleven degree incline provides for the building muscle, strength and stamina.

Provide Exercise in Adverse Weather:

If you’re a little hot, you’ll be able to exercise it. It’s a funky way to make it.

Improve Health, Well-being & Longevity:

With the longer fuller life of contentment. Don’t forget, a tired dog is a happy dog!

Exercise Many Dogs Quickly & Effortlessly:

Treadmills provide consistency in order to replicate through other means. This is the speed of the exercise. 75%.

For a dog it is a coordinated synchronized gait and it is the most difficult way. If you’re exercising at a steady trot. It is necessary to complete a full-body workout.

Achieve Better Training Results:

It takes you a little extra exercise. Your dog will be more tentative and willing to learn. As a pre-conditioning tool "breaking down" midway through a strenuous program like police K-9 training.

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