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A trip to Armenia for a week, from Moscow to Yerevan.

We have long wanted to visit Armenia. Therefore, immediately used the opportunity. Knowing about the richest cultural and historical heritage of the country, they made a list of cities and sights that they planned to see in advance so as not to waste precious time on surveys and searches. Getting acquainted with the reviews and photo reports of others, we noticed that people write that it is best to plan a trip to Armenia for a week. We did just that. Therefore, here we describe in detail what you can see in 7 days if you travel independently. So join our virtual tour.

Day 1: Airport, hotel and delicious dinner.

"Armenia is a country with a taste of the sun" – this phrase is found in many travel magazines and on signboards of travel agencies, which offer weekly sightseeing tours from Moscow to Yerevan. And as if confirming this phrase, already at the exit from the aircraft and descending the ramp, we were affably met by a bright sun. From the plane, the bus quickly drove us to the door of the air terminal and we entered the building of the Zvartnots International Airport. Compared to Pulkovo Airport in St. Petersburg, Sheremetyevo in Moscow or Suvanapum in Bangkok, it is quite small.

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From the first minutes of being inside the terminal, it is impossible to make a mistake with the country to which it arrived, since everywhere there are signs and posters with a traditional Armenian drink – brandy. In Armenia, the two most popular brandy brands whose names are known to the whole world – Noah and Ararat. To visit Armenia and not to visit at least one of the plants, and not to see with your own eyes the process of producing the country’s branded beverage is a sign of bad taste and almost a terrible sin. We didn’t want to pass for ignoramuses and even more so for sinners, and therefore, we even signed up for an excursion to the Ararat factory in Moscow beforehand. And during our stay in Yerevan, we were also lucky to visit the factory Noah. But more on that later. In the meantime, back to the beginning of our trip and tell you a little about the hotel and the room in it.

We chose the hotel "Prime minister" (Primer Hotel), which is located in the northern part of Yerevan, a 15-minute drive from the center. That is how much time we spent to get to the square on which the famous Vernissage market turned. In the hotel we were met by friendly staff. One of the staff members kindly showed the number. It turned out to be quite spacious and very cozy, and most importantly, light due to the window in the entire wall. The room had everything you need for a comfortable weekly stay: refrigerator, air conditioning, TV, hairdryer. The bathroom is equipped with shower and new plumbing. Everything worked properly, no leaks and other unpleasant surprises.

We were very pleased with the number and left our things, went for a walk around the city. 10 minutes walk down the street, the park and we went to the Cascade – this is one of the main attractions of Yerevan.

Then we walked around the Republic Square, got hungry and decided to find a cafe or a restaurant where to eat, preferably tasty and inexpensive. By the way, traveling to different cities and countries, we always tried to eat dishes of national cuisine. Agree that being, for example, in Bangkok or Prague, eating fast food from McDonald’s is stupid. By the way, in Yerevan we have not met a single such institution. Despite the lack of McDonalds, however, on the square we saw a lot of cafes and restaurants, but only with Italian and American cuisine – all the same burgers, pizza, pasta. A little upset and went down the street to look for local cuisine. Came across a restaurant with traditional Georgian and Armenian cuisine, and ordered some local dishes here. Food in Armenia is very diverse and tasty. She will be devoted to a separate article. And our first day in Yerevan ended with a great dinner at a restaurant. "Tavern Yerevan" with traditional Armenian dishes and return to your room.

Day 2: Noah and Ararat Brandy Plants.

Remembering that brandy is part of the culture of the Armenian people, we decided to start the second day with an excursion to Noah Brandy Factory. Right in the morning and went there. The tour lasted about an hour and cost us 4500 drams per person, which in translation into rubles is about 1,200 rubles for two. The guide took us to the Museum of the Noah plant, told us about the history of the oldest enterprise and about the different varieties of cognac. Then we went down to the cellar under the ground. Here, in barrels, cognacs and wines are aged for decades. In a separate article we will write more information about the Noah plant in Yerevan.

In order not to be distracted from the cognac theme, after the Noah factory, we went on an excursion to the Ararat Cognac Distillery. An important point! It is better to register for this excursion in advance on the official website, 3-5 days before the trip to Armenia, since tourist groups from different countries frequently visit this plant. If you do not make an online recording and do not receive a reply with confirmation, there is a possibility that you will not be able to go on a tour on the planned day and time. Everything was fine with us and a walk through the halls of the museum was no less interesting than at the Noah factory.

The guide fascinatingly told about the history of the plant and brandy. We learned interesting facts from the biographies of famous personalities who took an active and direct part in the development and prosperity of the enterprise. In the end, we were invited to a tasting of different brands of Ararat cognac, including the famous Dvin of 25 years old, which was Winston Churchill’s favorite drink. During a visit to the Noah factory, we also tasted the brandy brandy of this company. And it is worth noting that cognac Noah, in our opinion, was softer. But a bottle of both cognacs and 20-year-old cognac we took with us, because in the stores at both factories the prices are much lower than the supermarkets in Moscow and even slightly lower than in the dyutifri at the airport. Yes, and the authenticity could not worry.

We spent the rest of the second day walking along the souvenir rows of the Vernissage. We bought magnets, wooden wine coasters, a unique holder for glasses in the shape of a nose, a wine horn, and various other trifles.

Day 3: Lake Sevan and Sevannavank Monastery.

This lake is located in the mountains, at an altitude of almost 2 km above sea level. The local nature made a huge impression on us – the majestic mountains with peaks covered with snow at any time of the year, the bright blue surface of the lake and the old buildings of the monastery. Incredibly beautiful place and amazing mountain air, which could not breathe.

Important note! This place is blown from all sides by a strong icy wind. Very cold! Our trip to Armenia was at the end of April. In Yerevan at this time, the air temperature was kept at +26 degrees. When we arrived at Lake Sevan, having traveled 80 km, the temperature had already dropped to about 8-10 degrees. So, be sure to take warm clothes with you! If you get from Yerevan to Sevan by bus, then keep in mind that the stop will be in the city of Sevan or on the highway, at the turn to it. And then you will need to walk about 4-5 km. Considering the cold wind, this can be uncomfortable, especially if you are traveling with children. In summer, the weather in Sevan is much better, but still cooler than in the city. The best way to get from Yerevan to Sevan is a taxi. A trip on it will be inexpensive – about 15 thousand drams, which is 2 thousand rubles with our money. The taxi driver will bring you, wait a couple of hours while you walk and take you back to the hotel. You can book a taxi directly from the hotel. It is a bit more expensive than public transport, but much more convenient if you are traveling as a family with children. If you still decide to go by bus, the bus station is not far from the metro station David Sasunkiy and the central railway station.

On the shore of the lake there is a restaurant in which it is clean and comfortable. In it, we ate a specialty dish – Sevans whitefish with spices and vegetable salad. Sevan is a place that you should definitely visit during your trip to Armenia.

Day 4: Garni – the temple of the Sun and the monastery of Geghard.

Garni and Gegard can be visited in one day, which we did on the fourth day of our journey. In the morning, the hotel was already waiting for a taxi, and first we went to Garni, where the pagan temple of the Sun is located. It was founded in the I century BC. Then it was badly damaged during an earthquake and its fragments scattered across a mountain gorge. The locals managed to collect some of them, and the lost elements were replaced with copies. Thus the temple in Garni was restored.

But the medieval fortress has not been preserved. From it were only the ruins of the foundation. Now tourists make beautiful photos of them, the background of which are the mountains and the temple. And the view here is really wonderful. The temple stands on the edge of the gorge, a mountain stream flows down below, and silhouettes of mountains are visible in the distance.

Then we went to Gegard – an old medieval monastery, the buildings of which partially cut into the rock. The beauty of this place is easier to convey in photos than to describe in words. We are lucky with the weather, so we have the opportunity to share with you bright pictures.

Near the monastery there is a small market where you can buy a variety of Armenian sweets and listen to how the ensemble of Armenian musicians plays. Video with music on YouTube add a little later.

Day 5: Echmiadzin, April 24, and service in the temple.

April 24 is the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Armenian Genocide. In the early morning, at about 7 o’clock, we went to the Tsitsernakaberd memorial to pay tribute to the memory of those who died during this period and lay flowers at the eternal flame on the hill where the monument is located.

We asked the local police officer what events were planned for this day and decided to go to the outskirts of Yerevan – the city of Echmiadzin, where the service should be held with the participation of the Catholicos of All Armenians Garegin II. From Yerevan to Echmiadzin, we took a taxi in 50 minutes. They paid the taxi driver 8 thousand drams (about 1 thousand rubles). At the central cathedral we were about 10 in the morning. We walked a bit and took some photos.

Then we went inside and just got to the beginning of the service. The interior of the cathedral is magnificent. It was very interesting for us to attend such a solemn worship service. Towards the end of the service, Catholicos Garegin II arrived and the event moved to the street, to the monument with flowers. Thanks to the advance successfully taken position for shooting and properly selected lenses, we got a lot of unique photos from this memorable event.

At the end, we found a cafe where we had a snack and went on to travel further. Not far from the Echmiadzin cathedral, in 4 and 8 km, there are two ancient temples – Surb Gayane and Surb Hripsime. If you like to visit ancient temples and monasteries, then these two objects are obligatory for visiting. We really liked and the impressions were unforgettable. In the evening, the local taxi driver took us back to the hotel for 6 thousand drams (about 800 rubles).

Day 6: Walk around Yerevan and delicious food.

We decided to devote this day to a walk around the city and tasting local dishes and drinks. Snack we had in donuts "Grand candy". Very tasty, fragrant and big donuts and 2 cups of coffee cost us only 750 drams (about 90 rubles). Find this place is not difficult, it is located at:

For 3 hours we walked the streets, went to different shops. We visited the brand store of Shustov brandy and tasted there a couple of kinds of this wonderful drink.

Then we went to the shopping center Yerevan Mall. It is located in the Shengavit area. The exact address:

We had dinner in a restaurant "Caucasian captive". Large selection of national dishes, delicious pomegranate wine, tasting mulberry vodka. Dinner for two, consisting of six dishes plus drinks, cost us 15 thousand drams (about 1800 rubles). Recommend this restaurant to visit. Besides the fact that here you can eat very tasty and inexpensive, every 20-30 minutes guests are shown a musical show of the local dance ensemble, watch the video on YouTube channel.

After a delicious hearty lunch, we went to inspect another urban attraction – the main grocery market. The variety of spices, sweets, cheeses and other products is impressive. Unfortunately, the prices are not small here either. Therefore, we are limited to several purchases. But try to allow everything and we took advantage of it.

The evening of the sixth day ended with a walk around the main Square of the Republic. At 8:15 pm local time, the lights of government buildings and fountains with music near the museum were turned on. We recommend this evening walk to everyone who decided to visit Yerevan – very beautiful and interesting.

Day 7: Souvenirs and departure from Yerevan to Moscow.

We devoted the first half of the 7th day to the purchase of souvenirs and gifts for friends and parents. Many wonder: "What can be brought as a gift from Yerevan?". There are many options. For example, we bought several bottles of grape and pomegranate wine, several bottles of brandy of different brands, herbal tea, seasonings, and also many memorable trifles: figurines, magnets, a wooden barrel for wine, a duduk, some national delicacies. Suitcases on the way back were packed to capacity.

Traveling to Armenia left us with many positive emotions and vivid impressions. People came across to us kind and responsive. Many times suggested the road in the city, if we were lost in the map. If you do not know where to fly for a week with friends, a loved one or the whole family, so that it is inexpensive, interesting and tasty – go to Armenia.

Budget hotels in the very center of Yerevan.

We always try to stay in cheap hotels and as close as possible to the city center, so that after walks you don’t have to spend 1-2 hours returning to your room. Popular services offer hundreds of options and you can choose a week. For you, we have selected budget HOTELS IN THE CENTER, with and without breakfast. It is these booking options most popular with Russian tourists who arrive to rest for a week. You can also buy tickets to Yerevan at a bargain price. We wish you more interesting trips.

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